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  1. LeRoy G Wells Chief Architect X12 I have turned the side bar icon to off, but the cad lines still keep connecting Am I missing something to get them to not connect ? Thank You LeRoy G Wells
  2. How do I fix this
  3. LeRoy G Wells CA X12 Premier I have a slab plan and the left wall and the front foundation wall wall extends 4" up. The right wall extends up the complete height. What am I doing wrong ? Pam Beverly New Home.zip
  4. LeRoyWells

    Material list default total calculations

    This is the formula that I use = extra * ((price * 1.0975) + labor + (equipment * 1.0975) ) * (1 + (_markup / 100)) = count*((price*1.0975)+labor+(equipment*1.0975))*(1+(_markup/100))
  5. LeRoy G Wells CA X12 Is it possible to change the default total formula in the material list to calculate it the way I do it I always have to change it to calculate the way I figured my jobs
  6. LeRoy G Wells X12 user Hi I noticed today that if I build walls in a U-shape and calculate the materials, the exterior wall materials show up in the Siding Section, but if I put a porch between the U-Shaped section the walls within the U-Shaped section show up in the Wall Board Section Making it a room changes where it calculates the material sections i have been programming X12 the calculate my materials very accurately Is this a glitch with X12 ?
  7. LeRoyWells

    Pricing Cabinets

    Hi Chief Architect X12 Is it possible to have the cabinets calculate the face square footage of the boxes using a macro or formula?
  8. I am in the Murfreesboro area and I need someone to "finish" what I have started. I am lost on the roof pitches and a few exterior elements of my plan. Are you interested? I can send you my files and material I have saved.

    1. LeRoyWells


      Yes    Where in Murfreesboro ?

    2. MarkFree


      Off Veterans near New Salem


    3. LeRoyWells


      Call me   I may be able to help with your roof



  9. Thank You Steve That did the trick A guy at Chief Architect told me that the program would not do that automatically
  10. Is it possible to have CA build the foundation wall along with the footer when you go to build foundation walls Thank you LeRoy Test Porch.plan
  11. 3d Polyline keeps showing up for some reason
  12. The Polyline solid box does not accept the check mark for some reason
  14. Thank you I will try that