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    How many cores/threads can Chief use for rendering?

    It's a dead platform but for Raytracing in CA, it's hard to beat the X99 Xeon processors on bang-for-the-buck. They can be purchased on eBay for pennies. My rendering machine uses a chip that can be found for $300 on eBay and this machine recently benched 19th globally overall from available benchmarks for the rendering software I use. I've really gotten my money's worth. I'll probably build another one in a couple years. Easy to draft in a fast laptop and kick it over to the desktop for rendering. If you'd prefer the PBR method you should definitely take a look at some of @TheKitchenAbodePBR threads in the forums
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    Why strange wall behavior at window corner?

    Change that exterior room to something other than "deck"
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    Convert Existing Plans to Chief Architect

    Care to drop your contact info here for everyone and possibly a sample? I'd be interested, sending you a PM.
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    Does revit have a 360 like ca?

    Not that they couldn't, just not much value in it for them, they've already sold the job after-all. Most people who contract with me for renderings take a hard look at the hours they've invested in creating renderings and they realize I charge less than what their hours amount to and with better results. When PBR was released, decent looking visuals were in arms grasp, but it takes a special character to say enough is enough when it comes to plugging in the hours. When people take a look at their historical data they may find that they spent 24 hours on their last project to produce 2 renderings at a company billing rate of $100/hr, yet I would've charged them $1,000 for a better looking set of images. I've been getting a lot of these calls this year alone as people took a hard look at the financials in Dec and see an increase in design administration cost. That being said, I focus on several major points as a rendering artist. Scalability-Can I spend the same number of hours per sq ft, or room, to produce the same level of product every time. Necessity-Are high end renderings necessary to sell a product Audience-Is my client a visual person, can they already visualize a design with lesser mediums. Marketability-Is this design something that can become marketable material, promotions etc. Value-How many hours will be necessary to convey the design. Does the size and overall cost of the project warrant the number of hours and cost of the rendering. Economics of Scale- I often times find myself convincing clients to increase their scope, it helps to know a good broker/lender and what projects will lend themselves to financial lending success in the future. Lets skip your kitchen remodel, do the addition first, refinance after the addition and we will design for both now and I will provide renderings. Or...ask your builder for multiple renderings projects to be done at one time. References-Why do anything if you never produce more work. Will your client give out referals, can you call on them later. Will the extra hours you put into a rendering be the tipping scale for a reference, or are you working with an NDA and you'll be lucky if you are ever called again. Truth of the matter is I only barely compete with rendering companies just comes down to value. Keep tabs on yourself, track everything. Renderings take you longer than you may think, and are you getting paid for that?
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    Hold harmless/Liability Exemption

    Why didn't you already have an indemnification clause? Even if you aren't charging you can be held professional liable. Take a look here, a few years old but good clause(s) with explanations: $85-$100 is typical on the west coast, I like to bid a project based on historical data. Occasionally I use allowances or set a range with a not-to-exceed clause. Site measurements and produce an as-built/bid sets will cost $800-$1,200. Full permit sets, including several design iterations, will be an additional $3-$5K, or simply an allowance of $5k with a clause about allowances. I see design-build firms charging in the $2-3K for site measurement and architectural sets. They typical make no profit at that price. Need to be clear that an engineer will be needed as well as title 24 etc. Also need to be very clear about knowing current building code as annotations and paperwork alone can blow your contract price with nothing covering your accrued hours. I keep in constant contact with the client about the milestones and accrued costs of the design, and You absolutely should be charging for this service as it can eat up tens of hours.
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    Does revit have a 360 like ca?

    Revit has plugins, it can arguably produce better visuals in every regard, thank goodness for CA's .3DS exporting capability
  7. I work with people from all over the world and have in past worked for local companies on a full time basis. My experience is that I almost never have to leave the office. So long as I have someone to perform takeoffs, I can work at a remote location and I work at all hours of the day and night. If you're interested at all please contact me. I'd be happy to lighten the work load. You can see some samples of my work at cheers, Rene Rabbitt (925) 300-7004
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    Compass rose on the plans

    I typically orient my plan so that the front of the house is facing the bottom of the page. Plan North would typically be in the direction closest to True North. I only use front, left, right, rear, as terms in my elevations.
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    interior condition

    Here I fixed a host of problems across the plan but I would double check everything as this is an older version than your current working set. Maybe you can reverse engineer it. Study the dbx.'s Rear_elevation_showing_connetor_roof_1.9.20.plan
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    interior condition

