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    Chief Library gone wild?

    Please define what you mean by "Barker Texture" please? I am sorry but your post and images do not communicate an understandable problem. What do you mean by "Chief Library is blocking...". What is it doing or not doing that caused you to post here please? In order to help you, your questions must be clearly and graphically stated for anyone to then help with certainty. DJP
  2. DavidJPotter

    more text questions... now on X12

    The font of the help files is set by Chief Inc. Other than Default Settings - Text you should call Chief Inc Tech Support for advice about why Chief is a particular way. DJP
  3. DavidJPotter

    dialog text became microscopically small (!)

    No, sorry. Can you do a screen capture so you can show us what you are seeing please? DJP
  4. DavidJPotter

    Wall Cladding disappears in preview

    Robert, In your just posted plan there is no bump-out as shown in your original image, what gives now? I did not see any visual anomalies in plan or camera views, perhaps it is a driver or video card short fall? DJP
  5. DavidJPotter

    Beginner questions

    The best possible teacher and tutor one can have is yourself. In fact, I have been teaching and tutoring people live in person and live online since 1999. I have observed that people who discipline them selves to on a regular basis, to study and practice on a daily basis for no other reason than to advance their knowledge, skill and competence level are the ones who most quickly become Chief Architect Savants. Those who just attend seminars and classes rarely ever become fully competent using/knowing the software. I am NOT panning Seminars whether physical or online, I am saying that regular sessions per day of self study followed by practice what one just studied is a more workable method of gaining competence and knowledge. The most fundamental-fundamental is making sure, while studying to NEVER pass a word or symbol used by a teacher or study material that you do not fully understand. Especially in English, words commonly have more than one definition. (The word "of" has thirty distinctly different definitions depending upon how the word is used in a sentence!) Words have different definitions in different environments or trades. When you encounter or hear/read/notice a word or symbol that you are unsure or unfamiliar with, "Google it" or look it up in a BIG dictionary and apprise yourself of its differing definitions before continuing your study session. If you do not fully understand what was written or spoken, you will NOT then get what was intended to be transferred as knowledge and the ability to create/cause things. DJP
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    DWG import/plot plan help

    We all have to cross our on "Rubicons" as they present themselves in Life, welcome to the club! DJP
  7. DavidJPotter

    DWG import/plot plan help

    Things out of one's control are a matter of "That's Life", no need to worry unnecessarily. Just do it and evaluate the results as above. DJP
  8. DavidJPotter

    Seeking Chief Architect Tutor, North/Central Florida

    Most tutoring is done live, via the internet. I do that almost every day since 1999. Chief Architect offers a "Personal Tutor" service as do some other Chief veteran users like me. You may find such a person near you for this purpose but it is rather unlikely. You are welcome to visit my website page on my "Tutoring Service" if you wish for more details> DJP
  9. DavidJPotter

    DWG import/plot plan help

    First you place the survey to the structure, you NEVER rotate the structure, rather you rotate the survey/site plan/ North Pointer to the structure! If the DWG has "x-Ref" adjoining files it is less useful than one that does have X-refs connected to it. Ideally, the .dwg is of a version that is equal or older than your version of Chief. By Default, I use the "Import - dwg" command found under the "File" menu and then follow the proceeding dialogs that are presented thereby. Since .dwg imports sometimes import in a rather scattered manner, I prefer to import them first into a CAD Detail window where I can evaluate and clean up the import before placing in in my plan view. DJP
  10. DavidJPotter

    DWG import/plot plan help

    What difficulties have you encountered so far? DJP
  11. Just from what you posted above, no one but you might understand exactly what you are complaining about. If you are just venting, you succeeded but if you wish to have help, you utterly failed to communicate. Say more please if you wish to obtain actual help. DJP
  12. DavidJPotter

    Looking for full time position in Oklahoma!

