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  1. SNestor

    Connecting Walls w/ Varying Thicknesses

    OK...made a video. Hope it helps... The wall layer intersection tool isn't that you will see in the video.
  2. SNestor

    missing second floor walls

    First: Post the plan...this saves us all a lot of time. 2nd: And...this is just a guess because we don't have the plan but I'd say those are "attic walls"...and you don't have the layer turned on. Turn on the attic wall layer...
  3. SNestor

    Note Types

    OK...yea, I'm reading the tutorial doc and I get it now. Thanks for the info Michael.
  4. SNestor

    Note Types

    What is the difference between a NOTE TYPE...and a NOTE DEFAULT. Could you elaborate... Thanks
  5. SNestor

    Connecting Walls w/ Varying Thicknesses

    Do you know about the "Edit Intersection" tool? I think this is all you need to fix these "intersections". Also...double click the wall icon, open "general wall"...and change the resize about surface. I find this helps quite a bit when trying to get intersections like these to work the way you want them.
  6. SNestor

    Bay Window Advice

    The main roof of the house is lower than the ceiling in the bay window "room". You also should raise the bay window roof so that the fascia is at the same height as your "main" roof...then lower the pitch of this roof to may 4/12. You should also lower the bay window room ceiling height. I lowered it to 81" in my example below...looks good to me. Hope that helps.
  7. SNestor

    short walls and drywall

    Scott... Using X12. Two half walls. Both are Interior-4. One has an added "paint layer". The one with the paint layer does not wrap the end of the half wall.
  8. SNestor

    Applied Molding on 45 degree tray ceilng

    Eric - another fantastic solution. Thank you!
  9. SNestor

    Mortar colors

    Unfortunately the brick designer tool from Acme only works on PC's running "Windows". I'm on a MAC...such tech discrimination... The good news is that if you are member of Dan Baumann's Chief Experts Academy you can download all the brick textures. Unfortunately...there isn't any "course brick" as Chief calls them...just brick textures for standard running bond.
  10. SNestor

    Help w/ Missing Drywall

    Excellent as always Micheal. If time isn't a factor (and you have mad skills like @Alaskan_Son) you can probable sledge hammer Chief into submission and get most things to eventually "work".
  11. SNestor

    Help w/ Missing Drywall

    “Normally”....meaning the floor/ceiling height was the same on both sides of the stair. I’m not at my computer to check...but I doubt the software would have this issue.
  12. SNestor

    Help w/ Missing Drywall

    But - normally that section would not cause a problem. I think the two different floor/ceilings are really causing the problem. Yes...just use a solid and move along with the design. But - maybe Chief Engineering can fix this so it doesn’t happen.
  13. SNestor

    Help w/ Missing Drywall

    you are referring to the stair rail wall?
  14. SNestor

    VIDEO LESSON: Style Pallets

    No slow down at all.
  15. SNestor

    Help w/ Missing Drywall

    Yes...there are ways we can fix these problems...but, this is a glitch for sure. Way too many work arounds required.