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Is the price for SSA (445.00) the same as last year?  I purchased the software last Dec. and the SSA was included so I had no idea what one year of SSA cost.  


I guess I was somewhat shocked by the price...I never had the need to call support.  I did download "fixes".  


Seems pricey to me...



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You are under no duress to pay the SSA fee unless you consider it a positive exchange and that decision is completely yours to make. If the current version serves you then perhaps the upgrade is not for you. Older versions continue to function within the hardware and software environments they were designed to function ( I still have version 7 running when I require its services). My business is about serving those who use Chief Architect and Home Designer software so I have lots of it in many versions available to run on my PC. Part of my business is to stay current  so the SSA is a vital fundimental for me. Not everyone is the same.



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I'm not exactly sure what Bill is trying to say.  You will be able to download any program updates, major releases, or new versions while your SSA membership is active.  There is no guarantee that the next program upgrade will come out before your SSA expires though.  This all depends on the timing of the releases and the timing of your membership.  I think of SSA as a more long term commitment to staying current with the latest version of the software along with the added benefits of tech support, training videos, and library catalogs.


Here is the full list of SSA benefits:

  • Updates, Major Releases and New Versions
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Over 500 Online Training Videos
  • Download Library Catalogs
  • Discounted Training Seminars
  • Discounts on Secondary Licenses


More information about the SSA program can be found here:


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To clarify...I do feel paying for SSA is worth it.  My hesitation stems from the fact that the cost of my first year of SSA was somewhat "buried" in the sales price of the software which I purchased last December.  I think the cost was probably stated clearly...but I just didn't remember.  I was under the illusion that the cost of SSA was around 300.00...not sure where I got that number...just too many numbers in my head I guess. 


I'm sure if I decided to pass on SSA...about a week or so later I'd have some terrible technical issue...and then I'd be kicking myself.  Cheap insurance...and it does help with product development. 


Now...let's see if Chief programmers can improve the stair tool...

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That's $840 for the X6 upgrade




NO, that was $840 to keep SSA active

it could also have been $1285 if X6 had been delayed


SSA policy is clear that IF an upgrade comes out WHILE your SSA is ACTIVE

then you get the upgrade - for no extra charge


CA introduced SSA with X2 and they planned to be yearly but it took until X6 for them

to meet that goal -  it appears they will meet it again with X7


CA HOPES to be yearly with a new upgrade but there is NO guarantee


SSA includes a lot more than an upgrade

from my perspective getting the upgrades is a BONUS


with X1 we had to spend $1200 to get the newest training videos



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we are 100% in agreement


by delay I meant that X6 was anticipated for release Feb 2014

it could have been delayed due to "issues" and not released for another year


then you would have had to pay the SSA again before you got it


I've said this before:  SSA is like going to an all-you-can-eat diner


some day's there is steak or chicken on the menu

some day's there is plainer fare


but it's all you an eat


then occasionally there is lobster or filet mignon (an upgrade)


your SSA fee does guarantee that there is food on the table

every day - all year long


CA needs that money to continue to pay the cooks (developers)

and ensure the food is plentiful (tech support, libraries etc)



yearly is a goal, CA met it going from X5 to X6 and will do so again with X7

but there is no guarantee about X8 or any future release



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