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  1. Holy cow is this a massive improvement! The ability to break the room box and the presence of wall thicknesses is something I feel like I've been waiting for my whole life lol.
  2. I used Windows machines for the first 10 or 12 years that I used CA (started at version 10). For the last 8 or 9 years I have moved back and forth between Windows and Mac mostly staying with Mac. For my workflow if has proven to be the best option. I don't use RTR and likely never will. I'm solely focused on construction docs because I do a lot of them. I do send exterior 3D images to clients but that is the extent of my dive into that realm, and the MacBook does an exceptional job with those. Editing in 3D is smooth as well. I don't have time to do high end interior or exterior images and I prefer it that way. I have a MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro chip. I originally purchased it for travel and meetings, but it has proven to be a very reliable full-time machine, even with two 32" monitors connected to it (one is 4k). I'm considering an upgrade to the Mac Studio M2 Ultra mainly because I want to add a 3rd monitor for my library (M1 Pro only supports 2 external monitors). I currently use the laptop monitor for that but find myself squinting to find items. Plus it's about time to upsize my storage (yes I know this can easily be done with a Windows desktop). I may hold out for the M3 Ultra but I doubt it will provide a huge advantage over the M2 in my workflow. As for the Mac OS, in my opinion it is light years ahead of Windows because of it's integration with my phone, iPads and other devices, and support is outstanding. iCloud storage has been the most reliable of the cloud storage services I have used (and I have tried several) which adds even more value to the integration aspects of Mac. The annoyance of Windows software updates is legendary, not to mention graphics card updates, crashes and other Windows annoyances that left me feeling alone when problems arose. The fact that it is open source sometimes creates grey areas when it comes to support. With AppleCare you call one person (in this country) and get the problem resolved quickly. If they can't resolve it remotely, they will pay to have the device shipped overnight to repair it. The last time I had to do that the turnaround time was literally 2 days. They repaired it the day they received it and shipped it back that same day. That is a huge value to me.
  3. I've had this problem before. I had create a CAD detail from view then export and it seemed to solve the issue.
  4. Has anyone else upgraded Mac OS with external monitors? I'm running an M1 laptop with 2 external 32" monitors, I don't want to have this same issue.
  5. I'm actually in Southwest Georgia, but thanks for the kind words.
  6. When this happens I close the plan and quit CA. When I reopen the plan my toolbars at the top are usually unchanged, but the side toolbars get crammed down to the bottom and I have to move them back up. And yes I do use dual 32" monitors, they are identical brand and resolution.
  7. I was really hoping this latest update would have resolved the disappearing toolbars, it did not. Anyone else battling this? It seems to happen 3 or 4 times a week, typically when I change views.
  8. I'm running 16gb. But to be fair I never expected my MacBook to be anything other than a meetings and travel computer. It runs so well that I now use it exclusively. I would have upgraded if I had known, though I can't imagine it running any better than it does. You could get the M1 pro setup with a 1tb drive, the 24 core gpu and 32gb of RAM, those upgrades are $800 which puts you only a couple hundred under the upgraded chip with similar specs. That considered you may as well get the M1 Max setup which comes with a 1tb drive, 32gb of RAM and a 32 core gpu.
  9. I use the heck out of hotkeys. Once I committed to that practice probably 15 years ago, it cut my design time down considerably.
  10. I got some lame excuse from tech support about it being an iCloud backup issue. Seemed like they were reaching for straws because that doesn't even make sense.
  11. I posed this question before but I never got a response. Hopefully we will get an answer soon.
  12. You need to download X14 beta, it's specifically designed to run on Apple silicon and it's the most stable beta CA has ever released in my opinion.
  13. I have 2 of these that I absolutely love. BenQ Monitors The clarity seems much better than 2.5k would suggest, and they are relatively inexpensive.
  14. I've been using CA's X14 Beta for 3 days with ZERO issues! I've done everything from room boxes to final layout and have not had one problem yet, just hope I'm not jinxing myself The fact that they have a version this stable for their first attempt on a new platform is really impressive. Well done CA! Has anyone had any issues with the native Mac M1 version?
  15. I'm actually running twin 2.5k Ben-Q monitors. They seem to be less taxing on the graphics performance of the systems I've used over the years.