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  1. Hi Why do my ceiling joist direction keep showing 3x8 instead of 2x8 Thank You Mary Ruth Smith - Rev 1.zip
  2. Hi Is there a way to apply a waste factor to the material list qty field ?
  3. Where do you find the setting for this in X-15 Thank you
  4. Why are my dormers not coming out correctly Thank you HEATH AND KARA.zip
  5. Hi See if this works MARY RUTH SMITH.zip
  6. Hi I have the foundation to have a -4 offset, the back porch is working but the front porch is not. What is wrong ? Thank you I am using X15 MARY RUTH SMITH.zip
  7. Thank You Steve That fixed the problem
  8. I have a house plan that needs a vaulted ceiling in the great room that extends out past the roof line so we can have a plant shelf and a window in the gable wall How do you do this in CA ? 2022-10-21 - Mary Ruth Smith.zip
  9. When drawinh lines, how can you set the angle using roof pitch 6 in 12 ?
  10. Hi Why do my seconf floor walls not build to the 8' height instead of stopping at the roof ? Thank You