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  1. Yeah that screenshot is from the logitech options app. Just getting the feel for the mouse - this thumb button could be useful. Maybe I can remap that horizontal scroll because I don't really see myself using it when I can just drag the screen around with the middle click.
  2. Just got a new Logitech MX Master 3 and it's so far so good - but haven't been able to get the horizontal scroll/thumb scroll to work in CA. Anybody solve this issue or is this feature not supported yet?
  3. I used to submit a bunch and see others have killer suggestions which never get implemented so, eventually, you quit suggesting things because why even bother. Plus I have kids now so I'd rather just figure out a work-around to these issues and deal with it quietly so I can get back to playtime or bottle time or whatever more fun thing there is to do. If Chief ever gets serious about a GUI upgrade and productivity improvements I'll be there to contribute, but until then if it ain't broke (or even if it's a little broke) then don't fix it. You should get a copy of the code
  4. IMHO you should use different wall types for your 'existing walls' I use an (E) at the end to denote this. That way you can have it on it's own layer 'Walls - Existing' and have it turned off of materials list. You can give it a neutral fill like a white. You can control the lineweight since it's on it's own layer. Then for your new walls have the fill you want, are on a different layer, can be added to materials list.... so many advantages. Only time I use a wall hatch is when there's a window removed / infilled in an existing exterior wall and it's a pain to do otherwise.
  5. I have reported this problem for years - both here in the forum and during the X11 beta test. I use an iso camera of the floor plan with a normal plan view laid on top for the notes and details - that way I get a nice looking image for the concept layout. I haven't been able to eliminate the issue, and was wondering if it was a Mac/Apple only issue, but now see it's general. The only things I've found to minimize it: Make sure cameras are set up correctly at x=0 y=0 position, with z=10' or less above floor. Rendering style set to 'standard' Expo
  6. As a fellow Mac user I have looked into this topic a lot. It's not a Chief issue, there is a fundamental disconnect with the MAC GPU architecture and the way everybody else does it, so I don't even think it's an issue that the CHief programmers could solve - it's more of like an AMD level issue. Luckily, they have solved it and in stunning fashion. To enable real time GPU rendering you'll need to get Twinmotion and export your chief model to .dae (collada) and import it to TM. I swear it's the easiest and most amazing rendering software I've used and right now you can try it out fo
  7. Do an ortho floor camera of just the foundation, then adjust the view to be front/side/whatever site you want to see. Who's asking for this view? I'd charge them extra IMHO
  8. You can edit what your reference display shows - it's one of your layersets - just find it/switch to it and turn on the layers you want to see. Ponywalls could be tricky because they have individual settings in the wall dialogue about what layers they show in plan view - you may have found a funny quirk but I would guess it would be in your Ref Display Layerset, make sure you're turning on your 'walls, layers' layer. that's a tongue twister - good luck!
  9. That's my philosophy too. 80/20 rule why would I spend even a minute trying to make a beam pocket appear when nobody is ever going to care about that, nor will they notice it on the drawing, and I could be spending that time playing with my daughter instead. If you want a pocket to show just give your default floor beams some 'fill' - I use 70% transparent fills for mine - and it will give a bit of a beam pocket effect without the fuss. That said, it seems like something that will probably be in the auto-behavior sooner or later, and I'm happy to see it added to the fuctionality.
  10. Thank you. And you're running a mac too, so that's helpful. No PDFs on my layout file. But today I started a new layout file for a (much smaller) project and the feedback is almost instantaneous as you say. Also who the heck is downvoting me for this?
  11. If anybody else gets a chance - can you post videos/screencaptures of working in Layout? I'm interested to see what the lag time is like for everybody else so I can figure out if this is a standard issue or something unique to my setup. Thank you all.
  12. Sure but they're on other sheets. This sheet only had 5 viewports sent - and they're not 3D views either - just 2d plan views one for the second floor framing, one for the first, and then my sheet notes you can see on the upper right there. Does it operate much faster on your machine? Can you send a video so I can see if I'm nuts?
  13. I don't think I'm being a prima-donna here either. Perhaps I'm spoiled now since I've started playing around with TwinMotion and Blender, but these programs are modeling far more complex geometry and the feedback is almost instantaneous. Screen Recording 2021-03-01 at 3.39.21
  14. You could change the framing layer in your existing walls or turn it into something else like an air gap or just pick a random color. Then when you create the framing on auto it won't frame those walls. Alternatively you could just click your new walls and down in the bottom panel create the framing for just those ('manually')