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  1. What Ryan and I did was EXACTLY like the photo you posted, if you wanted something else you should have not misled us. DJP
  2. Next time you print to PDF confront what the "DPI" setting is in the "Print Dialog" before you order it to Print the difference between "300 DPI and 4,400 DPI" can bake a HUGE difference in the resulting document's size in Mb's. Your video card types have NOTHING to do with PDF size, only content, imported documents and the DPI you create/print it at. DJP
  3. My new PC cost just under $2,500.00, a local PC geek bought the parts online, assembled it and delivered it to me. I am happy, it is not a "Beast" but is more than adequate for my purposes. DJP
  4. Read this webpage on the Chief Architect Website: Requirements for X13 DJP
  5. The error message tells you what is needed, just do that and see if it helps, if not call Tech Support, they will help. DJP
  6. See my signature below, I just received my new PC and I love it AND it did not cost me an arm and leg. DJP
  7. I would define a room within a room giving the inner room a higher ceiling height, build roofs and then finish up with windows and doors. DJP
  8. I found a local computer geek who built my new computer to my specifications (see below). It cost me $2,500.00 delivered, it is exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted and it ROCKS!!! with X13 DJP
  9. There is a Dallas Chief Users group on Facebook and here in Chief Talk but there is never much traffic (communication) at either place. I guess it is what it is. DJP
  10. The basic basic of terrain is to place at least two differing elevation values and the software then calculates a gradient between those two values. The other Elevation tools are set up to offer more ways to modulate terrain as you require. I prefer importing graphic terrain maps, .dwg's are preferred, then selectively convert the imported CAD lines to elevation lines one at a time. Often times importing GPS data or surveyor digital data results in a terrain plane too complex to easily display on most PC's. I prefer to keep it as simple as is possible (I am not a surveyor, surveyors use speci
  11. In the shared plan there is NO PDF file, only its "placeholder" (the actual file is associated with the plan file but is not visually present). the thing to understand is that when you assign a material or import an image or PDF it is ONLY referenced in the plan. The plan file is reading it from a location on YOUR hard drive, it is not embedded in the plan file but it is just being associated with the plan file while it is actually physically located somewhere on your computer. What probably happened is you perhaps renamed the file or deleted or changed its or
  12. Imported images and PDF files are assigned by Default to the "CAD Default" layer so if for some reason that layer is turned off (unchecked) in Display Options for your plan view, it would of course not show visually while still "being there". Check for that. If no joy, I will download and look at your plan file. DJP