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  1. GeneDavis's post in Distance from door edge to wall corner was marked as the answer   
    Or as you probably know, control the placement by casing width, using the wide casing that locates your jammed door correctly, then select all doors placed thusly, and change their casing widths.
    Chief does not have an auto-placement feature such as what you may want, but you can go on the Suggestions forum and make your case.
  2. GeneDavis's post in Vanity arched header - How to? was marked as the answer   
    A curved ceiling plane would make the surface, but then you would have to deal with the vertical surface and its bottom shape.  So, to do it best and quickly, just model the center and the flanking rectilinear soffits as one polyline solid. 
  3. GeneDavis's post in CBS (concrete, block, stucco) walls framing was marked as the answer   
    Try making your furred studwall your main layer.