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  1. check second floor defaults ceiling heights the have negative height
  2. to start with the deck has negative ceiling height check that try that but there is still some other problem
  3. If you put the terrain on the floor below u should be able to have deck wall on top of terrain retaking wall I think
  4. See if that is what you want you had your retaining wall on the floor below all terrain controlling data needs to be on same level as terrain perimeter but i shifted your deck wall a bit Plan mark
  5. See if that is what u want 1194947785_428734283_Gableroofsforaddition(1).plan
  6. Out of interest looking at the DTM layer are the intersections the points where the elevations where taken during the survey? yes i put those lines on chiefs elevation data layer and made them blue gave them a thick line weight so you would see them plus i broke them so they would not overlap elevation regions Its is really good to have them standout when trouble shooting crazy terrain results
  7. I had a very rough go at it to get you started, its rough around the edges but they will get better with terrain breaks and retaining walls, have a look at the file it should point you in the right direction Draft
  8. Have a look at this file i found your elevation data put it on correct layer made it standout blue you will see you have elevation lines ontop of elevation regions chief needs no overlap at all Glenn beat me with this anyway the file may help you so i will leave it there Draft
  9. Try login in to your digital locker you should be able to pay there
  10. see if that file helps you need to line up the base lines alter the start and end toggles Colburn (2).zip
  11. put minus sign where rotating the roof plain -31.26°
  12. Check this file out I put invisible material on the railing posts and made new posts with slabs 1871838887_NEWPLAN20x72.plan
  13. have a look at this file i lowered the porch ceiling by half inch and joined the roof plans over that corner PORCH
  14. There is something very strange there i can not see what is causing it
  15. try copying the gable line to the front side
  16. with that glitch un tick upper pitch on the skillion gable walls
  17. Have a look at this file and see if it is what you want there is a little glitch in the corner where the skillion roof meets i would clean it up manually buy turning off auto roof after you have your roof right and manually adjust LenhartPlan09142021.plan
  18. this is a old thread from 2014 i have the file and it is not doing it in x13 i deleted my last reply as i did not realize it was old thread
  19. upload your plan some one might do it for you
  20. This is a roof that you can get 95% there with auto roof tool by changing the bedroom area roof group to 1 then most off your problem are gone with off angles and just some minor manual roof work at the end
  21. My guess is you have turned off one of your snaps and you are drawing of angle, you may have turned off by mistake and forgot
  22. the edge of that roof plane is off angle check its selected line 1 roof plane is over 90 and the other is under 90