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  1. @ChiefJessie @builtright3 Made you a video on how to make a bracket you can stretch... How To: Create a Bracket that you can stretch uniformly - Watch Video
  2. @ACADuser Alan - you may have already used this method...but, maybe not. How to: Create a Reverse Tray Ceiling - Watch Video
  3. In your plan view...the "send to layout" icon is located directly next to the "printer" icon. Click that...answer the questions in the dialogue...and hit OK.
  4. Here's a quickie loom video showing how to make a lintel; How to - Custom Window Lintel (fast) - Watch Video
  5. I made you a quick video...there are also a number of dormer videos on my YouTube page; Chief Talk - Doormer Cheek Wall How to - Watch Video
  6. There are probably other ways to create this design...see the attached screen clip.
  7. I made this video a while back...but it's still relevant.
  8. There are many issues with your plan...I'd say the roof baseline polyline is the least of the problems. Check your room definitions. Walls defined as "roof cuts wall at bottom"...a number are incorrect. I cannot tell from the plan how you want the roof to ultimately work. You should probably start a new plan, define your defaults, (walls/floors/roofs primarily), then draw the exterior walls on each floor - forget about interior walls/ceilings/stairs...just draw the exterior shell and put a roof on it manually. Get the roof to work...then go back and define the rest of the plan.
  9. @wftingen - You have checked "partition" in the wall specification>wall type dialogue. Uncheck this...and your plan will fix itself. See screen clips;
  10. What Michael @Alaskan_Son said is right on... I think we all make this error from time to time when you copy layers and forget to uncheck "framing"... If you build the framing for that wall and all the framing layers are turned off...
  11. @Jake1976 - I've opened and closed your file a number of times...the siding always appears. Not seeing your problem....sorry. There are quite a few things you should address however; - I'm assuming the outdoor rooms are decks? - along the long sides of the house...the roof baselines do not align directly above the outside surface of your main layer. Maybe this is on purpose? However, this creates a clipped ceiling inside the house. - You need to turn soffits on in the roof dialogue, structure tab. See attached screen clip;
  12. You could use a pony wall with a soldier course material…just adjust the height of the top portion so it’s about 8” tall or so.
  13. You should watch my “dormer” videos on my YouTube channel…
  14. You should watch this video I made a while back.
  15. I have a number of Dormer videos on my YouTube channel.
  16. I made a video that might help... How To: Raised Floor in a Bay Window with mono-slabs - Watch Video
  17. I modified bay window #4. Take a look at what I did. The brickledge created by the wall type is still not perfect...but, you will see how I got the floor etc put together. 7300 Overland Trail Proposed -
  18., what are you attempting to do with #1 bay window? Are you trying to raise the floor? If so, how high.
  19. Which bay window is giving you a problem...there are a few in the plan
  20. The best thing would be to post the plan... I probably would not make the wall with the tub fixtures part of a pony wall. Why not just use a solid "railing" wall? You can put a cap on a railing wall. You could even create a wall type for the solid railing wall that had the tile on it. A railing wall allows you to set the height. On the structure tab of the railing wall make sure you set it as a "furred" you don't get a tiny room in between your exterior wall and the new railing wall.
  21. There is a lot of things going on with this plan. I reset walls to default top/bottom to start and went on from there. You had some walls set to balloon...but, with your second floor and other things most of these walls should have been left to automatic...and use an attic wall above. Take a look at the attached and make any needed changes. I got the roof on...although I did it all manually. I got your cheek walls in (walls above the roof)...using "roof cuts wall at bottom". FYI - I stripped a lot of stuff out of the plan (furniture primarily) in order to get the size down. You had a bunch of imported cad lines that were adding 5mb to the file. Kruk - Edited by My Chief
  22. @DynamicDG - See the attached screen clip. Is the "flat roof" area a "room"? If so, what type of a room is it. Maybe you can open this "room" and show us a screen clip of the settings for that room. If it's a roof...well, you are going to have to change it to make things work.
  23. You should upload the plan..or a sample plan so we can see the settings and correctly advise you.
  24. @DRyeHD - Yes, you can draw a railing wall and have a gable end wall above it. Chief typically will auto generate a gable wall using the same type wall below it. So...If you use an interior-4 wall for the railing...the gable end wall will be the same type. You can change it manually....or use the wall type for the railing that you would like the gable end wall to be.
  25. @Chrisb222 Learn Chief and get a laugh at the same time.