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  1. In the SPV (Saved Plan View) for the foundation plan…specify the pony wall display to show the lower wall only for that view. In the floor plan SPV specify the pony wall to show the upper wall.
  2. You need separate “saved plan views” …with unique layer sets etc.
  3. I can help. Check out my website.
  4. Jim - Create a dimension default that you will use to dimension only the construction lines. These dimensions should be on their own layer. Then...create a REF SET (which you had already done) and the only layer on in this set should be the layer you created for these dimensions. Examine the attached plan. If you go to the 2nd will see the referenced dimensions. BASSETT 2 - PROPOSED - Ref Dim
  5. You could place those specific dimensions on a unique layer and the use a custom reference layer set to show them on other floors.
  6. You can only setup one default...but, if you open each roof plane you can assign and different arrow shape, color etc. Also...if you assign a different layer to the label, you can then assign and unique label style to the text. This allows you to change the text font, color and size.
  7. You can change the arrow style also....filled, large, fill. Doesn't matter
  8. You have to have "auto roofs" turned off. Once this is can open each individual roof plane and change the color of the arrow...and the size. can group select roof planes and do the same. Not a "Glitch" at all...
  9. I offer 1:1 Training...check out my website (link in signature below)
  10. Turn "auto roofs" off. Then, build a 2nd floor...the roof will not move. You will need to add walls that have "room definitions" in order to create a "room". Once you have a room...if you don't need/want a the room and turn ceiling off. Creating a room will also create a floor system which you may not want...or maybe you will. If not, you may have to create an attic truss... Hope that helps.
  11. Use a post to beam railing wall…specify the newels as 0” thickness.
  12. @Renerabbitt- ahhh....well, I'm on an old, that ain't happening
  13. I downloaded and opened the plan...I don't see a problem.
  14. @westvale - I sent you an email.