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  1. can anyone help me with this issue with 2 plates. 8 ft inside plate line then 7 '4" platel ine at outside wall sloping down. Eave goes down past windoe height that is at 7'. I have never had this issue in the 7 years I have been doing chief. This is not even part of remodeling. Client wants the front elevation on right side to be to scale.. 2ND FLOOR PLAN PLATE LINE ISSUES 03.26.2023.pdf
  2. This is just a remodeling above garage. But client is concerned about right side of the house elevation. Wants it to scale. The 2nd floor area see attached . I have been trying for 2 days to get the 2nd floor plate line to work and windows on that side of the house to match the 88kb pic with windows at 7' header and eave drops down below window header. I would appreciate any help in getting this project to look like the pic. I need to draw the roof (2nd floor on that side of the house0 with the 8 ft. ceiling 12 " in sloped and the plate at that part of the house at 7'4" with roof dropping down by window. I am not getting paid for this issue, just the remodeling part (But I need the right side to look and be to scale for the client, even though it is not part of the remodeling). This is in Chief 14 ver. I need the semiarch dormers to match. Thanks, Newell 2ND FLOOR PLAN PLATE LINE ISSUES 03.26.2023.pdf window issues 03.26.2023.pdf 606 Rebecca Pines Court, Bunker
  3. Have anyone had gable issues like this. 6 ft depth porch with gable metal roof at front like pic. Can anyone make a suggestion or help. chief 15 Front Elevation issues 03.06.2023.pdf
  4. Coffee shop- I am having problems with a flat roof maybe 2 in pitch from right to left with parapet walls above and flashing cap on all the walls. Can anyone help me solve these issues? I would appreciate the help. Thanks, Newell Cheatheam Katy, Tx. 713.385.3622 Chief Architect 14 windows computer Coffee
  5. The 2 issues are fixed. Thanks
  6. Stairs" automatic heights was already checked Shutters. Was changed in Window defautls. He does not stay that way. I have done both of what you said before I sent in solver. They still would not work!
  7. Can anyone help. finish floor is 36 in above grade . Stairs are staying at grade level! Chief support has not gotten back with me in over 2 days. Second issue- window shutters will not change colors to look like door? Chief Architect 14 Misael Gomez
  8. I need walls on sloped roof pitch to come down on sides to line up with soffit

    Need columns to go to soffit or beam


    would appreciate help. 

    porch redering issues 07.11.2022.jpg

    RV Garage.plan

    1. Designer100


      Here is plan in CA 14. 

      would appreciate help. 

      RV Garage.plan

  9. I am not sure that will work. Cannot I turn something off or change stairs in someway to make the pony wall on side level with other pony wall wo redesiging steps?
  10. Can anyone tell me how to have stair sides to match ht of pony wall allaround like attached existing pic and no posts toward house sitcking up? I am just doing a remodeling adding gazebo roof. I would appreciate the help. Stairs are existing . Thank you if you can help. Newell Pergola.plan
  11. that is great thankyou Mark Newell
  12. I cannot get the terran to close up below the exist pool and existing floor of the new Gazebo roof and walls. The stair is also showing under ground and needs to come off top of stairs. Would apprcriate any help. Pergola.plan pergola space below.pdf
  13. Heres plan. I thought I attached it.