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  1. decorators3

    metric and imperial

    ok thanks Ill try that
  2. decorators3

    metric and imperial

    I did as you suggested but still shows as mm
  3. decorators3

    metric and imperial

    Hi I am creating a 3D visual for a client but here is my issue the plans I received are in metric so I opted for the metric template BUT the roof plans are regular pitch (ie) 10:12 etc.. How do I change back and forth. I went into Default for Roof Dimensions and opted for secondary format but pitch still shows as metric.. I AM NOT A METRIC PERSON How can I adjust this. Can I change my template and not lose my information if I convert it to imperial Thanks in advance Here are the two different roof specifications ( i prefer the imperial ) the roof plan shows various roof planes . hoping I can get this completed I managed to convert my metric to imperial measures but my roof plane specification is still showing mm any suggestions some of the roof planes are \16:12 14:12 10:12 11:12
  4. decorators3


    I have attached 2 images one is standard rendering showing the flooring.. the PB render shows the flooring but not the same shade as in living room and kitchen. I checked the flooring materials in room specification and it is all the same ..why does it show a different shades of the same flooring?? Thanks Levina
  5. decorators3

    CAD details

    well i did see it in the library .. where is where my question came from - how do I take a section cut. ( I may sound like an idiot right now. I'm so mesmerized by all the information - trying to set up layout is new to me..
  6. decorators3

    constructin drawings

    Good Morning I have a created a 2 level house with a walk out basement in the back. Is there someone offering their services who can work with me and walk me through the process of having a set of drawings that can be used by the client for quote purposes. ..check my plan to ensure all floors and foundation are set up properly .. I have a lot of trouble with stairs to set up layers to transfer layers to layouts to adapt the correct legends, cad details schedules etc I have looked at the videos.. read the manuals - all are helpful- but sometimes hands on with an experienced designer / builder on a one on one is better than anything
  7. decorators3

    CAD details

    Just wondering why CAD details show CMU and not pouted concrete
  8. decorators3


    Thank you Eric .. I would never have gotten this on my own!!!!!!! thank you thank thank you and I will practice..
  9. decorators3


    plan Plan Download link - not sure if this will work
  10. decorators3


    can get below 27MB - don't have cloud account.. . cant send plan file,,,,
  11. decorators3


  12. decorators3


    I have deleted my roof planes and will start over again I will never get paid enough for the time I'm spending on this roof. so frustrating. plus the angled front has to be the same on both sides (ie) 6 feet.. and due to the shape of interior rooms and the sizes I had to un check the angle snaps icon .. so my exterior walls look "shakey" ( for lack of a better word) in plan format but fine in 3d. and I don't know if this will affect my schedules as I move forward EVENTUALLY!! The roof has me stumped.. but i will perserver I like what chopsaw and eric suggested.. just hope I can do it... This house is my first from start to finish including construction drawings so I may be on here agin as I move forward ONCE MY ROOF IS DONE AND I UNDERSTAND WHAT I DID... Thanks again
  13. decorators3


  14. decorators3


    I am trying to build a roof .. here are my issues 1. the auto build is out of wack completely as you can see in the image 2. the partially built manual roof has 2 gable roofs- one on the left side of the house - one on the other side -But even though they are both 8 pitch they are of different heights (image) 3. the full over view shows the ceilings..(image) My issue is how do I build a roof over the angled front of the house . I have read the tutorials - watched the videos-I would like to have 3 gables (a) left - (b) middle (angled wall) and (c) right over the garage.. The house has main level 9' and 2nd level 9' with open below for great room - foundation is also full 9' I have been working on this for a few days but haven't been able to complete it properly- is it because of the shape of the house?? ..welcome any suggestions THANKS ...I'M TRYING TO FOLLOW ALL YOUR SUGGESTIONS ... is it possible that these roof points are creating a problem. I don't know how to delete them. I went into Preferences then architectural and unchecked AUTOMATICALLY PLACE ROOF INTERSECTION POINTS...BUT STILL THERE. i have removed these temporary points.. i've been working on this roof problem for so long I am missing things..sorryy wrong pic for roof points Levina caX11
  15. decorators3

    Living area

    I have learned a great deal from all your comments (ie) I didn't realize the LAUNCH HELP ( was a search tool in itself) == thought it directed me only to the tutorials and videos etc. This forum is worth its weight in gold and I appreciate all the feedback from those of you who know your way around. Its a fabulous program with a lot of learning curves. Its when I run into a problem and don't know how to go about fixing it that I go to the forum... I"m a designer who has recently been sourced for more structural and exterior design - plans , construction documents etc.. I'm pretty sure this is not the last time I will be seeking some assistance. not meaning to take the easy way out because I do try to find a solution either thru videos or the tutorial documents Thanks in advance