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  1. Is it possible to draw this style of eyebrow into a roof. I can pretty well fake it with a couple of curved roof segments, but the ridge is sloped as well. Thanks - Joe
  2. I am trying to use a wall to create a structural beam in a room. The rail is defined as Post to Beam, no rail, and no posts. I end up with a free spanning beam. Is there a way to get that "wall" to follow the defaults for Room Molding? Or do I need to create molding polylines? Thanks - Joe
  3. That helps. I was saving the PDF's at 600 DPI. I printed a plan out at 600, 300, and 144. I can't tell the difference between them in terms of clarity. Thanks - Joe
  4. My files for a house plan are creating exceptionally large PDF files, 25MB or more. It makes them tough to email and share. I know I can compress the file some in Acrobat but are there some settings I should look at in Chief to help with the problem. Thanks - Joe
  5. I'm getting close to ready for a new laptop. My understanding of the difference between the GeForce and Quadro GPU's is the that the architecture is the same but the GeForce is designed for speed (more in a gaming environment) and Quadro is designed more for accuracy. Years ago the challenge was speed in getting the 3D views to generate quickly. Are we fast enough that the quality of the generated images is more important? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks - Joe
  6. Odd because I have had this problem on a variety of plans. Unlocking the Roof, Trim layer did allow me to correct most of the frieze issues but some of the soffit is short as well. I sent to tech support, I'll report back what they find.
  7. Thanks Eric, I appreciate the help. What do you mean by unlocking the Roofs, Trim layer?
  8. I'm having trouble getting frieze boards to display properly when I have a large gable end roof with a dormer built in close to the edge. If I disconnect the valley of the two roofs the frieze board will display. Otherwise the frieze is cut off below the roof connection. The zipped file is attached with the dormer valleys disconnected so the gable frieze boards display properly. If you reconnect the valleys the frieze board is cut off on the gable below the connection of the roofs. Thanks for your help. Morical
  9. Groovy. That's what I need to hear. Thank you
  10. I'm adding on to an existing home where the stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd hit a landing and turn to the right. The addition will be to the left of the stairs and I want to take another stair section from the landing to the left into the new addition. My challenge is that the new 2nd floor area will be a higher elevation than the existing 2nd floor. I have a new stair section attached in Chief but I cannot edit the two sections to the 2nd floor separately. Any ideas? Thanks - Joe
  11. I have a client who would like bookcases of varying sized that are open front and back. It's easy to modify the cabinetry to do what I want except... Is there a way to eliminate the back on a cabinet or make an open back cabinet?