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  1. Contact Chief Architect Tech Support now please: 1-208-292-3399 DJP
  2. In order for you to obtain an accurate materials list the plan file must be PERFECT from foundation to ridge. The model must mirror exactly, in every detail, how it is to be built in the field. Foundations are commonly designed by State Licensed Structural Engineers. The model must, in every detail be 3D modeled EXACTLY as you intend to build the house in the field. When asked about this I tell my clients that to produce a .plan file that will present an accurate Materials list will require number one, an Engineer to design the foundation and then the time it usually takes to create the 3D model is commonly expanded up to Ten Times what would be normal just for CD's. I have only had one client require of me such a materials list. The resultant Materials List was accurate and it did take me many hours longer to ensure all was accurate. The client was happy with the result. DJP
  3. You create curved polyline solid appliques to emulate such walls. DJP
  4. You assign a molding profile under "Frieze Board" and or "Shadow Boards" either in the "Build Roof Dialog or Default Settings - Roof - Frieze Board/Shadow Boards" or by adding them via the roof plane specification dialog, per roof plane after they are created. DJP
  5. I have found in my experience that .stl files are very poor for use as 3D exports. I commonly use .dae or .3DS. DJP
  6. Try this please. DJP Trellis.calibz
  7. Call and ask Tech Support such questions. DJP
  8. If the baseline, fascia top are the same but out of symmetric alignment when you join the ridges then the Baseline location must be out of sync with the adjoining roof planes (baselines commonly are located on the outer edge of framing of the walls they bear on.) Check for that. DJP
  9. The first thing I turn off in my profile.plan is grid snaps. Since they were added I have never found a positive use for them other than having points to snap to that I do not need or want. DJP
  10. Thanks for the clarification! DJP
  11. No but you can add polyline solids to change the geometry of the door lights... DJP
  12. Take a look in the Simpson Door - Thermal French for a door style close to what you want that can be modified and the Coplay Garage Door - Modern Door for close to what you want, all in X12. DJP
  13. export the symbol as a .3ds, .skp (Sketch Up), .dae etc and then edit in a software application designed to edit that type of object for later reimport into Chief as a new custom symbol. DJP