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  1. I would like to thank everyone for your help and suggestions and update on the final solution. I was finally able to track down the person who did the original plans and, as a few of you have pointed out, it is impossible because he intended the angled part to be stick framed in the field to basically join 2 gable truss ends together. A fine gentleman named Stephen at Chief introduced me to the rotate roof plane around 'z' ability and we were able to come up with a good workable solution. Thank you again for everyones assistance. When I was able to get in touch with the original creator of the plans he was able to provide a link so we could view more than just the front elevations and I have included it for those that were interested if there were other views.
  2. Hello Mark, unfortunately those are the only 3 PDF's provided. I have sent a request to see if any other information is available but nothing yet.
  3. Thank you Eric. I think the PDF you are asking for is the LEAH LANE ROOF PLAN attachment. That shows the roof I am trying to recreate.
  4. I have been tasked with recreating a townhome plan and I have run into an issue with the rear gabled roof plane. Where the planes taper down into the main roof I am having a problem manually breaking the plane and having it change angle and direction (where the off angle bend occurs). It's almost like I need an extra wall section to create a seperate roof plane and am at a loss as to how to proceed. Has anyone had experience working with a roof such as this and has time to lend some knowledge? Thank you in advance for your time. I attempted to back up the entire plan with attachments and it was 17MB so I can only attach the plan by itself as well as the few PDF's I have from the original plans showing the roof planes and front elevation. Thank you, Ben LEAH LANE FINAL ROOF PLAN 6.17.22.pdf LEAH LANE FINAL FLOOR PLAN 6.17.22.pdf LEAH LANE FINAL ELEVATION 6.17.22.pdf
  5. My company is moving to rely on BuilderTrend heavily and they are wanting to be able to import material lists from Chief. Does anyone have experience with this and if so, can you point me in a good direction to find a knowledge base on doing this myself? I have searched Chief videos on Producing Material Lists, but they leave so many unanswered questions. Thank you,
  6. I started by trying to put the dormer there and adjusting the roof around it and found that the brick was automatically filling into the roof plane and it was blocking the front of the dormer so I then deleted the dormer front wall and adjusted the height of the shed roof until I got it where I needed it allowing the brick to fill in space. I'm not sure if I explained that clearly, I hope so.
  7. I would just like to heartily thank all of you for the guidance and for helping me figure this out. I really appreciate it and I think it turned out pretty nice.
  8. Thank you for the suggestions. I will give this a try and see how it goes. I have auto-built the roof and I was manually trying to add the floating dormer to it. My problem was the area I was trying to fit the dormer was too small to fit the dormer I was attempting to place there. I will try placing it on a larger plane and shrinking it down as you suggested. Thank you.
  9. I'm not sure what this type of roof is called, but I have a client who saw this entry and wants their porch entry to look similar. It looks like it would be a floating dormer because they want a false window and this is only a single story home they are building, not the 2 stories seen in this picture. I can not get the dormer to work due to not having enough roof real estate to place it and I am not sure if a dormer is even the correct way to tell Chief what I want. I am totally flustered on this one and would appreciate any ideas on how I would go about doing something like this where a window cuts a roof plane. Thank you in advance for any ideas.
  10. Steve, Eric and Dzin, I can't thank you all enough for all of your help on this. My situation is I just started learning Chief a few months ago when I started working here and I inherited all of these production plans that were supposedly perfect and so far they have been anything but. I guess the last person who worked with these didn't care to learn Chief, hence why I am here LOL, and I have no idea what all they did. Every plan is a new adventure. As you saw by the countertop trim outside LOL. Thank you all so much for the help and all the tips I am picking up along the way. Your time is greatly appreciated Ben
  11. Wow, thank you so much, Eric. I appreciate your taking the time in demonstrating how to create that Gable Dormer. Very clear and straight forward and I even learned a few commands I did not know about. Thank you again, Ben
  12. Fantastic. Thank you so much for your assistance and the links Dzin. I will definitely check those areas and see if I can get them straightened out first.
  13. Dzin, thank you for the attachment. What you provided is what I am trying to figure out how to make. Did you create that using the dormer tool and if so what options did you change to have only the front plane visible? or how did you go about making that ?
  14. That roof is the original roof from the plan I am working on. I did not adjust anything because I wanted to provide the untouched version and the part that I am trying to recreate should look exactly as the gable/dormer with the single window in looks in your render. I have attached the job file with the roof redone, but I do not know how to go about creating that dormer/gable which I need to center over the front door.
  15. I am currently working on the attached plan and, as you will see, it has an almost Dutch Gable but it's more of an A-frame cut into a hip. I had to widen the plan and make other changes for the customer and I am now having trouble recreating that A-frame roof section centered over the double entry door. I can use auto-roof and everything comes out ok for the rest of the home, but I have no idea how to get the A-framed section drawn once that is finished. Any idea on what I am missing? Thank you for any assistance.