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  1. One thing that should be addressed is that Chief should offer a standard 'Master List' with dang-near everything on there. Would be great if they hosted it on their website (with some kind of disclaimer obviously) and updated it every season or so. Problem is that all framing should be already on there (beacuse we're not creating anything new like that) and a basic window, door, etc. etc... just a 'ballpark' type of Master List would be excellent because I could export it and give to the builders just for gut check type measurements. Maybe we should crowdsource a Master List together here at the forum. Would be a lot easier if we had all of us pricing things and adding them to a list than one of us chasing down prices for every part of our project like a General ...
  2. Here's how you can make some nice looking demo elevations with red dashed linework. Start with demo layer having the dashed + red linework style. Then go 3D to vector view - and try to turn off the 'color' of the wall textures. Problem is it turns off the linework red color too, which you want to preserve: My hack is just to turn the 'material color' to white for the textures on the existing model: And the final result is pretty nice: Then you can send this to your layout view as a static image -> Or you can coordinate the demo elevations, which now look like this: Final product - demo elevations with dashed, colored linework showing demo areas: Does anybody have an easier idea? There could probably be some changes to the software to allow for 'plot lines' views with colored + dashed linework (or maybe there already is?) but currently this seems like the best way to do it. Kyle
  3. Good idea - ok so time to make better use of' saved plan views' I guess
  4. Hmm so I would need to set up different Annosets for the different type of dimensioning I do, and the Auto Dimensions can be controlled by the Annoset defaults? That could work. I will give it a try and report back.
  5. Just revisiting this again - I wish that each of the different automatic dimension types could be on a different layer, because depending on what you're showing you want different dimensions to show up. For example, I would like my outside corners and perhaps my overall dimension on the roof plan, but I don't need my window centerlines on there. For site plan, I would want just my overall dimensions perhaps. Here they are - I keep overall, outside corners, and centerline dimensions on different layers and show them in different colors so I can keep track of them. It would be great if we could tie the auto-dimensions to these different layers
  6. This is how I always end up doing it. The Bay/Box window controls are too weak for a finished product, though they are useful during conceptual design
  7. Just checked the MI Residential code section and it looks pretty accurate, even with the later 'Addendum' notes which changed some things like stair rise+run requirements, so looks like they have it up to date. Plus you can see quite a bit of content without an account, just not the photos. Will be bookmarking for future reference and for sharing with builders who may not have a codebook. So far I just keep a pdf of the code I usually work under, the MI code, which I bought from the icc store:
  8. Thanks for the tip Michael! I have used the skydome but never the reflection probe - will check it out.
  9. Twinmotion is also a good renderer. Fairly easy to learn and powered by the Epic (think Unreal Engine) core rendering software. It has basically realtime rendering (like physically based) and then you click export to get the final one in about 6 seconds. I'm just dabbling in in but got some decent results: Also I'm not sure if this still applies but it was at the time the only one that worked on a Mac. Good Luck!
  10. I have the M1 Pro on my new macbook and it's blazin' fast I'm so glad I upgraded. Also the fact that X14 has a native mac version didn't hurt either - but so far I have been feeling like the program operates smoothly and with far less lag than before. Hope that helps. I bought a refurbished 'new' Macbook pro and it's been more than enough to handle big models and construction drawings.
  11. I like SnazzyMaps too - been using a greyscale one I adopted for Vicinity Maps
  12. Horizontal windows in otherwise traditional designs are jarring and technically incorrect, especially in a gable-dormer like shown below. Look how splitting this one helps make the entire house much better. So remember to split your transoms into multiple windows, or at least add 'grilles' to them so they are legible from a distance.
  13. Just wanted to chime in here with my first impressions. Overall it's a great update - seems like they did some work 'under the hood' because the overall program seems a lot faster and sleeker. All the actions and things are so much faster - not quite instant like with the mac studio Ryan has but still quite snappy compared to the previous versions. What I really liked is that Layout is much faster than before - they've really sped it up so it works like a CAD program should, without lag. It's certainly a game changer when that little bit of lag time is eliminated - very happy about that aspect of the update and it seems to run great with fewer crashes.
  14. This is probably the answer you're looking for. Here's how I do my window schedules - separating width and height so there's no confusion (sometimes those window codes are so ambiguous especially for customers reviewing them) Here is the basic window schedule, which live on their own 'cad detail' sheet and automatically update - this way I don't recreate details, and they don't have to live on my main modeling sheet off in the corner. Set them all up, then you can reference them from a template layout file and you know they'll always be correct. I also have this one which shows window elevations etc and all the windows are split apart (no double qty etc they are all individual). This goes to the builder when he orders windows, but doesn't appear on the drawing sheets (too big) AS for W+Height, those feilds are in the table options you can add them, rename, etc.... Hope this helps! Kyle
  15. Anybody else got a recent follow from this person, who seems to be a BOT or spammer? Caroline81, if you're real I apologize