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  1. kylejmarsh

    New Mac Pro

    I bought a mac mini with the thunderbolt ports - got the 6-core 3.2/4.5 GHz boost model for $2k. Then did an eGPU using the thunderbolt port which plugs in between the mini and my monitor, and in that I installed the Radeon 8GB video card. Honestly it rocks and is very fast - but the bluetooth on the mini sucks it gets interference and had to go back to a wired keyboard. Other than that, very happy. It honestly shows some of the flaws in the CA architecture - specifically in layout - as everything runs so fast you can see when CA is struggling to keep up. My other machine is a Macbook Pro w/2GB Video card and especially when doing larger models or Layout items the new one shows it's value.
  2. kylejmarsh

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    Kind of along the same idea as my 'marketplace' for the updates - I like the modules concept.
  3. kylejmarsh

    California Assembly Bill 68

    I agree here - ADU's are a great way to gently increase the density of neighborhoods, and were a common part of the Urban fabric until ham-handed zoning laws outlawed them in the 70's. They're as American as Apple Pie. I've done a couple around my area of Michigan and the owners were nothing but thrilled with them. If you're interested in the Philosophy behind them, as well as Urban Infill / Traditional Neighborhood Design then look-up a guy named Andres Duany - he's got a bunch of excellent talks on the subject, one I think will be front and center in the coming decades. The time of Sprawl is ending - the people are turning against it, clamoring to move into cohesive walkable downtowns and small cities, so much so that there's a massive premium around here for 'in-town' houses. However, it doesn't have to be this way - these are small properties, with relatively small and simple houses, and they're fetching top-dollar. What's so hard about creating this, that we don't seem to do it these days? You'll have to seek out Mr. Duany to find the answer.
  4. kylejmarsh

    Choose Your Design

    I like the one with the projecting gable/bay, since it is an asymmetrical design which goes with the offset garage door below. Once you go symmetrical upstairs, you should center that garage door. Like the comparison shots.
  5. kylejmarsh

    Get Your House Right - Design Secrets

    Glad you like the book Steve - it's one of the best I've found as far as an intro to 'good design'. Once I started using the lessons in this book, it's led to bigger commissions, clients with better 'taste' (and deeper pockets), it's given me the confidence to educate clients away from bad ideas or 'trendy' whims... it's really been the key that has unlocked the golden door, so to speak. I do agree there are a million giant, terrible houses built everywhere in our great country. I'm actually ok with doing different styles of houses, as long as they are done 'right' - this book helps lay out the pitfalls that are avoidable, and will improve the look of any house. As for the mcmansions, may I direct you to another fun website - David - Never new about that book, but have just ordered a copy. I see it's by another one of my favorite authors, Charlie Wing - who did the update/reissue of one of the greatest homebuilding books ever created (especially for a young me, when I read it, it was transformative) - Your Engineered House. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Do yourself a favor - get a copy of Get Your House Right. It is a map through the thousand design decisions you'll be making as you design a house. It is a dictionary of the Architectural Vocabulary our predecessors worked to perfect and articulate, and is your key to taking your designs to the next level. You have to drive around this life and see houses designed by total amateurs, littering the neighborhoods and fields along the roadway - don't let your designs fall into this category. You owe it to yourself to buy this book and study it.
  7. Yes It's somewhat of an annoying feature, but it's also somewhat of a lifesaver. There tends to be so much manual editing of the deck framing to get something that approaches reality that it is a real bummer to lose it (there are a few other threads about deck framing so I wont go into it here). But the problem is if you change the wall the deck is attached to, then your framing is wrong and then if it auto-regenerates, the old framing is still there so you've got to go through and manually delete it. There should be a third option, or a sub-option for what to delete when rebuilding the deck. something like 'auto-delete previous deck framing even when manually edited' or 'keep manually edited objects when re-framing' - the second item would be more like how the auto roof-planes system works
  8. kylejmarsh

    Automatic Centerline on Dimension

    I've never seen it. But why bother? For windows/doors you don't really need to say it's the centerline do you it should be obvious to the framer. Only time I mark CL is with a cad object I made, and I mark CL for steel beams in the basement. But I've never had anybody complain that the CL isn't on my windows / doors, and that's how I dimension them on the drawings anyway (less liability than calling out RO's, plus often I don't know what windows they're going with). Just my 2 cents, I wouldn't waste time on that.
  9. kylejmarsh

    Mac Catalina Upgrade

    Uhoh - I have a Logitech too. Maybe I'll hold off on the update...
  10. kylejmarsh

    Terrain/Landscape question

    Too bad we need these workarounds - would be great if Chief would update the Retaining Wall tool to make it more intuitive / less buggy
  11. kylejmarsh

    10' Tall Foundation / Retaining Wall Detail

    The codebook has a detail for a basement wall of 10' CMU, no engineering needed. Check out tables in section R404 - here's the 10" block version for reference. For an unsupported retaining wall, code requires proper engineering calcs. But if it's supported, the codebook tables should be legally acceptable.
  12. kylejmarsh

    Q: (Window) How to do a sheetrock return....

    If you're using the 'keep the window smaller' method, does that mess up your sizes on the window schedule? Seems like a workaround that would not be worth it. Besides, if he's doing drywall returns there's no way he's paying you enough for a 3d walkthrough anyway...
  13. kylejmarsh

    Door hardware?

    Go on the SketchUp 3D warehouse they have a good selection, though it ranges from really detailed (and way too large / boggy) to really crummy. You have to sort through and find model files that aren't too high-poly - they exist if you look for them. Then import into chief as a 3D obj
  14. kylejmarsh

    Railing/Wall Intersections

    Just put a corner cap on it. Other than that, it's got to be something with the wall layer extents. Or your railing is sitting just a bit further 'out' than the other wall maybe - make sure they're aligned? Sorry this does seem to be a glitchy item in chief
  15. kylejmarsh

    How to rotate Drawing Sheet in Plan View

    Do to drawing sheet setup, switch it to Portrait from Landscape. You'll have to do it in Layout view as well. Another way is to go up to Tools > Plan View > Rotate Plan View, which rotates your actual model. I always do it this way as I feel it is the more 'correct' way to build a model, even though that may just be my bias.