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  1. Thank you all very much. It was very enlightening. The first step is upgrading to x15 and I understand there is a discount offered for the first year. I will one step at a time. Again, I find this forum to be a great access for advise and direction Cheers Levina
  2. HI I am curious as to why I see some many renders from CA redone in twinmotion or lumion.. I currently use CA x 11 but am moving onto X 15 . Is it necessary to go to outside sources for renderings or is it a personal choice. I did download twinmotion free trial but have yet to understand it. If I invest in X15 does it make sense to also purchase outside software to enhance exterior and interior renderings . At the moment I supply exterior renderings for builders etc. seems to be going fine. Watching you tube videos from seasoned users using twinmotion does not help me because I need step by step to learn , some of these video tutorials are beyond me for sure. Do I really need exterior software ???
  3. its good now. I don't know what i did but its been going on all morning.. now its fixed .. must be one wrong access and off it went thanks for your help I appreciate it. Now i can continue with the completion Cheers Levina
  4. what happened to me I wonder.. I still can't see it is it, maybe because of those 3 tress what are they for and how do I get out of it
  5. I am creating a walk out basement not just for the back but for the entire lower level. I am following the Video on walk out basements but when I add the terrain on Floor 0 it does not show .. it does not show anywhere, and those 3 trees are in my window constantly = very irritating. any assistance is welcomed Levina
  7. Thank you this info.. I have CA 11 so I would have been trying and trying to get the results that Scott has achieved but I do thank him for his input and have his answer saved to my computer. When I can afford the upgrade I will have a go to his instructions. Appreciate all your replies Cheers Levina
  8. WOW! Thanks soo much, great info for me to follow. trying to go thru all the videos and instructions can be a bit confusing but you've simplified it THANKS AGAIN !
  10. When I passes and or time for some reason the program does not show me how much time or passes have elapsed. I can let it ray trace overnight - so I am assuming the longer it ray traces the "sparkles" disappear . I though it might have something to do with the "index of refraction" which I have no idea what it means and can't seem to get explanation from the knowledge base except for a small mention. it is set at 1.5 but that's as much as I know about it I will let it run but that takes up a lot of time when i have several projects going at the same time Thanks for your reply Levina
  11. When ray tracing - these sparkles appear in the glass. Is it something in my ray trace options that I am either doing or not doing? Cheers Levina
  12. Thank you . Followed your instructions to the T and it's working perfectly
  13. In the renovation redesign I am doing - the clients wants the floor joists from the second level to be seen from the main level. In framing mode I can see the floor joists but in standard mode I cant....
  14. I am sending the proposed floor plans to the engineer and see what he comes back with. All your replies have given me solutions that could be implemented based on engineers response and of course the clients input as he want the real wood .. but things change due to structural challenges See how it goes Thank you all for your replies.. This forum is really resourceful and so many qualified members Thanks again