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  1. TheKitchenAbode's post in Material Region pattern not showing was marked as the answer   
    Mark - There was a discussion about something like this a few months ago. One user suggested changing the % shading on the pattern so it will show. I played with this problem and concluded that it is related to the generic sun and the vector elevation mode. Try the shading change, I think this is the only current solution.
  2. TheKitchenAbode's post in 3-D views to method to reduce pixelating-X8 was marked as the answer   
    Please post your render pic so we can see what's going on. Also when you say slow, state the time, number of passes and pixel width and height. Otherwise it is almost impossible to provide any worthy suggestions.
  3. TheKitchenAbode's post in Minor Issue But Curious was marked as the answer   
    I think this is correct, it's two cabinets back to back. In real life there would be a joint there, just add an end panel or make a cabinet the full depth and configure the front and back faces.
  4. TheKitchenAbode's post in remove sparkles from Ray Trace image was marked as the answer   
    Ok, first problem, sparkles has been resolved. Now lets get rid of the high intensity sun light.
    - Open Raytrace DBX
    - Click "Edit"
    - Select "Lighting"
    - Uncheck "Use Camera View Settings"
    - Set "Use Ambient Occlusion", min = 0.1, max = 10
    - Set "Direct Sunlight = 0
    - Uncheck "Enable Environmental Lighting"
    - Select "Advanced"
    - Uncheck "Photon Mapping"
    Run a Raytrace now and post image.
    "Lighting", set "Direct Sun Light" =0, uncheck
  5. TheKitchenAbode's post in Glazed cabinets was marked as the answer   
    Just made up a quick door symbol to demonstrate this. Here's a pic & file. Just moldings applied to a door symbol. You can adjust the colour & texture on each element.

    Glazed Door.calibz
  6. TheKitchenAbode's post in bathroom tile was marked as the answer   
    Try using the wall material regions tool.
  7. TheKitchenAbode's post in Is It Possible For A File To Be Modified Before It Was Created? was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately I don't think time travel has not been discovered here. I believe that the "Created Date" is the date that the file was placed in it's current directory, which may or may not be related to it's original date of creation.
  8. TheKitchenAbode's post in 4K Video Cards was marked as the answer   
    Here's a link to a review several cards comparing 2GB & 4GB and high resolution performance. Worth reading.

  9. TheKitchenAbode's post in Cooktop/rangetops And Custom Counters was marked as the answer   
    I think you have the counter top height in the cabinet DBX set to zero. Change it back to 1 1/2" and set the cabinet box height as if it would be with the counter top included.
    The appliances are positioned according to the box height + the counter height in the Cabinet DBX. Your custom counter will still be correct as it will just cover over the underlying cabinet one.
  10. TheKitchenAbode's post in Wood Flooring With Minwax was marked as the answer   
    Shouldn't be an issue. A materials texture is separate from it's colour. You should just be able to use that evil paint can and spray it.
    I have found stained woods the most difficult to accurately represent. Everything is spec'd back to the manufacturers sample. Also, every wood species will take the stain differently and woods with an inherent colour such as Cherry will also influence the stains colour as does the application technique. For cabinetry a sample is either available or we have one made to show that stain on that species of wood, client then signs-off.
  11. TheKitchenAbode's post in Wall Wrapping. was marked as the answer   
    There appears to be a slight jog (offset) in the wall to the left of the exposed brick versus the right side, shows at the baseboard. Maybe this is required or as Dennis suggests the wall sections are not connecting properly. Also, is the main interior wall with the door openings an actual interior wall type or did you just extend the exterior wall through and change the cladding finish. For myself I usually draw all the exterior walls first and then go in and attach/position the interior walls.
  12. TheKitchenAbode's post in Backdrops was marked as the answer   
    This may be what you are looking for.
    3D View Defaults
  13. TheKitchenAbode's post in Interior Cabinets was marked as the answer   
    Not that I am aware of. Turn off "Bumping/Pushing" and float-in a panel.