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  1. steve_stuart

    Niche in pony wall

    Thanks David, that worked. I appreciate your input.
  2. steve_stuart

    Niche in pony wall

    Thanks Eric, would you mind giving me a pointer or two on how you made it happen?
  3. steve_stuart

    Niche in pony wall

    This seems to still be happening in X12, does anyone know if it was fixed and I am just doing it incorrectly? Or is the bug still alive?
  4. steve_stuart

    Appliance Placement Issue

    Steve, your X, Y, Z plan placement should all be at 0 (first image) and your X, Y, Z symbol origin should also be at 0 (third image). You can access the symbol origin with the "chair" symbol you see when you select the item (second image)
  5. steve_stuart

    Wood grain directions

    well played
  6. steve_stuart

    Wood grain directions

    Great tip, thanks Robert
  7. steve_stuart

    locked dimensions

    I was able to turn these dimensions on and off when I checked a few of your layer sets. When I open the plan on your electrical set there are no dimensions showing until I check Dimensions, Manual so everything seems to be working as it should, not sure what might be going on.
  8. This has happened to me and I think it was when I have inadvertently copied and pasted the wall in hold position. There may be an extra wall section where this fill is showing up.
  9. steve_stuart

    How to delete a manually created layer

    @DermotThis is a helpful little tidbit, thanks.
  10. steve_stuart

    Show cabinet doors as pocket doors

    Someone was just asking about this the other day, check out this thread
  11. steve_stuart


    Greg, check this thread
  12. steve_stuart

    How to Turn on "Living Area Calculation"

    @Kbird1@Chopsaw Great, thank you both.
  13. steve_stuart

    How to Turn on "Living Area Calculation"

    @Kbird1 Hi Mick, do you mind telling me how to link the entire post to another thread? Thanks
  14. steve_stuart

    How to Turn on "Living Area Calculation"

    If you do a search here ("living area") you will get a ton of info on this. Here is a screenshot showing a small part of one, might help you out.
  15. steve_stuart

    Lines in countertop between cabinets in Camera View

    This looks like the cabinet on the far right is a different height than the others.