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  1. Steve-C

    Windows 10 Bottom Task Bar

    This happens to me often. I just click and grab the bar at the top of CA and drag it down then re-snap it at the top of the screen. Usually this works the first time but I occasionally have to do it a second time.
  2. I abandoned Mac earlier this year. I was running a very souped up MacBook Pro 15", the last updated version before the 16" came out. It was my 3rd MacBook laptop and I saw little to no performance gain from my 2016 rig. Honestly every year the Mac OS seemed to get slower in every way. I resurrected my 4 year old desktop and it easily outperformed the Mac. I also purchased a Surface Book 2 15" and the performance of that machine in 3D was shockingly better than the Mac (which had significantly better specs). I used Mac for nearly 4 years and I honestly did not realize how bad the performance had gotten until I got so frustrated with my ($4200) MacBook Pro that I broke out the old desktop. The performance gain of that rig (now my current rig) over the Mac was staggering. I'm sure that iMac Pro and Mac Pro will perform better but I couldn't see myself spending that kind of money when I can get equal or better performance from a Windows rig that costs half or less.
  3. Steve-C

    CA performance on MacBook Pro 13"

    I spend 60+ hours a week running CA, since I switched from Mac back to PC it's been heaven. However, I did run only MacBook Pros with a 32" (2500 pixel) external monitor, not an iMac or Mac Pro so I suppose your mileage my vary. Either way, I can't justify the extra cost for Mac hardware any longer, especially not the new Mac Pros....
  4. Steve-C

    CA performance on MacBook Pro 13"

    For what it's worth, I recently abandoned the Mac OS. As much as I love it I was having too many issues running CA which is mostly what I do. The last 2 Mac OS updates along with the last 2 CA updates have produced a gradual decline in performance for me personally. Conversely, since I started using my 4 year old desktop PC, CA has run flawlessly. Even better than it did when I switched to Mac 3 years ago. It's almost as if CA's focus on performance enhancement has been geared solely (or mostly) towards Windows. On Mac I would get 1 or 2 crashes a week (at least), and that is on 2 different MacBook Pro's over a 3 year span. Since switching to Windows over 2 months ago, I have not had any crashes. My main rig was the most recent and most powerful 15" MacBook Pro with 32gb of RAM before I switched back to Windows. I recently purchased a 15" Surface Book 2 which does not compare favorably to the MB Pro and only has 16gb of RAM, but it blows the doors off the MB Pro especially in 3D rendering. It's hard to say for sure what has happened over the last 3 years other than speculation about OS and software. What I do know is that I got frustrated enough with my shinny new $4k Macbook Pro to drag out my 4 year old PC and the differences in performance were staggering.
  5. If not is there a way to emulate it in 3D? I've searched the Chief site and they don't seem to have it.
  6. As far as I know, Windows will not sync a file that is open, even if saved. You're saying that you have to completely close CA for this to occur?
  7. Steve-C

    Thoughts on New PC

    Seems adequate.......PLUS!
  8. Steve-C

    Internet Connection and Chief

    Interesting. I've been having to login every time I reopen the program on my MacBook Pro even though it was the last computer to use the program. What's worse is that I get the message that another computer is using the program but when I go to my CA account online it shows that my MacBook Pro is the current user. So in order for me to login on my MacBook Pro, I have to deactivate my MacBook Pro online. I also sent a message to support. These issues are probably related.
  9. Steve-C

    Join roof plane issues

    Seems to be a thing....
  10. Steve-C

    Join roof plane issues

    I may have to change the title of this thread. My roofs are creating multiple breaks for no reason. This image shows a roof that was just drawn and it created 3 breaks where it came in contact with other objects. I actually circled the grab handles but you get the idea.
  11. Steve-C

    Join roof plane issues

    I think I may have discovered the issue. Every time I join two planes, the roof creates a break point where it intersects with the corner of another plane. The break point is preventing the auto join until I get rid of it. Weird, that's a new glitch.
  12. Steve-C

    Join roof plane issues

    Roof planes won't join in some scenarios. Mostly smaller roof connections.
  13. Steve-C

    Join roof plane issues

    Anyone else having join roof plane issues since this last update? I'd submit a support ticket but I'm still waiting for and answer to another one I submitted a couple of days ago.
  14. Yeah, I'm curious to see what they do with the Pro. The "trash can" design was cool but it was lacking in upgradability.