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  1. Need more help:- 1. Could not find any reference to "Library - Download Core Content" either on my laptop and or PC. 2. There is nothing under "Preferences" which allows me to migrate libraries. Think the issue stems from me having X12 on the old laptop and me downloading X13 onto the new one, so migration never occurred. Am not familiar with cloud storage, but surely this could be achieved via a USB and or CA's site direct and if so, would need someone to identify the path ways for me, Does the above sound feasible???? Regards, Neil.
  2. Core library's did not download when importing to my new laptop, have uninstalled and re-downloaded, still nothing. New laptop has greater power than my desktop, so there shouldn't be any issues there and no problem when I downloaded X13 on this PC 2 months back. Regards Neil.
  3. Looks like I just opened up a can of worms, Lol. Think I'll go down the Symbol method, I have done something similar a couple of years ago with a boat shed.
  4. Have just finished transfering an existing house from clients hard copy plans into CA, completed a terrain plan and all good so far. Issue now is, I need to add a Granny Flat onto the same site and as the floor levels are vastly different to the house these values automatically alter the values on the existing residence, am I missing something here or do I have to build the Granny Flat on a different plan and import it as a symbol.
  5. Fellas, looking at Johns images above, this actually confirms the issues that I have talking about. The above floor finishes have the same base colour with some variation in the PBR showing different tones and reflections according to the light types and direction, which is exactly what I would be expecting. I was going to send two more images, but when I looked at these the tones are somewhat similar, which is in stark contrast to the computer images I did when adding ceiling lighting/camera settings. This is a common problem when trying to compare colours and tonings generated across computer, picture and printed material. I do know, when playing with colours in "Twin Motion" , I get are far better colour representation. Thanks heaps for all the input todate.
  6. John, It doesn't really matter how much light you give the area as I have done several attempts on doing this, the base colour is still grey only much lighter whereas the actual pavings are a creamy/brown tones which are obvious in the SR render.
  7. Mark thanks for your solution, worked a treat with the split windows on the centre section, I could insert triangular fillets where the mullions meet to match the window framing, but visually it looks OK as is, see pic. Regards Neil.
  8. Nothing received on my original query, any suggestions.
  9. Logged into to support and got the back-up procedure and:- 1.File size too large, Max size allowed is 2MB per file 2.The Back-Up file was saved in WinRAR, which I don't have a license, can this be done at CA's end.
  10. Graham, initially I tried to send the plan file but its size is too large ( 12MB ) so unless someone can give an alternative path, then I guess this will end up as a stalemate, I have a presentation tomorrow, so I'll just have to talk my way around the software's deficiencies. Thanks heaps for your input todate. Regards Neil.
  11. Graham, thanks for the feed back and understand where you are coming from, however I am happy to accept one or the other, but the PBR would/should be the priority as this is the ultimate format that I would show to clients, so I still don't understand why I can't get the the PBR to an acceptable colour range and forgo any other variation to the SR. Every time I made changes, the PBR made only very slight modifications to colour tones and basically the base colour still being grey was the dominant colour, surely this is a glitch in the software and seeing that PBR is the premium format, how can I show clients a total different material colour that is different on what is required, I can understand variation to colour tones between the two renders, but nor the base colour, ie dark grey versus cream. Am i asking something that the software can't produce and if so, then this should be looked at by software engineers.
  12. Have set up a bay window and require the window sections to meet at 45degree as show in attached pic, however I can't get both sections ( left & right ) to meet the centre one, programme will only allow one to meet and if the opposite is connected, a masonry fillet appears on the opposite side. CA's programme assumes bay windows are design for framed walls with traditional casings & jambs, but no allowance to modify for aluminium windows, am I missing something? Bay Window, Plan.pdf
  13. Anyone out there who can shed some light on my paving issue?
  14. Chopsaw, been there done that as suggested, shifted Hue left and right accentuating green and red hues, pavings remain as is, grey in PBR beige in SR
  15. Chopsaw, The ceilings are white, that was the first thing I checked. The background is one of the CA "Backdrops" I have used, I did change this to white also, but nothing changed and at the moment the "Backdrop" is Öpen Fields", that is why there is a bright green colouring reflected on to the stainless steel. The back and left hand sides of the Alfresco are open so there is plenty of natural light coming in.