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  1. @DRyeHD - Yes, you can draw a railing wall and have a gable end wall above it. Chief typically will auto generate a gable wall using the same type wall below it. So...If you use an interior-4 wall for the railing...the gable end wall will be the same type. You can change it manually....or use the wall type for the railing that you would like the gable end wall to be.
  2. @Chrisb222 Learn Chief and get a laugh at the same time.
  3. @ChiefTom396 - made you a "how to" video. I've not done many of these so I may not have everything exact...but, you should at least get an understanding of how you would put something like this together. ChiefTom396 - How to Basement Stairs to replace Bilco Door - Watch Video
  4. Many things need to be fixed in this plan...I took some liberties to fix things. "Somewhat Fixed" plan attached. Ahern house manual dormers - Fixed.plan The main floor roof (10/12) I made using trusses checked...but the dormer roofs are "stick" framed with 2x8's. I raised the main 10/12 roof off the plate because the floor was sticking through...and, the dormer side walls were sitting on a floor that was above the top surface of the roof. You could fix that using a solid...but, I thought it better just to raise the roof. Don't paint walls...nothing but trouble. Make new wall types. I also created a new saved plan view called "roof plan view".
  5. @DRyeHD - Damon, made you a long rambling video to explain how to fix this plan. 1 - Please don't drag wall tops/bottoms....just creates so many problems. 2 - Painting wall materials is also a big hassle...try to learn to create new explicit wall types. 3 - Don't place attic walls on the first floor... Damon - Outdoor Fireplace - many issues - Watch Video
  6. Those tips sticking through the roof are because you have been manually dragging your walls...just need to "reset to default".... MN_JohnH - Wall stubs through roof fix - Watch Video
  7. I played around with your plan a bit...seems if you add a "shadow board" can make the fascia disappear. This may be what you are trying to achieve? I've attached the plan I've been changing so you can review what I did to the roof. 299742722_moreproblems - Steve Edits.plan I fixed a few other things as do have a "loft" on the 2nd floor so I made sure you had room definition and adjusted some of the walls/rails to make things work. Not sure it's what you want but you can make the needed changes.
  8. Made you a quick video... Wall Issues - MN_JohnH - Chief Talk - Watch Video
  9. @kristy3983 - just change the layer color in the layer set you are using. See attached.
  10. @KnotSquare Mark - I looked at the PDF's you attached. I'm not clear on the "furred" framing detail. Is the framing meant to be attached to the surface of the insulation? Is the furring meant to be horizontal or vertical? The detail is not clear as to the "furring"...unless it's just another stud wall and the insulation is placed in between each stud? Is the siding attached directly to the furring strips? Just FYI...Chief will always place the soffit directly against the main, that is unavoidable. However, in a detail you could use a cad mask to hide this...or, like you said you could use a molding polyline to create the soffit. Also...the 2x member of the fascia should be the "eave fascia"...not the "sub facia". The only way you will see the "sub-fascia" in elevation is if you turn the rafter layer on in a layer set. I'd probably make the fascia a 2x and use a "shadow board" for the other piece of fascia trim...and make the sub-fascia 1/16" thick to make it disappear.
  11. @KnotSquare - I highlighted the “trim framing to soffits” above. If you don’t want to see a soffit…make the soffit material “open no material”.
  12. Mark - To get your rafters to "frame" need to go to the roof structure tab and make sure to check the "framing" box...otherwise chief will not "frame" the will be a solid block as you have now. Regarding the need to check "Soffits" and "flat under eave sub fascia". Then...on the materials tab, make the soffit material "open no material". This will make Chief trim the rafters flat...but will not create a "soffit". It's there...but you won't see it.
  13. @Ryan_McAllen - Made you a video...hope it helps! ICF Walls Issue - Ryan - Watch Video
  14. Open the window edit dialogue - go to "Options"...check recessed>to main layer