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  1. SNestor

    Side of dormer is showing only a partial wall

    I’ve done a few videos on dormers - check out my YouTube page.
  2. SNestor

    Balcony Issues

    Made you a quick video...hope it helps.
  3. SNestor

    Roof Blues

    Real quick how to video....
  4. SNestor

    Roof Blues

    If you post your plan you will get the answer you need.
  5. SNestor

    Why can't room be determined from window frame?

    Style Pallets work well - not sure it’s always the way to go. I made this video on SP...
  6. SNestor

    Walls Building over windows

    You should be able to move the windows into position just by adjusting the height...see the attached pics. I create a quick 2-story plan. Made the 2nd floor open below. Placed a group of windows on the first floor....copied them...placed the same group up on the second floor. Then...opened the DBX and adjusted the height of both groups until I had just a little gap between each. I could have made them touch if I wanted to...
  7. SNestor

    Walls Building over windows

    You need to post an example plan if possible. That said, you might try balloon framing the wall and then adjust the height/placement of each window group. Either raise the lower window group up to meet the upper group...or lower the upper group to meet the lower group. Or change the size/height of either. But...just guessing without a plan.
  8. SNestor

    screen porch material that is see-thru

    Excellent Tip/Trick...whatever works to get the job done! Thanks!
  9. SNestor

    screen porch material that is see-thru

    You cannot turn of the "panel" layer as it is part of the railing "WALL" layer. You could change the screen material to glass...but even then in Vector View it will not be transparent. Even painting the screen "open no material" you won't see through the material in Vector View.
  10. SNestor

    Balcony issues...

    I made this “balcony” video’s doesn’t directly answer your issues but you might pick up a tip or two...
  11. SNestor

    Pony Wall Magic

    Just post your plan and one of the many experts here on the forum will help you.
  12. SNestor

    Cheek Walls and Getting Drywall to wrap

    I did this video on dormers a while ago but it might help you...dormers can be tricky.
  13. Open the dialogue box for each railing wall...go to the structure the bottom of this tab make sure you check "Bearing Wall" and "Create Wall/Footing Below". Then build your foundation...the software will create a foundation wall and footing under the railing walls. If you always want a foundation under your railing walls...which is probably should open defaults, go to "walls" and open "railing walls"...and check these boxes. This way each time you draw a railing wall you will always get a foundation. I would suggest you don't do change the default...more than likely you will only need a foundation wall under your railings occasionally.
  14. I’m with Joey...2 min to make in Chief.
  15. SNestor

    Door symbol stretch plane placement?

    See attached...not sure I'm doing what you want but the doors shown are 96" tall...your symbol was 80". (4) different stretch zone scenarios... I actually don't think you need a vertical stretch zone...or, just one in the upper tall panel. I would think the "lock rail" would not move? Just guessing...