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  1. I did what you suggested but I did not see any option for parallel light .. the screenshot attached shows the exterior rendering lighting specification dialogue options for night time rendering but does not explain how to create or find the parallel light.
  2. Hi I have been watching the video tutorials on exterior rendering primarily the lighting features and effects . Can anyone tell me about PARALLEL lighting placed facing the buildings exterior??? I can't locate anywhere. Cad arrow does not convert ...also where do I find the lighting for the interior rooms that show a yellow glow . I've tried the electrical but only see the auto LGIHT for ceiling which is a light fixture not a glow. Its probably so easy but for the life of me I can't figure it out. My exterior renders are not bad but would be more affective with the features available in said video Much thanks Levina
  3. thanks .. very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. error 200 but I will try again planjune9.plan
  5. keep getting error message how should I post the plan
  6. I'm embarrassed to say I think I am in the process of fixing the problem but for ca talk.plan will post anyway for ca talk.plan
  7. decorators3


    HI My client has hired me to provide various exterior facade ideas for her new home build. Building is no issue but the roof is where I am having difficulty with in this particular plan, Usually I have no problem creating roofs but this has various pitches and I can't seem to follow the architects roof planes. I have been watching videos and working on this plan for several days looking at this roof for 2 full days trying to figure out the planes and roof styles in this architectural plan. Can you look at this PDF and my roof plan I would appreciate it if someone can let me know what I am missing in my thought process to get the roof right - probably making mountain out of a mole hill or looking at it too long In the meantime I will carry on with the exterior and keep at the roof Many Thanks Levina X11 TS- 1536 Lambert house WD (6)[67].pdf
  8. Hi I was wondering if it is possible to turn this bay window area into a pony wall, ,wall type does not show this option but thought maybe someone has come across this and found a solution . or do I have to create bay windows manually ? I've tried applying wall material region but it does not seem to take
  9. thanks My nvidia was set up as basic not on my rtx graphics keep my fingers crossed that was the issue
  10. I purchased this new computer a few weeks ago, ALIENWARE M15 RYZEN ED. R5 When I create my designs and send them to my clients - they are not seeing what I see. The color calibration is not a cool white but a warm white I have reached out to DELL several times to check on my color calibration but nothing happens, I may have to return .. see what they can do. The basic colors on CA11 are crisp and clear on my old toshiba but duller on my Alienware in CA I am aware that computers can differ in calibrations but this is so far from reality it is scary and my clients are not happy Wondering if it is CA software when I transferred or computer Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks Levina
  11. HI When I create the terrain it shows on the plan but not the camera view, shows 3 trees symbol on plan view and camera view. I've cleared terrain and started again but it still seems to be stuck for lack of a better word, I had this issue a long time ago and figured it out but not today, any suggestions welcome Levina cax11
  12. OMG!!! How did I not have those toggled. Oh My I feel so stupid. ha ha. I was checking everything else....THANK YOU ERIC. my o h my so simple> all fixed.. til we meet again thanks