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  1. SNestor

    converging wall types in X12

    Hard to tell what the problem is...but, you may want to try and define your foundation wall as I have shown in the attached. You may want to look into "furred wall" also. Sometimes if you designate a wall or a portion of a wall as "furred" [you can find this setting in the wall dbx under the structure tab].
  2. SNestor

    Too many dimensions

    If you post your plan we can look at and compare the setup of your dimension defaults.... a plan. Thanks!
  3. SNestor


    See attached...basically, dbl click the "auto dimension" icon in your toolbar...this will open your "dimension defaults"...then edit the dimension default you are currently the "locate objects" tab, then check the boxes in "openings" that you would like to use.
  4. @bdillard - you should post your'll save you and all of us a lot of time. All we can do is guess... Thanks!
  5. SNestor

    Deck Rim Joist Issue

    The material used for decks is defined in the "deck room" in defaults. See attached pic.
  6. SNestor

    Apple M1 Chips

    Ok - I’m confused I guess about the M1 Mac. I remember Chief stating that this Apple config would not support “real time” rendering. But - based on that I figured the M1 would still perform Physical Based Rendering...but just not in real time. But it appears it won’t even perform PBR at all. Is this correct?
  7. SNestor

    Best practices for as-built covered porches?

    @PMMully - The wall section doesn't look accurate. Is it? Or should the beam be below the flat roof rafters? Also...your rafters are 2x10' this correct? Seems a bit much.
  8. SNestor

    Best practices for as-built covered porches?

    @PMMully - post a plan, me or someone will take a look. Hard to keep guessing... Thanks!
  9. SNestor

    Elevation Dimension From Slab Foundation

    What Joey said...☝️
  10. SNestor

    Best practices for as-built covered porches?

    @PMMully - yea, not knowing the specifics it’s hard to give you an absolute solution. Just hoping to provide a possible method to help you get to where you need to be.
  11. SNestor

    Best practices for as-built covered porches?

    @PMMully - same house - this time with roof over porch. The roof is a hip/flat roof...well, I put a 1/4" pitch on it. I raised the main roof to clear the flat roof...
  12. SNestor

    Best practices for as-built covered porches?

    @PMMully - instead of trying to fuss with a "roof" a new blank floor (if this is a one story home) and build a "balcony room" with invisible walls. You can then open the room and adjust the floor size/type...and the floor finish could be "asphalt" roofing. It won't have a that may not work for you.
  13. SNestor

    Best practices for as-built covered porches?

    @PMMully - use a railing wall. Post to beam... You can set the newel spacing in the DBX...or, you can place breaks in the wall and place newels exactly where you want them
  14. @DomaniHomeDesign - I made this video a while back but it may help you understand how you can used saved plan views to show what you want on the foundation level. The method Joe mentions above is also a possibility...and may work better depending on the site conditions. But this simple video may at least shine some light on the issue for you... One note: In the plan view dialogue you can actually specify how pony walls are displayed...the PW display can be unique for each specific "plan view". There's no need to go to defaults and change the pony wall display.