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  1. Thanks, Steve got it. How about the gap in the facia? i.e between the roof tiles and eaves?
  2. Thanks, Steve I see Joey has the wall drawn on level one and highlighted it as an attic wall. Though didn't work for me. If I change to attic wall the wall extends to the right.
  3. Search material lists on this forum you will find plenty here. I agree with Michael on this one.
  4. Hi Joey, nice one though, I cannot replicate what you did
  5. You need to make a copy of the wall type you use. From the copied wall give it a separate name and add the texture with an external layer with 1mm thickness and you'll get what you require.
  6. Have a look at Custom callout labels.
  7. I need to create workshop drawings for a kitchen with bevel doors. Is this door available in CA 3d Library?
  8. Yeah sure Joe, I uploaded the SD file so you can adjust the texture to your requirements. Anyhow, see below in calibiz file. Flagstone.calibz
  9. Hi Joe, Try this one you change to adjust and suit your requirement
  10. V-Groove Timber Paneling Beech Brown V-Groove_Beech_Brown.calibz
  11. AB-Bricks-EverydayLifeEngage230x76-110-240-HiRes-NSW_2048x2048 AB-Bricks-EverydayLifeEngage230x76-110-240-HiRes-NSW_2048x2048.calibz I have scaled the bricks so ready to use.
  12. It's on my laptop, my desktop is fine. The dialog box doesn't come up. All other imports work except when I go to import dwg. Good idea matty. I tried what you suggested though it locks up the same CA freezes I opened x11 and works fine. Very strange.
  13. The dialog box doesn't come up Ca freezes up. Downloaded the latest drivers still no luck.