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  1. I had a version in my old plan template .. not a macro, a font, and you would use it for dimensions only. It’s a quick google search. You are simply replacing the character space with a ‘-‘ and generating a system font with that switch then applying that font to all dimensions through text styles etc.
  2. Hire me next time, haha. 1. So simply drag the materials into your root textures folder and chief will find them..then do it for every backup and it will prompt you about duplicates. OR make your drafter goto 3d/materials/create plan materials library, a very quick tool, then export as a calibz file and import into your machine and chief will skip the duplicates in X15. 2 why not use chief, the note system works in 3d and will even snap to things, simply write in the notes text above line field and youve got a note in 3d, attached to the thing you need to address.
  3. why complicated? Am I missing something, I am asking this is the same cabinet, one frameless, one framed, one inset frameless, one inset framed. Seems to be reporting correct
  4. Larry what I was talking about earlier if you want ultra precision you would take your molding profile and place it in elevation and then use a trim line to break the molding into two moldings where your profile meets your casing, then draw a molding line in the room, apply your first molding, then duplicate it and apply your second molding offset horizontally by the width of the first and then miter that one. This is only in the case that you care if the molding is diving into the casing or not
  5. Much better: But do we have no ability to justify top to bottom?
  6. Yeah I noticed this morning that frontside items just lists opening sizes. It was late, haha, I’ll work on it some more.
  7. Susan I have this coming in the next Pro Plan Update..I think you have that?
  8. this works of course, Glenn’s the man, just note that the molding is diving into the casing, if that matters
  9. Break your molding into two parts, the part that needs to be mitered, and the part that does not.
  10. An Email went out to all shop purchasers: BIG news ahead, and my friend, you and a lot of other people are going to have a ton of questions for me. It would be oh so helpful if you joined my DISCORD SERVER. That way we can pool together and help each other when I get simply overwhelmed with emails and phone calls. HERE IS A VIDEO FOR LEARNING DISCORD. It will be a worthwhile investment for your continued education into these tools and how I use them. Seeing 30% improvements in historical data WOOOOOO! Thank you for any patience as guess what EVERYTHING HAS BEEN UPDATED!!!! Dear Friend and Valued Customer, It's been a long wait for X15 to hit full stride and it's finally here, and what an improvement! You are receiving this email because I have updated a shop offering that you have purchased. I am pleased to introduce X15 updates for ALL shop systems. This update includes really helpful features such as new search attributes and tags, designed to make searching and locating Rabbitt Items easier than ever before. With these enhancements, you will find the items you need quickly and effortlessly. To access the new version, simply visit the previously provided links, which remain active. The downloads for X15 are available, allowing you to seamlessly upgrade your system and enjoy the benefits of the latest improvements. In future, I will be adding links directly to the discord server. Additionally, I am delighted to present new plan templates that bring significant changes and improvements to your workflow, materials, and more. These templates will enhance your productivity and provide a superior user experience, taking your design projects to new heights. I've pumped in a few hundred hours of improvements on these templates and they have been a dream to work with. For those who have purchased the entire library, you will be pleased to know that every item now features new search attributes and transferrable tags. This update vastly improves your experience within the library and simplifies your exploration. Tags, folder filtering, and search attributes ,made it an absolute blast to sort through the whole library and vastly improve its structure and searchability. I encourage you to take advantage of this update by downloading X15 and exploring the new features and improvements firsthand. I am confident that these enhancements will greatly improve your productivity and streamline your design process. If you have any questions or require assistance, I am here to help. I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition to X15 for you, but it will take time as updating all systems means an onslaught of user questions. Thank you for your continued trust and support. Your satisfaction is my utmost priority, and I am grateful for customers like you who have supported me every step of the way. Best regards, Rene Rabbitt Owner, Rabbitt Design PS For you Pro Plan people, I've pumped so many new fixes and features into the X15 templates, not the least of which is the new Window and Exterior Door excited!? image.png
  11. I have my walls set to fill based on layer. When auto detail is used, I would expect it to capture the color on the active layer set for my wall layers and set the fill based on that color. Instead the CAD detail is simply using its own layer for the layer fill color.
  12. I was using the surface book 3 with an upgraded card that was equivalent to a RTX 3050 Mobile. Was decent enough to run chief and denoise an RTRT. I dont think I would get a surface pro though, unless it was a second machine. If someone is serious about this profession I feel as if they should be getting a gaming laptop.
  13. Thank you Chief, this one is so huge for me!
  14. They have quite a few versions of the titanic on 3dwarehouse that you can import into chief
  15. lost me at "upwork" Terry I don't know the type of work you do and the budgets you work with but as soon as someone mentions HGTV Fiverr Pinterest or Upwork I run for the hills. To me, and this is relating my own experience, you are saying that you want the lowest cost possible. To me, making that Titanic look the way you want it, is not a low cost endeavor.
  16. this is the Ai: and the prompt I gave was this rendering from Chief: and then the text: home with mountain range behind it done in the style of watercolor by Thomas Schaller. The scene should be in the fall with tress on either side of the building. The driveway as a grid of exposed aggregate concrete.
  17. POST 102 #freesymbolfriday for #ChiefArchitect in The Rabbitt Design Feed Thanks to Caleb Watkins who funded some of these materials, We've got a Japanese Architecture Theme Pack. If you find that I have named something incorrectly please do correct me Some Japanese Cedar, mat, Shou Sugin Ban chipped or burnt, some stone, weathered wood and more get it as always at or direct at Rabs Japanese Themed Material Pack-1.calibz Follow this link for the Rabbitt Design FB Feed for additional content: CLICK ME TO GO BACK TO THE INDEX!!!
  18. Chief Architect PBR:RTRT:30 denoised rendering and then used Chief Vector rendering with StableDiffusion:ControlNet:Inverse+Canny:RealisticV2:DDIM then masked the Stable Diffusion out around the PBR rendering. In Ps added Neural Filter-Focal blur and Camera Raw with a fur brushed fade. Timing for ChiefArchitect/StableDiffusion/Photoshop in minutes was 1/8/10 so under 20 minutes.
  19. I don't really understand what the benefit of opening in a text editor adds. This introduces liability as it is no longer actively linked to page information. Simply having dummy sheets in your template layout works quite well. Have a separate layout template for each separate engineer that you are using, or simply say S sheets attached and ask your engineer to include a page index on their S sheets