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  1. gelbuilding

    Herringbone Pattern

    Great, Thanks Mick
  2. gelbuilding

    Herringbone Pattern

    Timber flooring and the size is specified.
  3. gelbuilding

    Herringbone Pattern

    I need to make a pattern in herringbone. How do I change the board size to 780 long x 156 wide? The length size I cannot change as it is greyed out, Thanks
  4. gelbuilding

    Split entry with stair rake wall

    Check out this link,
  5. gelbuilding

    Ceiling Tile Color in PBR - WIth / WIthout lighting

    Hi Bob, I think you have too many lights turned up too high, 1500ln =100w So many lights with 3 lights in one fitting. I suggest make a room with only one light and experiment with the intensity. The attached pics each have only one light and only 10ln. Lighting a scene is very difficult and needs plenty of time to experiment. How can you have a microwave above cooktop?
  6. gelbuilding

    Wall end caps?

    I use slabs for this sort of work around and paint the texture on it.
  7. gelbuilding

    Interior Ray Trace / PBR

    Had a go at your model, default camera, didn't adjust the camera at all, played a bit with the lights and changed a few of the materials. One import aspect I did was place 3 lights above the camera to allow more light in. I think you need the appropriate maps in the materials so your render can pop.
  8. gelbuilding

    Chief Version Macro

    Hi Joe, I haven't seen any issues with your macros that I use in framing.
  9. gelbuilding

    Material & Textures, never enough

    Fire, Fire.calibz
  10. gelbuilding

    Material & Textures, never enough

    Boral Roof Tiles Boral_Roof_Tiles.calibz
  11. gelbuilding

    trying to send doc to printer

    When you print from Layout the top line which is the name of the Destination you need to select Chief Architect Save as PDF for best results. See attached
  12. gelbuilding

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Here is a file I have been working on, Please note it's not perfect. If you export the maps in jpeg you will notice a few artifacts on the tile around the tile joint, best results in PNG Maybe I'm trying to pack too much in one graph, lol When first opening the file you will see the tile pattern is the french pattern. There are many adjustments you can make to the pattern, all self-explanatory. There is the ability to import an image and the graph is set up to randomize the texture. You click on the Marble image where it states "none" and it will open up your file explorer to insert an image. If you need only colour there is a Tile colour Tab. Please Note there is a SWITCH to jump between the two. The is quite a few adjustments, Grout Colour, joint width and bevel size of joint. The next step is to add another switch and add the variation of tile patterns. Comments and criticism welcome. Tile Input Randomize texture or Coloured Tile Input.sbsar
  13. gelbuilding

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Be good if we could use displacement maps in our materials when rendering. Would give a bit of depth to the renders. Would be great to add the slot for displacement or height maps in the program CA.
  14. gelbuilding

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Yeah this was a huge problem when I started. You need to know how to setup the graph in order to randomize the textures across the tiles. The sbsar CA have posted was made in substance designer and when exporting out to sbsar file you can expose parameters to see in substance player. You expose parameters to any adjustments that are required.