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  1. @kurtpaq - Chop gave you the answer above.. What you see in the plan view is controlled by the layerset. If you open the layer the steel studs are on, which is "framing, wall" you can change the color and/or line weight so you can see the studs better. But - that's about all you can do. In the attached example the studs are "blue"...and line weight is 35. Experiment with making the line weight larger...
  2. @teewhite7 - Made a video related to your topic. Hope it helps you out.
  3. @BrettCP I made a video related to your issue recently. Check it out.
  4. MacOS also. This hasn’t happened to me…at least as far as I can remember. Certainly not consistently.
  5. Must be a windows issue…I have never had this problem on a MAC
  6. I’ve made a few “dormer” videos that might help you.
  7. First floor walls are 8" CMU. 2nd Floor walls are Siding-6. If I stack the walls and align main layers...the ceiling on the first level extends to the inside surface of the CMU wall top plate. If I stack the walls using the wall surfaces...then, the 1st floor ceiling material extends and pierces through the siding material at the outer surface. Why? And is there a fix for this? See attached screen clips: Thanks!
  8. Please elaborate. What feature(s) do we have to live without if using an M1 Mac?
  9. I can help you with
  10. @HCremodel - The stair is going to cut off the top of the wall...thus, if you place a doorway into the wall it will not extend above the stair. The quickest "fix" is to just use a P-Solid...and you won't be fighting the jamb of the doorway cutting away the drywall on the wall surface. Example using a solid...just took a couple of minutes;
  11. @Gawdzira - good try though. Looks like we are still stuck using material regions for battens...
  12. Just takes a few minutes...and some patience. See attached... For the wall that has no bottom I used a pony wall...the bottom section is the "room divider" wall type. I made the "room" open below. I did use a solid for the ceiling surface.
  13. You can achieve this in Chief...but it is a bit time consuming. Adding a ceiling plane as Eric suggested above it probably the quickest method. I've attached a plan so you can review what I did...and a few screen clips. I created a room below the 2nd floor cantilevered area...and made adjustments to that "room" to the ceiling structure. Open the attached plan and review. In the attached plan I also changed your deck/porch wall to a railing wall, post to ceiling and added square posts. No need to use solids for posts. You may want the posts in specific locations..
  14. Thanks! Can't wait to give it a try...
  15. Yes...supporting walls in required but you can do it with blocking. Placing a solid joist under a wall creates all sorts of problems for mechanical trades. The first thing that will happen is your electrician or plumber will cut or drill your engineered i-joist in a location that destroys the integrity of the joist. Happens all the time...
  16. No way to disable....there have been numerous requests to fix this behavior.
  17. On a MAC you can use "migration assistant" to move files from a MAC to MAC...or from a PC to MAC. I've never used this, I cannot vouch for how good/bad it works..but, my new computer is on it's way and I'll know soon enough. Here's a link: Migration Assistant
  18. It's a Chief thing. Chief automatically places double joists under walls.
  19. @Brittanyb22, @JiAngelo - As you can see from the attached screen clip, using concrete stem walls has nothing to do with the gap in the floor. Have you tried aligning the walls? Have you tried "Edit>reset to defaults>... I'd probably select as shown in this screen clip:
  20. I opened your file...looks like the ceilings are all on to me. I would guess the layer set you are using for your view does not have ceiling surfaces turned on.
  21. Apple is not using a dedicated graphics card with their new ARM based processors. Graphics will be mounted right on the M1 chip. I don't believe Chief can use the Apple graphics method...and at the same time use the RTX video cards that work basically with Intel X86 architecture. I'm guessing...but, I think Apple is changing the game and causing this issue. Chief had to pick a one path over the other. I'm not an expert on this subject so take everything I'm saying as pure conjecture.
  22. I don't believe it will run X13...Chief is not supporting the M1 at this time. However, I can't remember ever seeing a categorical statement from Chief about this...
  23. @jasonn1234 - Just wondering...why is your 8" concrete stem wall defined as shown? Typically it's one layer 8" thick. You have it defined with 3 layers...I'm not saying this is the problem...just wondering.
  24. @jasonn1234 - I got it open. Just had to change the .7z to .zip I'll take a look.