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  1. Designer100

    Stair Ballusters not showing

  2. Designer100

    Stair Ballusters not showing

    Hey guys, I ariginally had cable rails and now I cannot get stairs to go back to noarmal stairs. Ballusters are not showing and I need to deleter the cable rails that are showing up in specs. Stairs has been move from another part of floor plans. Proably something simple. Can someone help? Thanks for any help.
  3. Designer100

    raised foundation issue

    Does anyone know how to get a 24" ht house floor off grade to sit on the Terran? they are going to build the dirt up to raise the slab I have never done this. I would appreciate any help I would apprecaite you help. Newell Cheatheam CA 11 raised slab issue.pdf Richie house.
  4. Designer100

    How to make a 6'8" door with a 1'4" transom above

    Thank you david for help on door transom
  5. 1)I need to create a 3' x 6'8" with 1'4" Transom. I need it to look Similar to attched picture as a 36" width door. Would appreciate any help. Bedroom 2 entry door was one I was trying to make , then copy it other places. trim overlaps door on top. 2) Also home is 24" off grade built up under slab. any suggestions appreciated. second floor will be left unfinished for future build out . 3) garage door into house is showing below 24" raised for ada lift and steps. Thanks for any help. Newell 713.385.3622 Richie_house._La.plan
  6. Designer100

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    Chief can draft $52.00 month veres paying the $500.00 subscription in one lump sum. That is what I do.
  7. Designer100

    large roof cricket needed

    I arm trying to make a cricket between the new roof and old roof. I cannot figure it out. can anyone help me or show me out to do it on this remodeling project? Thank you in advance if someone can help. Newell Cheatheam Chief Architect x10 NEW-William Dowdell roof cricket NEW-William Dowdell Dr-roof cricekt
  8. Designer100

    roof issue

  9. Designer100

    roof issue

    Thanks DzinEye. I changed the pitch to 8:12 and trying to get porch ceiling to be 8 ft. ht and close up eave. Needs wall on the left gable side at attic. The porch roof is set back to over window and miss hip roof on left. Any suggestions in having a flat ceiling for porch? on right is brezzway going to garage. this is just remodeling adding a roof to existing slab. Gasdia Porch Remodeling.plan
  10. Designer100

    roof issue

    1) I would appreciate any help on the rear of this remodeling adding porch roof to existing slab. Looking at rear of house. lower pitch roof hitting into existing roof about 72" up from edge of existing rear birck wall (missing some roof vets )with gable on left side of it in from exist. slab about 48" missing the existing hip roof. 2) Also I cannot seem to close the roof coming from first floor roof edge all the way up catching the roof on the 2nd floor (not closing up from left side of 2nd floor roof. See attached existing pics. Thank you for any help in getting these issues resolved on this porch addtion roof. Just need it looking right when doing perpective on rear for HOA. Newell Cheatheam chief 11x windows 10 Gasdia Porch Remodeling.plan
  11. Designer100

    Exterior Deck and stair issues

    thank you renderrabbit. I really appreciate the help. You have awsome weekend.
  12. Designer100

    Exterior Deck and stair issues

    Stair landing I cannot get to be at deck height. Also I need bottom of deck floor ceiling (showed in 3D) to show white wood planks with concrete on 2nd deck level. Any help would be appreciated. Client coming in afternoon to review. Thanks Newell Cheatheam Chief 11 newell, NEW-William Dowdell
  13. Designer100

    Wal above courtyard sticcking out

    I fixed it. thanks,
  14. Designer100

    Wal above courtyard sticcking out

    In 3d there is a wall sticking out. see jpeg attached. I cannot figure it out to remove. NEW-William_Dowdell_Dr.plan
  15. What is DBA?Under Roof Plan specification, I tried lowering the height at 2nd floor, under lock base line height to 7'8.5" and it loweed the that whole side to the first floor to that height!


    I cannot figure it out.

    1. Designer100


      it has a 0/12 pitch on top and 7'8.5" plate line across each side ( I cannot figure this part out) to create the existing roof.




    2. StephenGreene


      sorry....i just saw this. glad you figured it out. glad to help.