    Number one, create your own website, Facebook page, Houzz Page and any other online communication venue that displays your competence and willingness to help others. This then is printed on your business card and is an important part of your resume. Create a book of your plans and renderings to show to potential employers and take it with you for meetings. I did something like this when I started my own business and obtained several viable clients in under a week of stomping around and talking to receptionists at Real Estate companies, Builders, Developers and Remodeling companies. Make yourself, your products and your ability to help others known. You will soon be busy helping others but they have to find out, first that you exist!!! DJP
  13. DavidJPotter

    Glass Roof

    You also need to share how this roof is to be held up structurally (I doubt that the roof will be sheets of glass only). Share a photo of something similar or draw a sketch of how this "beast" is to look please. DJP
  14. DavidJPotter

    Square Footage Calculation Issue

    How you name rooms and other spaces closed by walls directly effect the "Living Area" display, name any closed space and miss-label it and you then get an inaccurate display. The room names and how they directly effect Living Area is fully covered in your Reference Manual, found under the "Help" menu, take a look. DJP
  15. DavidJPotter

    Plumbing Isometric

    One could do a 3D model just of plumbing pipes using 3D molding poly-lines but gee whiz, what a task for so little gain. I once had a custom home client who wanted to see all the plumbing lines, hot, cold and drainage for his home and I did it but it took me a long tedious time to do that several versions ago. NO ONE ON EARTH REQUIRES FULLY 3D SCHEMATICS OF PLUMBING FOR ANY STRUCTURE ANYWHERE, ANY HOW. I agree with Francois above that 2D CAD should suffice and is a lot easier to think with and do. DJP
  16. DavidJPotter

    Octagonal Stairs

    I would also add that what you have done, at a glance is not workable. I have done lots of stairs but not exactly what you are now trying to do. You need to reduce the number of treads between winders so they geometrically fit together more symmetrically. You have set yourself a difficult task but I believe it is doable. Laying out with CAD as Eric has suggested will tend to show you what they should look like to use as a guide to edit the actual stair objects. This will have to be precisely done in order to control the winders. I think if I were to attempt this, I would NOT use the automatic winders but just make all of my winders manually and manually set their heights (I can control what I do manually but auto-winders are not precisely controllable). DJP
  17. DavidJPotter

    3D Viewer doesn't display Reference layer

    I agree with you but also agree with Dermot. You should make a "Feature Request" or perhaps "Bug Report" to get this handled as soon as is possible. DJP
  18. DavidJPotter

    need help with a project rendering and training

    I work with Home Designer Software users as a helper and a teacher. I charge $75.00 US per hour. At need we can work together online, live using my Zoom Meeting service. Other information about me can be obtained at my website, address below. I have helped others in England on several projects. DJP
  19. DavidJPotter

    Stair Walls as a Solid Railing

    Call and speak with Tech Support, it may be that your application procedure is not exactly right. I kinda agree with Robert but I have also been able to make that work as well, and it IS exacting to do. DJP
  20. DavidJPotter

    Packaging Plans

    The only way I know of that might work is to save all of your "Old Plans" using the original version they were created in using the "File - Back Up entire Plan" tool when you are finished with the plan along with all "Associated texture files" so that when you reopen the file in later versions all of its material textures would then (and Only then) be there to re-associate in the the new version. Texture associations are name and physical location sensitive in Chief and older version locations and names may no longer exist in present time on your PC or Mac, thus the error messages. Symbols are also a similar circumstance and must simply replace the old symbols, no longer supported must be deleted and replaced with up to date ones in the current application. I have plans that I created in Version 4 (not x4), I also have versions 7 through 22 (X!2) on my PC so I know what I am talking about, sorry. DJP
  21. DavidJPotter

    Disappearing house...

    Actually this is a rather common problem that new users often make (I guess you are just luckier than most). What happens is that during the editing and creating process, one accidentally usually, places a segment of wall, CAD Line etc, quite a distance from the main structure. Especially overview cameras are pre-programmed to "include" all visible objects when creating an overview view, so any and all visible objects placed a distance from the main structure create a view that "includes" the structure and any other visible objects along with the main structure which often then gives one a "Blank Screen" thereafter. That is caused by the extreme viewpoint necessary to include all visible objects in the camera view.. The remedy is to find the errant object using "Marque-Select" searches around the house or main structure to find and delete the errant object and thus return expected behavior to those camera views that are so pre-programmed. Take a look and I bet that you WILL find some unintended object somewhere in your plan view (just do not delete anything that is supposed to be there). The above IS the most common cause for your specific complaint. DJP
  22. DavidJPotter

    Sections with terrain

    If you wish to have a very small, specific section, use the back-clip cross section camera. Where you left click, creates the camera "viewpoint" and where you release the mouse determines how much of the model is then displayed per instance. That gives you greater graphic control. DJP
  23. Information for understanding what they mean Windows Apple - Mac DJP
  24. DavidJPotter

    Missing Ceiling on Main Floor

  25. DavidJPotter

    Shed design and T111 siding need some help

    If you want different colors then use the materials specification dialog to alter its tint. DJP