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  1. 1. Just remove the invisible wall between the two railings...all fixed. 2. EDIT: I also found that the two rooms on either side of this same invisible wall are not set to "default". If you leave the invisible wall...and then, open each room and set the floors...both structure and use "default" the floor system corrects itself. And, you still can use the invisible wall to delineate each room. Maybe you have a different flooring in each room? Not sure...but, setting the floor structure and finish to default corrects the floor system.
  2. @mgianzero - I have a YouTube page also...might be a few videos to help you get going. Here: Chief Skills My webpage:
  3. SNestor

    Multiple floors with varying ceiling heights

    @kwhitt - generally speaking you have to work from top down.
  4. SNestor

    VIDEO LESSON: Molding Polylines

    @sweethomedesign - thanks for watching!
  5. SNestor

    How to change "R" symbol on 6" recessed can light

    Thats because somedays I don't know what I'm doing...forgot to select a microphone. it is with sound
  6. SNestor

    Need TAS Resource

    It's government...they just love metric and want us all to "COMPLY".
  7. SNestor

    How to change "R" symbol on 6" recessed can light

    @robdyck gave excellent instructions... @Ronniesha - I made you a video with sound...
  8. SNestor

    Custom Door Trim Top Only

    @BelfastCNC - I made a video on this topic a while back using X11. It’s still relevant...
  9. SNestor

    Wrapping Cedar Post with Stone

    Yes...I have an idea! Check you this quick video:
  10. A really quick video on how you can use a single molding polyline and create a custom column with a stone base in just minutes. Create a symbol, add some stretch planes and save it to you library to use over and over.
  11. SNestor

    Wrapping Cedar Post with Stone

    Check out this video...using just a single molding polyline you can create this post in a few minutes. As the guys have mentioned above...using solids might be easier but this is a good exercise to learn. A molding polyline can be a powerful tool if used creatively.... @stevenyhof - you might like this video.
  12. SNestor

    3D Moulding (Polyline) Unusual Behavior

    Curt - you probably have this solved...but, my quick video may help someone; With a pony wall...the easiest and quickest way is to add a "wall cap" molding. You can create your own sill shaped molding in a few seconds and then use it as the wall cap.
  13. SNestor

    Shed Dormers Question

    I made you a quick "how to" video. Really no need for a "hole" for this type dormer...well, sometimes you need it but not for this example. Here's the video: Check you my YouTube page...I have a number of "dormer" videos:
  14. SNestor

    Break and remove/delete 3d molding

    @stevenyhof - I think the 3D molding polyline tool is almost impossible to work time consuming trying to figure out how the molding will lay on the polyline...placing it just so. Just use a casing and move on to the next item...that's my strategy. One more way you could accomplish what you want. You could make a CAD Detail From View of the window. Trace the shape with a polyline in the CDFV...then copy it, paste and hold position on the elevation and covert it to a 3D molding polyline and attach the molding you want to use. It's still a bit cumbersome...but there you go, many ways to get what you need.
  15. SNestor

    Break and remove/delete 3d molding

    Steve - Made you a quick video...