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  1. Would you mind confirming whether or not your 3d connexion device or it's dongle/receiver is plugged into the computer? I mentioned this in your previous thread, there is a known issue with the 3d connexion mouse and plan/elevation views if the connexion mouse is not plugged in. Possibly play around with different USB ports. (not to be mistaken with connexion configs or drivers, this issue is specific to the port and the presence of the hardware) Aside from that I would suggest resetting any GeForce Profiles, or possibly delete and re-establish one for Chief as this has been a known fix for users that may have previously changed some settings in the base profile Cheers
  2. Would suggest the new surface studio laptop over the surface pro. The Surface studio 2 has an outdated graphics card and I would not recommend as it will not support the new PBR RTRT option
  3. Ps 2021 grabs 0/97/125 or 0/96/125 for RGB. Also, luminance numbers are always way wrong in Chief
  4. Where are you “checking mono slab?” You should be checking it in the patios room panel . As opposed to Build Foundation
  5. Hey rob, just a suggestion/request. Mind changing the thread title to something about AMD driver issue crashing etc. Easier to find and reference. Then mark your solution and it will help a lot of folks!
  6. I've posted about this before but this is just funny. Style pallet glitch when the library can't find the original symbol.
  7. You can mull two doors together that have 0" between them.
  8. Ha, are you out here trolling me? I said an apology in the other thread, I don't engage in battles this way, I'm a very friendly and giving guy. Name is Rene Rabbitt, nice to meet you. Back to topic, It specifically is an issue that is occurring by the camera view being rendered causing a Windows Time Out and killing the gfx card driver. My statement was true, could it be solved on CA's end..I'd guess that probably it could...but in the meantime I'd take the steps required to keep moving forward as so many of us have gotten around this issue. Some of these issues pop up if you have custom profiles loaded in GeForce experience. None of these issues thus far have had anything to do with the CPU vendor that I have encountered. I offer Chief training and so have already troubleshooted about 30 machines now, all needing some sort of better handshake between windows update, the gfx driver, and Chief. If people reading this have Chief When I was a Beta tester on the early versions of X-13 I ran into this issue frequently with the same error message and it was explained to me by the BETA reporting team that any note regarding the Astral engine and "Device Removed" is in fact a timeout issue with the new Dirctx12 based rendering engine. It occurred 100% of the time on one plan I had until I went into the registry and changed the TDR delay value, which immediately circumvented the issue.(much to my Beta reps dismay) Though subsequent releases of X-13 along with doing a clean driver install and some windows updates helped me revert the reg key back to OOTB. Brian Beck of Chief actually bought my same Surface Book 3 to test out the Quadro gfx card drivers to work through this. Love these guys. As stated in the other thread, I agree that we can hope for some fixes to X-13's code, but in the meantime...why not try some of these things out.
  9. bigger question is why are you at a standstill and reverting back?
  10. Solution- ditch the rich text and never look back. Also, you’ve been using the software long enough, maybe time to start using macros for everything? Make global changes in one place. I have a template CAD detail page where I just drop in notes for the type of job I’m on and it populates all of my text notes in all other cad details or elevations
  11. What does that mean, that you can’t open it? is your rowdier window missing? Is the library’s browser tool checked or unchecked? have you reset your side windows from edit/preferences/reset options ?
  12. Something to note for your particular example you posted above. You don't have all of your lights turned on for that camera view. That will greatly increase the possibility of a timeout when in RTRT mode
  13. This is a Windows Graphic timeout issue that coincides with your gfx driver, whatever it may be. Lookup TDR
  14. @plannedRITEand @Kbird1 If clean gfx drivers or updated drivers arent a solve, take a dive into google for TDR fixes. Windows is resetting our gfx drivers after the card becomes unresponsive for a time.
  15. Did you install the latest Chief program update dated the 18th?
  16. This might be a problem with the 1907 and its virtual driver conflicting with the nvidia drivers. Your 1907 is likely using a USB connection? In chief goto preferences/Render/Video Card Status and paste a screenclipping here of what is shown there. I would also unplug your USB monitor, reboot, then fire up chief and see if you have the same problem.
  17. You might consider a separate thread for this as I am pretty certain this is not a mouse issue. I'm guessing the issue is with your 1907FP?
  18. For those of you on the g602 and G-hub software. the G-hub software is absolute garbage and has been since its rollout. The legacy drivers still work as expected. Just some direction for self diagnosing...when a cursor jumps this is usually an indicator of your graphics card as the graphics card is handling movement in plan and elevation. Are you using the line-over option in elevation on a standard camera or are you using vector view? The new Chief update shouldv'e been installed alongside the newest gfx drivers which may solve your problem again. I would assume first that this is graphics related and not mouse related.
  19. As always, you're the man. Drag and drop Library Notes to automatically change detail callouts and Project info.
  20. Maybe I am doing something wrong but wanted to create a library of notes that carried global macros without using the attached macro option of the library item iself. Meaning I want to set a global macro from either the notes text or Custom Field. I couldn't get it to work, confirming that I am not doing something wrong.
  21. Please create a new material using these images. THIS IS MEANT FOR THE BLEND WITH MATERIAL OPTION AS A UNIVERSAL WOOD TEXTURE! You will need to set the option to Blend with Texture in the Texture Panel under Material Color Section. Use the color picker to grab whatever floor color you are using(should be present in the 3d Material Previewer. Set Material to about 60" x 60" or so and should make for a very nice material. Adjust Bump down to .001
  22. Within the week is very tough, I may be able to handle it for you. Interior and exterior shots? What about Level of Detail(examples) and Budget? Feel free to contact me. Website is in my signature