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  1. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR Object specific lighting render issue?

    You need a backdrop, here's a quick PBR with a backdrop and the sun set to 800 lux. Just to give you an example as to what happens when PBR'ing and CA thinks something that belongs in the interior is an exterior element. I moved the sun so the direct light from the window is cast onto the main dining room wall, see how bright those spots are compared to the surrounding wall. This is essentially what's happening to those walls in the hall/foyer, CA is lighting them as if the are entirely exposed to the direct exterior sunlight.
  2. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR Object specific lighting render issue?

    David - took another look at your plan. There are a lot of things, especially with the roof were connections are not proper. With PBR it is critical that everything be properly enclosed or you will encounter some odd things.
  3. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR Object specific lighting render issue?

    I have not looked at the things in your plan to see if something is wrong there. Check to make sure your glass is correct, do you have the "use backdrop" checked in the PBR DBX? Your wall can glow bright if it is not contained within the room. Check to make certain the no part of the wall penetrates into the attic or into an exterior wall cavity. I have used PBR extensively and have never had these types of issues.
  4. TheKitchenAbode

    Difference between export PDF and print to PDF?

    I believe the only difference is that when you choose Export then the applications PDF converter is used, when you choose Print you get to select the PDF converter from your printer list.
  5. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR Object specific lighting render issue?

    Why is 100 low, just adjust the camera exposure and brightness to get the look you want.
  6. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR Object specific lighting render issue?

    The sun intensity is way too high. Turn it down to 100 lux and it PBR's just fine.
  7. TheKitchenAbode

    Changing calibz install location (Suite)

    You should really have all of your library items installed on your faster C: Drive, these files are accessed while you are working in CA. If you are running short of C: Drive space it would be better to find something you don't use very often and move that to your D: Drive.
  8. Below is a link to a well authored article/guide on each hardware component of a computer system designed for 3D modeling and rendering. It provides considerable depth as to the role each component plays in the modeling/rendering process and the specific features of each hardware component that are most impactful on performance. Well worth a read. Cheers, Graham
  9. TheKitchenAbode

    12 x crash no saves

    I believe you need to do a manual save first so CA has a file name and path in order to do the auto save. When you open/create a new plan there is no save path until you do your first save. Once this is done then auto save can do it's thing.
  10. TheKitchenAbode

    12 x crash no saves

    I believe CA will store an unlimited number of archive files but after 16 it will show a pop up that asks if you wish to manage them.
  11. TheKitchenAbode

    12 x crash no saves

    With OneDrive open in your browser select recent files, find your plan file in the list, click on it and in the menu bar at the top select version history. It should then show a list of previous versions.
  12. TheKitchenAbode

    12 x crash no saves

    Not sure either. You will need to access your OneDrive through your windows online account, not the folder on your computer.
  13. TheKitchenAbode

    12 x crash no saves

    There is only one auto save file, the main one you are working on. if you are using a cloud system such as OneDrive you might be able to get it back from the cloud.
  14. TheKitchenAbode

    12 x crash no saves

    I assume it will. The only thing to consider is the total number of files you are going to have, as each archive save is a separate independent plan file you will really start to eat into your drive space if you are auto saving every 5 minutes.
  15. TheKitchenAbode

    12 x crash no saves

    Auto save and archiving are two separate functions. They are set in the preferences. I believe the default for archiving is once a day, you can set it to hourly. If your system crashes then the auto save may not help as the crash may have resulted in the saved plan being corrupted. As such, the archives are your only way to get your plan back.