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  1. On my phone… uncheck “retain deck framing”
  2. why not? just unbind to the room and adjust the backclip
  3. website: 4K base image with previews at HD FB: 2048 x n YT: 720p IG: portrait 1080 x 1920, square 1920x1920 Want the fastest output from chief, leave the aspect ratio untouched and edit in another software
  4. I use Stripe, WePay, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle. They all have their quirks
  5. I created those myself I sell my full kitchen quick tools with those icons bundled together HERE or you can create them yourself and use this video for a reference. Takes about 6-8 hours to create all of those tools yourself if you know how to build specific style pallet tools: Chief Architect Custom Library Object and Icon - YouTube
  6. You can use grass patch models instanced with the distribution tools, though you would need to find really low poly count models Facebook Video Grass.mp4
  7. Separate layout file is a very valuable tool for warehouse plans and the save-as-method.not assuming this of you but many users forget that chief is used for a large amount of different services from cabinet vendors to interior decorators to commercial architects and on down the line. Separate layout for instance can be pre-saved to create mood boards automatically from the same file that we use to create con docs and presentations.
  8. POST 58 FREE Eames Chair. This is the lowest poly count Eames chair on the market and it is free for a limited time. HERE is a direct link to my symbols and content thread. Follow this link for the Rabbitt Design FB Feed for additional content: CLICK ME TO GO BACK TO THE INDEX!!!
  9. Shoot me an email and we can set something up. Im only going to take on a few more trainees for this month. Rendering is a big topic but very enjoyable in my mind.
  10. You need to use File/Export/Image to properly use RTRT. This will render and export a final image with a denoiser at the sample rate that you specify
  11. I loaded up some, in materials:
  12. I’ll try and remember to send some tomorrow
  13. Physically Based Realtime Rendering, which utilizes your RTX card if you have one. This were all renderings done in Chief. There is a pretty detailed post about techniques here if you click on the top heading(not the 2nd heading):
  14. this is not a PBR RTRT correct? But yes looks great for a PBR, great job, truly Love the medical equipment, totally translates the design
  15. POST 57 Free Samples and a Paid custom tool. Make an infinite number of fireplaces with the tool and download the free symbols sample pack of fireplaces! HERE is a direct link to the listing Follow this link for the Rabbitt Design FB Feed for additional content: CLICK ME TO GO BACK TO THE INDEX!!!
  16. Just a hunch, not worth the effort, fbx files created for 3ds max,more often than not, have no regard for poly count. Chop, I imagine you already knew that. curious to see how this pans out. also to the OP, blender is free and available for Mac
  17. My symbols and content thread is being forced into some very unsavory this: I update my main thread every time I update my posts..and suddenly I have to remove my tags or forego the edit? WTH. That thread has brought over 54K views to this site, and a large part of it is because of those tags. Now I will painstakingly go through post by post to disperse the tags. ================================================================================================ ALSO I just hit an attachment cap for my profile???? Would you rather I just provide links now? I already spent my time re-rigging my recording setup to get under the new 14mb video limit. This is starting to feel a lot like WORK to bring market value to this site with generous doses of user-created content that promotes the brand. Forgive the rant but I am here to help the brand, and though I appreciate the community here, my main purpose for logging in his helping people to love and enjoy this software. My hands are being tied when I have to manage my input. I don't mind sifting through my old posts now and taking my time to delete valuable videos and images so that I can contribute more, but I would at least hope for a better and more automated system to do so. ==================================================================================================
  18. POST 56 X-13 RTRT Information (Items that are specific and searchable terms in CA have CAPITALIZED letters) Better understanding of a modern rendering engine may help alleviate some issues. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this info you can always uncheck the option for the RTRT in your RENDERING TECHNIQUES TOOL. Feel free to contact me for support or advanced training. • In RTRT a low SAMPLE RATE is used in live CAMERA views. • For exported presentations images similar to a CPU-based RT, set your MAXIMUM EXPORT SAMPLES as low as needed to eliminate fireflies and light leaks. The higher the SAMPLE RATE in RTRT RENDERING TECHNIQUES, the better the image(up to a point where benefits are negligible). This only applies to the EXPORT IMAGE TOOL. The higher the SAMPLE RATE the longer the processing time • A SAMPLE RATE in basic terms is the number of samples from a camera of a given Objects Material ID as it applies to the geometry of an object, including colors, lighting, shadows etc. The more times something is sampled the less aliasing there exists in a final image. • The more light exists in the scene the easier it is to Sample. • You must supply ample light in adjacent rooms for the RTRT engine to properly process and "trace" your scene. Devoid of light, your exterior will be overly exposed, your interior may be underexposed, and you may have fireflies or light leaks. • Ensure that your active Light Set is on and illuminating your scene, which is accessed a number of ways, one being the EDIT ACTIVE VIEW TOOL, in the CAMERA PANEL, under the LIGHTING SECTION. Ensure the lights that you want turned on are on and if necessary to troubleshoot, turn the color channel to a color so as to locate the focus of light. •There is a built in denoiser when using the EXPORT IMAGE TOOL. So fireflies may be removed with the denoiser. If after the export there are still fireflies/noise, then up your SAMPLE RATE. • With ample lights, an interior scene Rendering Technique Options might have an exposure from .15-.35, a Maximum Sample Rate of 500-1500, a Brightness between -10 to 0, a Backdrop intensity between 100-1000. This is not and never will be a universal setting, each scene needs adjustment according to the amount of light available to that scene. • If your scene is underexposed you may need to adjust your lighting including the lumens of your light fixtures. • SUN INTENSITY settings will do very little to help overexposure, underexposure, light leaks or any other trace related problems. This is the nature of a tracing engine. I do however recommend rotating the SUN so as not to illuminate your BACKDROP in an undesirable way. • Live view will always be of lesser quality than an exported image using the EXPORT TOOL(because of the option to change the SAMPLE RATE, LIVE CAP Settings and the built in undisclosed denoiser.) • Typical problem causing issues: Caustics, Lights near transparent or translucent surfaces, lights of high Lumen values in one room juxtapose to lights of low lumens in an adjacent room. High resolution bump/roughness/normals maps in materials. These issues all cause difficult scenarios for attenuation and aliasing. Some of the fixtures being used are not optimized for this new engine. Consider changing the material properties of any glass that is in close proximity to a light source. There is a lot more to this, you can have some success with this info, but barely scratches the surface. For some incredibly good generalized rendering info, read the Thea Render Manual(free online) It has some fantastic info in it that applies to all rendering engines. The following image is from Chiefs RTRT Bathroom shown is designed by Steve Price of the Beautiful Space Co. Follow this link for the Rabbitt Design FB Feed for additional content:
  19. Design by @DMDesigns rendered in X-14 Post in Ps
  20. Renerabbitt

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    Design by @rgardner Rendered in X-14 Post in Ps
  21. Design By Steve Price Rendered in X-14
  22. Design By Steve Price Rendered in X-14
  23. Design By Steve Price Rendered in X-14