    You've moved further along in your plan, for every new question that involves a new iteration of the plan you really need to post the plan file. A lot of strange things going on in your .plan file. I know it can be a tricky balance of learning the program and trying to produce revenue, a bit more time studying the chief help videos can go a long way for your production. Many of your roof planes are not actually touching or misaligned, many roof planes have perimeter lines that are not straight(90-90 degrees, etc.) You should balloon frame a great number of your exterior walls. You have roof planes cutting into areas that would typically have framing. You have reversed exterior walls. You have walls with improper intersections and walls with manually edited wall heights. Maybe someone would be nice to fix all of this, or you could get someone coach you through it or you can retroactively fix these items yourself referencing the help sections.
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    Crown Moulding not showing up?

    Just move the masonry out of your main layer
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  13. POST 0 You've found it! A thread offering up some of my favorite symbols and content for Chief Architect X-11. These items are for X-11 only. If you haven't updated yet I encourage you to do so, it's a great release. The following content is listed by category with both a link to the post within this thread for easy navigation and a link to a direct download if you won't to cut straight to the chase. new/recent uploads are in RED font CLICK ON THE "DL" FOR INSTANT .CALIBZ DOWNLOAD: CONSTRUCTION ASSEMBLIES/ARCHITECTURAL ITEMS: RABS 42 CABLE RAILING - DL RABS MODERN FRONT DOOR AND DOOR ASSEMBLY - DL ENTOURAGE: RABS CHARLES-HILL GROUPED LIVING ROOM - DL RABS CHELTON GROUPED LIVING ROOM - DL ACCESSORY HOME #1 - DL ACCESSORY HOME #2 - DL ACCESSORY HOME #3 - DL KITCHEN RELATED: 3-ISLANDS - DL LA CORNUE 1908 RANGE - DL LIGHTING: PENDANTS AND SCONCES - DL-1 - DL-2 - DL-3 - DL-4 MATERIALS: TILE AND COUNTERTOPS #1 - DL 1(ONEDRIVE LINK) - DL-2 CUSTOM WHITES WITH PAINT TOOLBAR ICONS - DL-1 - DL-2 - DL-3 - DL-4 - DL-5 - DL-6 RABS RUGS 1V1 - DL RABS STARTER KITCHEN MATERIALS PACK - DL RABS FLOORING PACK 1 - DL RABS OLD GOLDEN OAK FLOOR - DL SYMBOLS: FIREPLACE ASSEMBLY 1 - DL ACKLES BED AND EDISON TABLE LAMP - DL-1 - DL - 2 TEAPOT MATERIAL EDITOR REPLACEMENT - DL-1 - DL-2 FINMARK TABLE FROM CB2 - DL FIREPLACE MANTLES 1 AND 2 - DL RABS STRETCHABLE PICTURE FRAMES - DL VIDEOS: CLOUD SYNC MULTIPLE USER LIBRARIES FOR MULTIPLE DEVICES/END USERS DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO X64 SHELL EXTENSION X32 SHELL EXTENSION PAYPAL THE GUY THAT WROTE THE EXTENSION ADVANCED LIBRARY SEARCHES DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO INTRO TO ADVANCED PBR METHODS DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO CREATING ADVANCED MATERIALS IN PHOTOSHOP DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO AUTUMN LEAVES MATERIAL FILE CREATE A HOTKEY TOUCHPAD USING YOUR ANDROID OR IPAD TABLET DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO LINK TO SOFTWARE WEBSITE TOUCHOSC METHOD FOR CREATING CON-DOCS IN .PLAN USING AN IPAD TO REMOTELY CONTROL CA. METHOD OVERVIEW ADVANCED TOOLBAR CONFIGURATIONS NEW!!! 08/28/2019 Many of these I have personally made or modified. Some of the content may have been created by others for which I will give credit. Many of the materials have free licensing, so no credit is needed. Some of this content may slow down your program as I have a high powered machine and often times use complex and high resolution textures. I will try and give as much detail as possible. Use at your own peril! No but seriously dig through and enjoy, I've spent a good number of hours ensuring the quality of these symbols and will update them periodically- so CHECK BACK IN! and PLEASE GIVE A LIKE FOR THE POST OF ANY SYMBOL YOU LIKE, IT ENCOURAGES ME TO GO BACK AND REFINE/REDUCE/OPTIMIZE THAT SYMBOL. GIVE A DOWNVOTE AND IT'LL PROBABLY ENCOURAGE ME TO DO THE SAME THING...YOU'LL JUST BE A JERK FOR IT CHANGELOG:(PACIFIC TZ) Page 1: Post 0: 02-12-2019- 4:45PM: Removed the poll, migrated this thread. re-uploaded from X11 public beta 02-20-2019-2:59PM: Added a Poll for user content requests Post 5: 02-12-2019- 4:45PM: centered the hearth on the symbol Post 18: 02-12-2019-9:52PM: Posted and fixed DL links Here is a symbol to get you started: @Cheryl_C_Crane Think you requested this, RUSTIC BRICK 2.calibz Number of Textures: 2 Map size: 1024x1024 Filesize: 3.13 MB
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    I never said thank you for this, much appreciated, I remember reading this and it lighting up my day, best to you too. Dig in, I have a back log of things to upload here, it's been a while. Enjoy!
  15. Just diggin into Orinda, CA's municipal code of ordinances. Anyone have a crash course on what to expect/feasibility of a minor subdivision in California? or any other State. I've got the perfect project for it. Let this be the conversation starter with more info to come as I work through it.
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  17. I'd love to work with you on this, will send you a PM when I get back in the office, else you can email me PDF/plans to take a look at or call Rene Rabbitt 925 300 7004
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    Custom Tiled back-splash Brick Pattern

