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  1. Join two lines tool…which will appear in the bottom edit toolbar when you click on the polyline.
  2. @HarrisReno - I think what you were originally attempting is possible (somewhat) but definitely not with the auto roof tool. Here's my attempt...
  3. You will have to use a 3D molding poly line drawn using a back clipped section camera. Of course...depending on what style molding you want to use...such as a crown molding...will not join in the corners properly because of the intersection angle. Time consuming...and somewhat difficult task.
  4. I agree with Mick...there is some issue with the door you placed. So...just change the door to the standard glass panel door...and change the material to screen. should edit the "pattern" in the material so it looks correct in Vector view. I've attached a couple screen clips.
  5. It will...just make your default stair railing wall a "solid" wall before you build the opening. Not sure that is worth the can just group select the walls, open them for specification and change the railing wall type to "solid". Same result.
  6. SNestor


    Rob - quick video on importing saved plan views; Rob - Import Saved Plan Views - Watch Video
  7. This video may help a bit...
  8. SNestor


    Import your saved plan views from your template into this plan...
  9. You cannot place walls on top of each other. You should create an "AS-Built"....then, make a copy of that and name it "New Plan". Then, using the reference display, reference the "As-Built" Plan into the new plan....or, vice-versa. You may want to create a unique layer set in the As-Built to reference in.
  10. On the foundation level (Level 0) select the three foundation walls at the Garage. Change the wall type to a 10" (or larger if you want) conc. stem wall. Just make a copy of the current stem wall...change the name and the width.
  11. Made a quick video...hope it helps. Michael Dolce - Dormers - Watch Video
  12. When you built the 2nd floor a dialogue popped up...where you can specify what you want. If you just clicked through and accepted the defaults...Chief just copied your "floor platform" defaults. - Open defaults and go to "Floors and Rooms>Floor Levels>2nd Floor...change the floor structure. Don't make structure changes in your plan in the individual rooms on the 2nd floor. Once you do this it defeats using "defaults".
  13. @BuilderP Open the room just to the north of the lower deck...the room with the kitchen. In this room...change the "slab pour" number back to #1. That'll fix it.
  14. In your template plan...just open your interior walls and on the structure tab, uncheck "Insert Floor Framing Below". Save your template. Then, when you draw new plans...Chief won't automatically place joists under your interior walls by default. You can then open a specific interior wall and check the box if you do want a double joist under it.
  15. Click on the dormer...and then "explode" the dormer. There is a tool presented along the bottom edit toolbar when you click the auto dormer. You may still need to go back to the 2nd floor plan and make a few edits...but the dormer will remain generally as drawn.
  16. Don't move your floors...move your terrain. Keep floor 1 at ZERO.
  17. This screen shot might help you figure out what Eric is saying...
  18. I like that a SPV allows complete control of the Reference Display. There are other things such as the display of pony walls.
  19. This isn't perfect but it should give you a start.. Here is my CALIBZ file...just drag it into a plan and it will add it to your library. Advantech Zip Sheathing Material.calibz
  20. The framing actually looks good..and correct. I think what we are seeing protruding through the ceiling has something to do with the soffit. This has been an issue in the past...which I thought they fixed. But - maybe not for every situation. I'm surprised you aren't using any "Saved Plan Views". You are working way too hard...
  21. Change the text style in the "roof label" layer. I'm guessing but you probably annotated your roof plan at 1/4" and sent to layout at 1/8". You need to make the roof label text 2X (or thereabouts) larger than the 1/4" text style. Just sent you a video...
  22. Rob - that looks good and yes, P-Solids are great for these types of situations. Although, now the owner will probably ask you to change the roof pitch to 8/12...and you're back to changing the P-solids.
  23. The problem is the post to beam railing wall. The frieze does not like to extend along the beam.'s not a "real"'s just a hollow rectangle with a material applied....I wish Chief would improve this feature. Can you raise the roof just a bit...I created a quick test plan with an 8/12 pitch. I had to raise it about 4" to get a 5.5" frieze to work properly. You can also do a back clipped section close to the surface of the gable wall, open the roof trim layer and unlock it...then you can edit the roof trim frieze.
  24. I'm guessing...but, the gable roof rafters at 11.25 are too large. Also, the ridge was too large at 11.25. I changed the rafters to 7.25 and turned off the ridge. Seemed to fix things. Fixed plan attached; InteriorValley - SN Fix.plan