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  1. 40 years ago I was not even a thought!
  2. Went 100% on my own (was moonlighting while having a full time job) and staying very busy! Just today, I got a signed contract for concepts and CDs for a 35 new home subdivision deal with a local home builder - Thankful to be busy! about 5-7 active projects
  3. When you say plan file are you referring to the actual chief digital file or is she just requesting a digital copy of the floor plan maybe on PDF format can you explain
  4. .....Complaint and suggest in the right forum. Honestly something that makes Chief what it is today is this awesome group of users who help those of us - thank you.
  5. I don't expect Chief to change the software base and structure in the next few few years - I would rather learn how to cooperate with it
  6. Why so many questions because they need a lot of answers - what did u expect, jokes? Loo
  7. How can it be system related if the same file did not have these issues in x6
  8. Perry - your solution worked - Thank you sir....it took me a second to figure it out, I also had to delete the base moulding on the 2nd fl....Thx
  9. The half wall does not work - when I add doors to the half wall (10'-0" tall) the wall above the door is cut out / dissapears....see attached
  10. Mike - I cannot seem to find where to control the height of the low wall.....I am blinded by 20 years of Autocad....
  11. :wacko: :unsure: Why so complicated? we should be able to create a half wall that we are able to adjust the height....
  12. Newbie question - working on a commercial interior space with 18'-0" high demising rated walls on each side, I want to be able to change the interior (non rated) partition wall heights to 12'-0" high (there is no ceiling, open to structure above) - When I change the room definition or structure ceiling height, the demising walls also change......Thx
  13. Do a google search, it looks more contemporary than standing seam https://www.google.com/search?q=flat+seam+metal+roof&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=nQjIVJzlLO2asQSbroHAAg&ved=0CB8QsAQ&biw=1472&bih=774
  14. I totally understand, a pet can become another family member but at one point we should make the hard decision to let them go and do what's best for them, not for us, after all, they are what they are, a spiritless being
  15. You can do conventional 2x framing w/ 4" CMU block veneer and stucco it - for flat roofs you can do TPO, rolled roofing or PDM, even a flat seam metal roof with 1/4"/12" slope
  16. The only way I would build it in the Appalachian weather would be using stucco on block / poured conc. walls - Specially since the photo shows smooth stucco with no control joints
  17. See attached - I would like to show a bookshelf cabinet under the stairs but don't have a clue how to accomplish it. I thought about putting a doorway opening but was not able to make the top skewed...any thoughts? Raul
  18. I won't ask why but seems strange to me that a software company like CA will ignore its users on their number one request on their wish list: Stairs How much longer till stairs are revamped, fixed and updated? 1 year? 2 years? 10 years? I would suggest that CA starts a thread (even if it is only for beta testers) to get the users' input on updating stairs - I am kinda disappointed
  19. All I want to know is if stairs have been updated and or revamped? :unsure: :unsure:
  20. I had one also that was made by Nissan and Datsun....that thing could fly, specially when I hit 3rd gear.....man those were some good days, Mustangs and Camaros had nothing on me
  21. Right Click on your desktop, click on the NVIDIA control panel, go to "manage 3D settings" under "3D settings" on the left side pane (See attached) - under program settings you need to add a profile for Chief Architect - as far as what the settings should be, I would let other suggest what it should be Raul
  22. Did you create the muntins also? Lol
  23. You should post the plan or check with another plan to see if the problem persists