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  1. Looks like I picked a good time to kick Apple to the curb.
  2. Perhaps, but I don’t know if it ever was addressed before
  3. We've talked about this on the phone a couple of times already. He's a good guy and he tries to do the right thing but I just think he's wrong. You're right though, they are granted a decent amount of latitude when it comes to these issues.
  4. Has anyone else dealt with this? I have a local building official that is now requiring an engineer's approval on ceilings over 12' based on code R602.3 (he sent me the pic below). I live in south Georgia nowhere near the coast. I got input from 3 local engineers and they all stated they were not aware of this code. I'm not really sure that the building official is interpreting this code correctly. I've designed literally hundreds of homes with 2 story ceilings using balloon-framed 2x6 walls and I have never heard of anyone having an issue with this application. Maybe he's right bu
  5. I actually bailed on Apple, I'm tired of having all my eggs in that one basket. I've been back and forth between operating systems for years but I'm vacating Apple for good. I'm not really thrilled with the direction they are heading in a number of areas....
  6. It's not a polyline solid it's a molding polyline.
  7. I know I've dealt with this topic in the past but I can't seem to find the answer in a search. When creating an arched molding, I thought there used to be an option to adjust the minimum degree of the arch in the dbx but I can't seem to find it now. So instead of a smooth radius it's more like a series of straight lines in the shape of an arch. Is there an adjustment I'm missing somewhere?
  8. I don't know, I'm getting pretty decent 3D renders now from Xe graphics. It's a laptop intended mainly for meetings and travel so it doesn't have to be stellar, just decent.
  9. This was the issue. I checked texture compression under render preferences and that solved it.
  10. I'm having similar issues with a new HP Spectre. Views are overshaded unless I zoom in. I did try to download the latest drivers which did not help. It's obviously an XE issue because it's not happening on my main rig with a dedicated gpu
  11. Everything just looks a lot different, email, finder, app icons etc. Function wise not a lot of difference. It's clear they are trying to unify the visual experience between IOS and Mac. Some things I like, some things will take some getting used to, nothing really blows me away. I think in the coming years they will begin to blur the lines between the 2 operating systems, especially considering the architecture of their new chipset. Should be interesting to watch.
  12. I’m using Big Sur, have not had any issues
  13. Any feedback on the M1 Macs from anyone? I understand that CA will run through Rosetta but there are other apps out there that are running as well or better through Rosetta than on Intel based systems.
  14. Interesting. Thanks for this. Surprising that these are not already defaulted to zero.
  15. That's doesn't even sound like they have a plan in place for this. Come on people, these chips are insanely fast! People will be switching to Mac in droves once the newer chips come out that are optimized for power, not as much energy efficiency. Are there any other design programs that are more active on the Mac platform than CA?