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    I Joist (TJI) as rafter material?

    You can change your default roof structure...or, use "edit all roof planes" command and change the structure. See attached screen clips...
  2. SNestor

    Gaps in Gable Wall joining Different Pitch Roof

    @Darrellx - made you a quick video. Darrelx - Dormer Cheek Wall Issue — Watch Video
  3. In this video I build this dormer using just "auto rebuild roofs"...well, for the most part. Hope you enjoy...and thanks for watching.
  4. SNestor

    Get Under There!

    Thanks! Like a lot of things in Chief...I discovered this "fix" by accident just trying to get a dormer to work.
  5. SNestor


    I'm no expert on rendering...but, there are some simple things you can/should do. First - Click on "Edit Active View" icon (which should be on your top tool bar)...looks like this: In this DBX (dialogue box) you can "adjust lights"....turn on or off lights in the active view. You can also change the color of some or all of the'll need to experiment to get what you want. You can also edit the sun angle so that enhances your camera view. Click the light bulb in the top top tool bar, then click the adjust sunlight icon. You can adjust the "tilt" and direction" by unchecking the "sun follows camera" box (if it's checked).
  6. SNestor

    Polyline Solid Default Setting

    There is no way to change the default settings for P-solids...they always come into your plan or section as concrete, 1" thick. You could however create some solids of varying thickness and save them to your library for future use...but, it's probably more trouble than it's worth.
  7. Post your plan or maybe a simplified example plan so we can understand what you have done...or are doing. It'll save us all from "guessing" and possibly giving you the wrong advice.
  8. SNestor

    Hole in Roof/Custom Ceiling

    @steph_en - quick video: Creating a Hole in a Roof Plane — Watch Video
  9. This video may give you some hints...
  10. SNestor

    Get Under There!

    @JPAK2021 - I have created a number of dormer and roof videos on my YouTube page...
  11. SNestor

    Roof Valley /Water Run Off

    You would assume that these things you recommend would not need to be stated...
  12. SNestor

    Roof Valley /Water Run Off

    @larsonem - I gave your design a shot...326375991_Dugan8D - Steve Edits.plan
  13. SNestor

    Double Hung Window?

    Get in line with the "wants" and "needs"...the first thing to be fixed has to be the stair tool. And...I'm not holding my breath.
  14. SNestor

    Sections not displaying ceiling or roof

    If you post your sample plan someone here will explicitly answer your question. Thanks
  15. New to Chief? Need some training? I offer 1:1 Chief Architect Premier Training...learn more about it on my website WWW.MYCHIEFSKILLS.COM
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    Deck Joist Flush with Beam

    Made you a quick video on how I'd do it...fairly easy. Deck Joist Flush with Beam — Watch Video
  17. SNestor

    crazy roof

    @ChiefUserBigRob - I made some edits to your plan. Made a few minor changes. I noted the things I changed on the plan. Hope some of it helps you... Harris_Ward-BigRob Fix ALSO...The Chief "residential" plan template is a nice start...and it's great that they provide this template with some "saved plan views"...however, most of the layer sets attached to these plan views need some big help. I'd suggest to everyone using this template to start with the "roof plan" view...and turn off these layers; "gutters" and "overhang". Also...change the roof plane layer to "solid" line type and make it a bold color and at least 50 in the line width. defaults change the sun to "always follow camera"... all camera views...lower the setting for "ambient occlusion" to at least 40. (default is 100...) And...I'd set the number of "lights" to 100...default is 20 I'd make a number of other changes to...but this is a good start.
  18. SNestor


    @dskogg - I think using an invisible wall and a railing wall with no room definition might actually be a better method...see attached. It can be tricky if you only want the rail wall pushed in a couple may have trouble getting the railings to join properly. But - the end result and railing display may be worth the effort. Stairs placed against the deck will not automatically create a doorway opening...but, that might be a good thing. Just place your own and size it as needed.
  19. SNestor


    @dskogg - here's a deck rail example, brown fill, 25% transparency. The walls lines are turned off in the layer... I've also set the width of the wall to 9" wide on the general tab.
  20. SNestor


    Open the railing wall, go to the Newels/Balusters tab; uncheck "use default"...and specify a color and possibly a transparency.'s not a perfect solution by any means...because all the components take on the same color and transparency...but, if you use a solid color it will define the rail width clearly. You probably will have to play around with it to find out if it works or not for you. No would be nice if Chief allowed us to turn off the wall lines...without turning off the lines that define the railing.
  21. SNestor


    To tackle the wall line issue you could create a new layer called "walls, deck rails" and assign the "no line" line type. This allows your interior rail walls to work as normal..where you want to see the lines...but your deck walls lines disappear.
  22. SNestor

    Roof Plan Roof Plane Display

    The "draw order" tool is a quick fix, which we all need from time to time and it'll give you the result you want for now - however, if you invest a little time to adjust the "roof plan" saved plan view and create a custom reference layer set will save yourself a lot of time and frustration. It will work every time you draw a plan...without even thinking about it.
  23. @ElkRivers - just curious. Where will the wall above align with your foundation? Will it hang over to cover the insulation...or, just line up with the concrete foundation? How do you protect a 3" layer of insulation from damage...either during construction or after? Thanks.
  24. SNestor

    Segmented arrow lines

    Glenn beat me to it...but, it's defined in Preferences...
  25. SNestor

    Align Foundation facade w/ 1st Floor

    Make sure you place the brick veneer into the main layer of the foundation wall. Your walls above are aligning to the "main layer".