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  1. Rene, Wow I can see a 48" 4K in my future if I ever get around to seting up all those tool bars. Nice job. Have a great weekend,Ken
  2. Nice job Steve. I had figured out a way to get the look but I picked up a good tip on the skirt board. ( Bumped you up one point for that) Glad to see I am not the only one to call it a skirt board. What chief calls a stringer is what we call a Stair Horse in my neck of the woods. Have a great week,Ken
  3. Brian,, Not sure if the room to the right of the bathroom on the second floor is supposed to be a full 96 inch high room or an attic. You need start on the second floor name the rooms and set room ceiling heights and floor heights then the floor framing defaults then go to the first floor and check the room ceiling heights. I saw in the structure tab you had some floor framing at 18" and some as something else. Get floors and ceiling correct then you can start on correcting the roof. Not sure what your intentions are so that is as far as I can go. A wall from the first floor was generating an attic wall that was conflicting with the wall on the second floor that was your first concern. Hope this gives you some help' Have a great week ,Ken
  4. Ok ,I noticed ceiling different and Floor levels different on second floor. I'll see what I can come up with. Ken
  5. Brian, Are the first floor ceilings supposed to be the same or did you intend them to be different? Looking for a starting point. Ken
  6. Try 3.D warehouse. Have a great weekend, Ken
  7. Thank you Dave, Have a great weekend, Ken
  8. Just a guess, but it looks to be the result of the width of the block wall between the basement and the garage,Try moving the foundation wall into the basement so the framed wall sits on the garage side of the foundation wall. Hope this helps.Ken
  9. Chad and Chris, Thanks guys,Sometimes I just can/t let things go. Guys I used to work with on the job used to say thats good enough let it go but thats just not me when I get a bur in my but I just have to work it out, Ha,Ha Hope you have a great week,Ken
  10. Please fill out your signature with your name, Version of the program you are using and your computer specs. and also post the plan. Someone will jump in and help you. Have a great evening,Ken
  11. You are welcome Mike Ken
  12. Hey Mike, Old school I guess,Sheet metal for the main layer then Made a 3/8 "x1 1/4" Rafter and raised it above the roof. Gave it the same cooper as the roof metal then transform replicate across the roof. Used the Ridge cap and raised it above the ribs and gave it the same cooper material. Probably more trouble than a lot would do but I've seen people spend more time than that in things I didn't care about. If a client wants to see Standing Seam Roofing I think it ought to look like it. Just me,I guess. Thanks for asking.Ken
  13. Tired of fooling with this. Made my own. If you are going to have standing seam it might as well be copper and look like standing seam. Have a great week Guys,Ken
  14. Solver is correct, it is the same as ribbed metal roofing,what we used to call 5-V Crimped. Even after this, it is not showing correctly because after you put the Ridge cap on it sits on the flats and not on the Rib. Poor that after all this time Chief hasn't come up with a true Standing Seam. It has been used for years and is getting even more popular now. Have a great week all, Ken
  15. I am unable to find the file for the bump map. What am I missing. Thanks,Ken Forgrt it guys got it.
  16. Diane, One small suggestion if I may. I would suggest a pocket door into the bathroom. I don't really like them, but in this case I think it would be a good idea. Have a great day,Ken
  17. Draw ceiling and roof plane as Solver said.
  18. George, Thanks for sharing your work Nice job. Have a great week, Ken
  19. Rene, Wow, This is something else. I have been using Chief for a long time and I wish I had half the command of the program as you. Partly because I am not pushed I guess. In my area the requirements for a permit are no where what they are in other parts of the country. Particularly Cali. Most of my clients just want enough to gat a building permit. I did connect with two local builders last year on a three high end plans that helped my income a good bit. Just want to say again how much your work and sharing is appreciated. Have a great week,Ken
  20. Thanks Mick, Just got the beta open and opened my Template plan. Not going to be able to bet into this as deep as I'd like tonight. Having to shuttle the better half between jobs tonight,Pouring rain here and she has trouble seeing to drive at night anyway the rain just kills it. I,ll play between trips. Had high hops for that feature. Lots of others though. The firewall and party wall will help a lot also. Have fun,Ken
  21. nThanks again Mick, That is how I have been handling that situation also. Just had high hopes because that had been requested a lot. Thamks,Ken
  22. Mick, I understand how the beta loads without effecting the current version. What I was asking about on the landing tool is ,will it enable you two build a stair that runs into a wall and allow the offset so the stair meets the wall as in the real world? Thanks for the reply.Have a great week,Ken
  23. Thanks Mick, Will get it downloaded pronto. One other thing on the new landing tool will that not allow a landing to be created at a wall so that the upper and lower section can be made to correctly meet the wall?