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  1. Eric, all good and followed your "Extract All" selection, there were 4 materials that had no joints, ie brickwork, tiling & paving's yet they were indicated in the BU File, why was that, and I had to transfer them individually as well, seems weird. REGARDS, Neil
  2. I need to export a CA Plan to my laptop for a demonstration and on some previous tasks some materials were missing, I have done at least 20 searches and every time the videos that are listed have no relevance to the question that's put forward, I can ask any question on google and receive a myriad of options available, is there a specific language I need to know, so how do I ensure that all materials are attached the the Plan.
  3. Mark, a beautiful sight to my eyes, was this done via Substance Player, worked like a treat, if only I could do likewise with the Face Bricks, but it appears the original image wasn't suitable.
  4. Eric, see attached material from my library as requested, fingers crossed you can sort this one out for me. Robusta Light Grey.calibz
  5. Eric, thanks for getting back to me, tried to send CA Plan but file too large, how do i get around this??
  6. Gentlemen, heard nothing for a while but still no answers to my initial question, I have:- 1.Followed Chris's comments regarding the tile size and Zero Pattern. 2.Followed Rob's comment and tried his and other similar configs. 3.Followed Dustin's comment and nothing changed. 4.Downloaded Substance Player as per Eric's suggestion, downloaded main program, couldn't add The Tile Builder as it kept coming up as can't recognize, gave up after about a dozen tries, In every case it appears that the selected Texure fills the slab area without any joints, this just expands the texure to the slab and gives a distorted image totally to the original material, surely this issue can't be that complex?? REGARDS, Neil
  7. Chris, I have tried many configs, but hadn't done the Zero Pattern, there is no Zero pattern, only No Pattern, tried this and nothing has changed, final image still the same as my last Pic. Just a thought, I have the tile positioned on top of a slab I created, thinking I needed to have a base to add tiling to, would this make any difference??
  8. Dustin, I know where you are coming from, but have done so many configurations its not funny any more, I can't recall having this many issues with X13. Have attached enlarged image which which allows for 600 x 600 tile size and it appears it showing only the horzontal direction not the vertical. The config. of this image is based on 600 x 600 tile and repeated in both pattern/texture, not too sure if this is correct, but I need to sort this out as it's the same tile being used throughout the House and Alfresco.
  9. Have imported a tile Image, but getting no where with use of this material. Have seen a video many times, but it does not make it clear on info required, I can the fill the chosen area wirh the image but only as a single image, not as tiles. Have attached 3 pics showing location ( Entry ) and screen shots of Pattern/Texure, tiles are 600 x 600.
  10. I have imported a texture finish ( face brick ) which shows bands of diferent colours, have attached the image below and it looks consistant enough, so what is the cause of these bands. Have attached images of the wall and texture.
  11. Have finally completed the roofing planes, see attached image. Thanks DN, Chris and Glenn for your patience. Regards to all, Neil.
  12. Mark, I did have a mixture of walls on my original Plan, but several wall panels on your plan were exactly what I was looking for, what do I have to do to copy same.
  13. See below pattern & Texture pics which shows the dimensions and locations as per your previous comment, but nothing has changed, am just going to leave the coursings as they are it doesn't make much difference what size the bricks are visually, as long as the floor/ceiling heights are accurate, which they are. Am not sure where the "diffusion" came from, but don't know where it can deleted.
  14. Gentlemen, things are not going well for me at the moment, sent a reply with much detail to find that it did not show up inChief Talk, have assummed that you didn't get it, so I will re do, have bugs popping up continually and driving me nuts. You obviously haven't twigged on what my issues are and apologise for not being clearer, but will explain:- 1. Have already done an "Auto Rebuild" but its not correct as it doesn't accommdate the roof extension over the Entry which changes Roof Planes to the front of the house 2. I have reset roof planes over Entry and extended these as much as my knowledge allows. 3. If you take a Full Camera Overview you will see missing Roof Planes I was referring to and todate have not been able to complete the roof, because of these. 4. I think the timbers that could be seen by Glen were that part of the roof which is uncompleted and this is where I need assistance in closing the Roof Covering. 5. From my perspective, I am happy with the front view that I created after re-modelling the roof over the Entry, but this could change because of the the missing Planes. 6. The PDF file I was referring to was on the same page as the Plan, but will re-send it separately as i have removed it. 7. I have made some notes in red ink on the Plan regarding some of the issues as outlined. House Plan.plan 303528 BOOTH ..pdf
  15. OK, going to give it one more try, not worth in getting myself in a knot. Have attached two clips ( pattern & texure ), the texture clip exactly copies yours and you can see the pattern clip as well just to make sure I have it right. And just to confirm the brick dimensions, they are 300w x 172h and have multiplied these by four to give a picture size of 1200w x 688h. Neither the Elevation or the Overview changes in any formats that I have attempted.