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  1. Where would be the best place/person to go to for in-depth training on understanding and best utilizing chief's material lists for organized, accurate takeoffs? I have looked around a lot on these forums, in the help documentation, and the videos, and I am still getting frustrated with this aspect of chief. One big reason our company invested in chief is because we believed it would drastically speed up the material takeoff process, but as it stands now I am having my doubts about that. I am hoping it is simply my own density that is preventing me from understanding how to get my material l
  2. wow thank you for the quick response! This worked beautifully, now if only I knew why...
  3. I am having trouble with walls in a 4 seasons room. The drywall on the interior is not showing up in 3D. I have tried adjusting the drywall material definition to no avail. I moved the walls 6" out and the drywall appeared. This newbie isn't sure what else to do. Altmaier 4-Seasons Remodel.plan
  4. @nematode i am having the a similar issue on my quest 2 with it being choppy/jittery. granted, my gpu and cpu are not up to your specs, but i am able to enter the CA vr environment. i am not, however, able to teleport. i would love to hear if anyone has any breakthroughs on this issue.
  5. Hello CA community! I am a new Chief Architect user and so far am really impressed with the capabilities this program has. Right now I am trying to learn how to use the material list function. I'm kind of struggling to find an efficient and simple workflow to get accurate calculations in a simple format translated from CA's native spreadsheet environment into Excel. I've searched for tutorial videos and other documentation on the subject, but it seems that such is rather sparse and what is there seems kinda lacking in thoroughness. I was just wondering first of all: how much do
  6. I realize this thread is pretty old, but was anybody able to find a solution/workaround to this issue? I'm having this same problem. It seems to me that Chief should be able to do this since in the real world footings usually extend past bearing walls.