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  1. in the Display Options dialogs for plan and camera views is the layer named "Ceiling Planes" checked as being "ON"? DJP
  2. I would assume that your attic walls that are the "High Shed Gable" walls are out of alignment with the roof trusses. Auto Generated attic walls are often not reliably placed and or you may have miss located them. The truss tool follows the room dialog box established ceiling height and the underside of the roof planes, so it is probably correct unto itself but is sticking through the attic walls as in your posed image. Just a guess. DJP
  3. Reference Manual: "ROPE LIGHTS Select Build> Electrical> Rope Light, then click and drag to draw a rope light path with regularly-spaced light sources along its length. Rope Lights are a type of Molding Polyline so their rope profile can be customized. See Rope Light Specification Dialog on page 678" DJP
  4. I have X12 but I also need to visit your permit authority's website to find out what they require to obtain a permit. Email me if interested. DJP
  5. Don't import them, rather just copy-paste them from your X 14 to X15 in your Documents folder/Chief Architect Premier X 15 Data/ Database Libraries folder. I do this myself with all the versions I keep on my PC's (7-25) DJP
  6. Send me the file, your version name and number (2021, 2022, 2023), instructions as to what needs attention in detail and I will send it right back to you. DJP
  7. I tried calling you several times this morning but you could not hear me. Please email me, my email is c16467@gmail.com. DJP
  8. He said it was "helpful" but not any solution to his problem. DJP
  9. I had that problem once, I solved it merely by rebooting my computer as it was a Microsoft problem and not Chief. Are you using a dongle or a password? I have versions 9.5-X15 on my computer. All run smoothly. DJP
  10. Edit Area All Floors, then while selected you use the Transform-Replicate tool to Reflect the selected structure top to bottom. I have never tried this specifically but it should work. If I were you, I would first make a copy of this plan file before using the above method, so if you get unwanted results you have the original to fall back on. DJP
  11. They are on a layer called "Footings, Step Markers" where they can be displayed or not as you choose. DJP
  12. LET'S JUST SAY WE AGREE TO DISAGREE. The dialogs appear "the same" but they are NOT the same. You open one for plan view and turn off cabinets, base then create a camera view where the cabinets are ON. There is a Display Options dialog display for each camera type, one for Plan View and another for your layout file. They are similar in appearance but each one to the other are not THE SAME IN TERMS OF FUNCTION. DJP
  13. Chief is a tool, it has a lot of automaticity built into it but it relies on YOU to make the informed choices. Take Eric's and my recommendations to learn the software and its procedures or hire someone to help you learn that. It is mostly settings (Default Settings per category and other Dialog box settings for objects). Specifically for Cross Sections and Exterior Elevations you use Elevation camera tools to get started, then manually add text and dimensions. When done you can save the View for later sending to layout. For Cross Sections there are to "Automatic" tools: one, "CAD-Auto-Detail" where Chief adds 2D overlays to make your Cross section/Elevation more finished but it does what it does based upon how you set it up in Default and other settings and two: Auto-Story Pole Dimensions which, ONCE SET UP BY YOU, can then place markers and dimensions on exterior elevations and Cross sections. But all of the above must be first studied, practiced with and then used as part of one's gained competence. DJP
  14. Terrain was added to Chief in the year 2000 AD and has since been treated as an "add-on" in that you open its Dialog Box - Building pad tab and input your own desired relational location to the floor zero of the structure's first floor. The Auto-locate rarely gets it right and so must be manually located by the end user (you). DJP
  15. No, I currently have an RTX 3060 and it does fine with X14-15 DJP
  16. I would suggest paying more for an upgraded video card to at least RTX 4090 DJP
  17. When the auto tools fail, I fill in manually. I do not consider it a "bug" but rather a programming limitation. DJP
  18. Look again at your Stair Specification Dialog-Rails check boxes DJP
  19. There is an input box for "Grade" in the Auto Story Pole dialog where you tell the software "Where" the grade IS. It does not "know" until you measure it and input that value. DJP