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  1. post yoour plan file please or if its too large, just copy the 4 walls from that room over to a new plan and post that. See a number of problems here, so no offense meant, the assumption is that there is some bad modeling practices here and would just be easier to troubleshoot the plan
  2. Sheet 0 controls your title block and any elements that are driven from the page. Go to sheet 0 and try changing the font. It's other object driven or layer driven text style
  3. Putr a second roof with no gutters and a really really short structure and the walls will build up to it
  4. Can you elaborate on how this is accomplished?
  5. Yeah but those guys dont know anything, pshhhhh
  6. @scdous3 Absolutely, reputable in the community and been training individuals and offices remotely since 2016. You can purchase training time direct from my shop and I give discounts on blocks of time. One of the packages in my shop includes 4 hours of free training:
  7. very very advanced to build and requires custom models to create. recommendation would just be to use a CAD detail with a note
  8. I'm guessing that its not wall lengths you are after but rather wall heights as that would indicate a longer cut/stud length and would be more useful information. I'm not sure why you would want that in a schedule as opposed to a material list. What is the actual end goal, what are they trying to solve for? Casing and base would be a custom schedule with custom macros. Would need to know more about the end goal again before I would advise on that. Seems as if you someone is tying to use this as a buy order.
  9. if you open the polyline up what shows on this panel:
  10. man if youre trying to get better trees I'm gonna go ahead and mention my stuff as its optimized for chief:
  11. that wouldnt work as a ramp. you'd be creating a second slope across the width of the ramp which is going to tip someone sideways as they are pushed up the ramp.
  12. and also....more often than not I find errors in plans that are auto cad based files that are generated by the drafter themselves. They may have made a mistake and actually have a 25' section there
  13. I sell templates that have a ton of dynamic architectural and structural details:
  14. you can trace it with cad lines or you can try converting it to a dxf with an online jpg to dxf converter
  15. Change the text style for Cad,Default also, I mentioned this to you in email, would highly recommend doing your lot with a polyline and leaving your terrain as a rectangle. This is a big liability:
  16. @buzzsaw204 please provide a plan file. I can't diagnose what that polyline is or what layer its on and if its just a polyline or a polyline based object. It looks like you have a polyline based object below your terrain perimeter which you are selecting and is likely on another layer
  17. Im not sure I know what you are referring to. To my knowledge there is no temporary line length unless possibly you are using a polyline label. in which case that's the polylines,labels text style.
  18. Thats the Text Style of whatever layer that line is on
  19. For those looking for info about creating plot plans and lots in #ChiefArchitect. Here you go:
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