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  1. In Windows you go to the "Add Remove Programs" area and select X13, choosing "Repair" instead of "Uninstall" if available. The Windows runs a repair routine on the selected program. Sometimes this works, sometimes a full reinstall is then necessary. DJP
  2. Number one, I would run a "Repair" of the existing X13 and see if that helps. If no joy so a full uninstall-reinstall of X13. If it still persists, then a wider look at your computer is in order. DJP
  3. Rosemag, please share copies of your existing floor plans with me, so I can get started. DJP
  4. Take a look carefully at the information resident on your Build Roof Tab - Roof Styles Tab where it explains how to preprogram walls for building auto roofs, follow the instructions found there and you will be fine. DJP
  5. By default when you draw a plan, you start on "Floor 1 <1>" which automatically adds an "Attic <A>" level. When you wish to conver the <A> Attic level to "Floor 2" so it can be used to add living space you go to your Build Roof Dialog and make sure "Auto Build Roofs" is OFF, then go to the "Build" Menu- Floor- Build new floor-Create new blank floor. This leaves the roofs bearing on the first floor so you can then manually create your attic space room additions. DJP
  6. Numerous help articles and video tutorials on the Chief Website check out these help articles and videos on the Chief website DYP
  7. Lots of objects available on the Chief Website - Catalog downloads page, check it out. DJP
  8. Current versions of Home Desiger software now import .dxf and .dwg files, like Chief Premier. Anyone still using ancient software should not expect much present time support. DJP
  9. Yes, I have active versions X1-X13. DJP
  10. Views sent to layout are "sent" from a specific plan file, so if you wish to maintain one plan file view and sent another for comparison, you use at least two different plan files. For remodeling projects I ALWAYS use two plan files, one for the AS BUILT and another or others for the PROPOSED. That is how it is programmed to work. DJP
  11. If you were to do a "Search" at the Chief Architect Website as Ryan indicated/suggested you would have found the answer to your question. You did not look so therefore you do not know, which is on YOU! I did a search as Ryan suggested and found plenty of answers, why don't you do so as well? Also I did a search at 3D warehouse where they have numerous "Pivot Door" symbols you can download and use, take a look. DJP