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    Slow in Layout

    Do you have images or PDFs in the layout? Can you do a dropbox share link so we can see?
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    All Your Questions Answered Here

    Brilliant, this post just reminded me of like 5 of my favorite @dshall vids.
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    Macro Area Confusion

    I wrote a very beginner level set of area macros that are now broken. The macro is supposed to list area from the owner polyline. Instead, it updates the 4 other macros of the same type with the area of the most recently opened polyline. Confused as to why this is happening since my understanding is that the value would be taken from the owner polyline only. Here is one of the macros: $plot_E_Cov = area "#{$plot_E_Cov.round(0)}"
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    Box Scale in SPV label

    I must've missed this with the release of X-12 but what a great shortcut. Name your Saved Plan View with "-%box_scale%" at the end of the name and the layout file will translate the macro to the box scale. EDIT: only works when checking Specify Label. Then the automatic label carries through
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    BED IDEA.png

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    PBR Chief Based Renderings

    These are a collection of renderings done entirely in Chief Architect Premier
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    201208-Bed 4.jpg

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    201208-Bed 3.jpg

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    201208-Bed 2.jpg

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    201208-Bed 1.jpg

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    201204-Liv Rm

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    201204-Liv Rm- 4.jpg

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    201204-Liv Rm 3.jpg

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    201204-Liv Rm- 2.jpg

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    201204-Liv Rm 2.jpg

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    201204-Dining Room.jpg

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    Interior Cabinet Lighting

    Adjust the offset in the edit symbol dbx. Pace at the front of a cabinet, then multiple copy at your desired interval. Looks good in PBR: RABS Stackable LED.calibz
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    Labraries are becoming overwhelming

    Also, adding search attributes
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    Ray Trace not working

    Share it on dropbox drive or onedrive.