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  1. SNestor's post in Sloped wall help was marked as the answer   
    You should watch this video I made a while back. 
  2. SNestor's post in External and internal sills on windows. was marked as the answer   
    Open the window edit dialogue - go to "Options"...check recessed>to main layer

  3. SNestor's post in Roof Problem was marked as the answer   
    As Eric suggests with his don't HAVE to redraw the roofs to make the fix. I'd probable redraw them as one error still remains...
    Damon Roof Fix #2...for Solver - Watch Video

  4. SNestor's post in X-8 How to Create a Shower Pony Wall that Sizes Upper and Lower Walls was marked as the answer   
    It's time for you to upgrade...I did this for you in X8 was like pulling teeth. 
    You should open the plan and examine what I can be done, but it's so much easier in X14 (even X12 or 13). 
    X8 Plan attached. X8 Bath Plan - Chief Talk.plan
  5. SNestor's post in Skirt Roof - Fascia Not Showing was marked as the answer   
    @EmmaCox - You should be able to use auto roof return. This option is in the wall edit dialogue. See screen clip. 
    I can't comment on whether this "glitch" is due to the plan being started in a previous version...but, a simple roof return as you show in your screen clip should work in X14.

  6. SNestor's post in Why don't my walls touch the ceiling? was marked as the answer   
    You need to define your fireplace walls in a different the video
    BDillard1 - Fix Interior Wall Definition - Watch Video

  7. SNestor's post in Second story shed dormer with flat roof intersect issues was marked as the answer   
    @VADA2020 - I edited your what I did. The key being "roof cuts wall at bottom"....
    1446195903_WilleyProposed2 - Steve Edits.plan
  8. SNestor's post in Sill Plate wont move for OSB was marked as the answer   
    @DeLayDesign - See video for explanation of how to build your foundation to the OSB layer. The answer is related to the plate width defined in your foundation wall default.
    Adam Delay - Building Foundation to OSB Layer - Watch Video