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  1. @kerhansen Is there an itinerary? I am trying to work out arrival and departure times, coming from the other side of the country. Thanks!
  2. Was able to work through this with Tech Support, the update had the program looking for something it didn't have permissions to locate. Opened as administrator and was able to fix the issue.
  3. It doesn't appear to be the result of anything I am doing, it just closes after about 45 seconds even if I don't open any files. Hopefully I can speak with someone soon, just figured I would check here to see if anyone else had the same issue.
  4. Yes, reported this morning but they don't open for another couple of hours. No joy.
  5. I just ran the latest update (Build for X14 and now the program won't stay open for more than about 30 seconds, just completely shuts down. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Just saw this, thanks very much Robert!
  7. Use the diagonal radio button, just pull the fireplace out to where you want it. You can make other size adjustments in the dialog box.
  8. Forgot to mention you will need to drag and drop the fireplace tool into one of your toolbars.
  9. Ginger, you will need to add this tool to one of your toolbars. If you look at the first attached image you will see that you can select "customize toolbars" from your tools drop down menu. Once you select this you will see a drop down of all the tools available to you, the one you are looking for is "fireplace" (image 2). Good luck
  10. If I am understanding what you want, you can set this up in your defaults. Or open the dimension default you are working with and change it temporarily.
  11. Thank you both, I used a 220 and re-labeled it.
  12. Does anyone know where I can find a symbol for an electric car charger? I am looking for a residential charger, not a charging station. Tried a search to no avail, would appreciate any help. Thanks
  13. I will usually place the knob or pull in the floor plan, open and change the size, then save to the library with a new name.
  14. Counter intuitive but raise the height of the ceiling in that "Under Stair Storage" room and it will lower the slab.
  15. Thanks David, that worked. I appreciate your input.