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  1. Thanks Glen, Yes i realised that. Lastly i cannot continue the stairs up the building. I coppied and pasted (hold position) up a floor though doesnt seem to go up to that floor always goes to bottom floor, any suggestions?
  2. Bit of perseverance and i got it. How do i bring the floor over to connect to the stairs? I made a room polyline to connect the floor to stairs but not sticking. Any suggestions?
  3. Im not able to connect the stairs with correct amount of treads.
  4. Hi Glen, Thanks. How do i create stairs like this below?
  5. How to remove balustrade around top of stairwell and place custom upright timber
  6. Glenn, I used the U stairs and changed the winders to 6 treads and locked them.
  7. Thanks Glenn, and everyone else. All sorted. Cheers.
  8. This is he Stair Layout. Glenn i messaged you my number. The 6 winders Finish to a point, as shown above.
  9. I place the U stairs and cannot change to 6 winders
  10. Having trouble with the 6 winders.
  11. Cannot find out how to create these stairs.
  12. Cannot find the live material view. Only seen in the video though, no where else.