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  1. decorators3


    Hi I'm designing a 3 level home.. the main level stairs I want to use are L shaped from 1st to second. .I have attached PDF cross section of how I want the stairs to function.. and PDF of first floor showing no stairwell to basement.. I want to place a straight railing on first floor across stairwell as well as stair railing descending ( which is in place). I also need to be able to come in from the mud room from the garage on the fist floor.. so thinking I need steeper stairs to basement but not sure how to change the heights etc. Any suggestions are welcome. I have watched the videos and I know you have to start from the bottom and work your way up but not sure how to get the look I want. Thanks Levina cross section stairs PDF.pdf cross section PDF stairs.pdf first floor view.pdf
  2. decorators3


    Thanks In my original floor plan there are stairs going to the basement with access from the garage side The client wants to extend the pantry form 5 ' to exterior wall.. so am looking to see where to move the exterior staircase to access basement .. either thru the garage or outside I appreciate your responses Levina for CA.pdf
  3. decorators3


    ok.. thanks
  4. decorators3

    Stairs is a pic
  5. decorators3


    every time I move my cursor this terrain symbol is with it and prevents me from creating terrain elevations. ncintyre_2_bedroomfor_CA.plan
  6. decorators3


    Hi I created a terrain perimeter and attempting to adjust elevations but nothing happens,, I have a symbol of a terrain and 3 trees on it that keeps moving when I try to adjust .. how do I eliminate this symbol Levina
  7. decorators3


    HI I am trying to decide how best to create exterior stair access to full walk out basement.. Not sure best way to go . these options were presented to me by the client..
  8. decorators3

    plot plan

    Thank you .. I appreciate this information.. Levina
  9. decorators3

    plot plan

    HI I have attached a copy of a plot plan but not sure how to read this and interpret the measurements - for the house am designing. your help is appreciated. This is my first house design from plot to finishplot plan for nre home.pdf for a client Thanks for all your help
  10. decorators3

    X-12 version

    yes i think i will do that.. thanks
  11. decorators3

    X-12 version

    ok thank you
  12. decorators3

    X-12 version

    Hi Do I need SSA in order to upgrade to X12 from X11
  13. decorators3

    Problem sending plan to layout

    Thank you.. Im learning as I go .. watching the videos. doing construction layouts for the first time. certainly is a learning curve for sure but t his forum has been so helpful over the past year or so. Levina
  14. decorators3


    ...thank you... trying to see if my roof is done properly mc inty .zip
  15. decorators3


    I'm wondering if there is a reason I cannot out two different level floor plans on the same page.. I keep trying to put upper floor plan and lower floor plan on same page but it repeats the first floor plan I send to layout.. thanks Levina