    In order for us to see your material you need to include the texture source file. Common ways to do this is choose File/Backup Entire Plan/ with the active plan opened. I'll show you a 2 row brick pattern to illustrate the solution: There is no offset tool in CA, you must create the offset in your texture
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    RENDERING BILLING RATES PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR MODEL CREATION PRICING. RENDERING PRICES ARE BASED ON NUMBER OF ZONES MODELED AND LEVEL OF DETAIL REQUIRED DESCRIPTION OF LEVEL OF DETAILS: LOD #: PHYSICALLY BASED RENDERINGS(PBR): Great for internal conceptual meetings. RESOLUTION: UP TO 4K SEMI-PHOTO-REALISTIC: Building only, some entourage, low resolution HDR background image or fog/sky, RESOLUTION: 720p (not suitable for print media) CAMERA PHONE: Sampling rate of 60-100 passes, short line of site (distance cut off in background). RESOLUTION: 1080P-2K (optimized for web pages, suitable for budget print/flyers etc) PHOTO-REALISTIC: Sampling rate of 100-300 passes. RESOLUTION: 1080p up to 7K resolution, post processing in Photoshop/Lightroom/Procreate (suitable for print media). PHOTO-REALISTIC: extensive use of entourage and post processing including textiles. 300-3000 passes RESOLUTION: 2K up to 8K+. Post processing in Photoshop/Lightroom/Procreate. 8 masks/channels for post processing: Shadow/Reflections/Refractions/Material ID/Object ID/Alpha/Diffuse Light/AO. Suitable for large monitor presentations/galleries. Can be indiscernible from photography. DESCRIPTION OF ZONES A zone is an area to be decorated with entourage for the field of view of a given shot. Often times a single render includes multiple zones PRICES BASED ON LEVEL OF DETAIL(LOD) LOD 1 PER ZONE SETUP FEE: $200 PER RENDER FEE: $50 LOD 2 PER ZONE SETUP FEE: $200 PER RENDER FEE: $150 LOD 3 PER ZONE SETUP FEE: $400 PER RENDER FEE: $150 LOD 4 PER ZONE SETUP FEE: $400 PER RENDER FEE: $300 LOD 5 PER ZONE SETUP FEE: $200 PER RENDER FEE: $500+ CALL FOR QUOTE TYPICAL VR RENDERING(SPHERICAL) LOD 4 2-3 ZONES: $800-$1,200 PER RENDER FEE-7K RESOLUTION: $500 PRICES NEGOTIABLE ON LARGE PROJECTS
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    Templating with Chief, this is a template scene for furniture rendering.
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    Reference Layer Set Question (SOLVED)

    I deleted my post after seeing Dermot's post, you resurrected it somehow!
  23. I posted a highly debated method for creating CDs using only the plan file. Saved Plan Views were a large part of that method, they made it very simple to navigate and organize especially utilizing the new referenced file tools. I still hope that one day the layout file is nothing more than a PDF compiler, we get closer and closer to it with each release. What I would recommend to all of the late adopters....learn Saved Plan Views in and out, they are simple stepping stone to a much larger change that I think is coming in a few years, as methods such as kanban, and collaborative tools finally gain more traction in the residential sector.
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    Chief draftsman or designers

    Sent you a PM, cheers
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    Exterior Deck and stair issues

    Quoted the wrong post, haha, not my design