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  1. Hi Joe


    Did you recieve my email?

  2. I see the codes can be changed directly into the material list, though i would like to predefine them. Im setting up with buildertrend though i have my specific codes
  3. Can the cost codes be edited? Thanks
  4. Hi Robert, Sorry i had two code Columns. Thanks again
  5. Thanks Robert. Thats what i did though my column is blank.
  6. Hi Mick, How do we see the codes? My cost code column is blank
  7. The best way to match the clour is find out the correct RGB numbers.
  8. Can be achieved with PDF Pro DC. You can email it to us and i can do it for you.
  9. Hi Glenn, Can you please explain the process of adding the round moulding to the railing. Thanks
  10. This a good Video.
  11. OSB needs to be vertical not horizontal. See you file attachedG1368979260_ericgaragesuite2.plan G1368979260_ericgaragesuite2.plan
  12. I was talking about the stairs side. Though I see here in your last post works well with small angle. I think it depends on your default setup may have something to do with it. Your file works perfectly.
  13. Hi Mick, I dont see the mitre connection of the stairs working if the connection of the two stairs are less than 180 degrees.
  14. Checkout this Video