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  1. Adam, If you click on file while in Chief and scroll down to import you will find a folder with a list of pattern files. Probably find what you are looking for there. Also Old Backdrops Hope you find what you are looking for,Ken
  2. Make a copy of the plan and do a save as.
  3. I am paid up thru Jan.14,2021, I think that passes muster.
  4. X-12 Not showing up in my Locker,paid SSA fee last week.
  5. Chief had a bonus catalog of watercraft.Lots of items. free for download if you have SSA . Have a great weekend,Ken
  6. op is looking for a 2 post lift.
  7. Thanks Mick, Thought it was late Jan.. My renewal is due the 14th So I'll be good to go. Have a great New Year,Ken
  8. Greg,Electromen, Did CA mention when the beta version might be Released? Have a Great New year,Ken
  9. Wow, Was thinking about not renewing this year,(just about ready to retire completely) however I have gotten three jobs in the last couple weeks and after seeing the new features I am going to go for it. I just love new tools of any kind. The stair and tray ceiling features sound particularly exciting. Thank you,Chief
  10. Michael, Thanks for the Compass Rose. Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas and enjoy a prosperous New Yea. Ken
  11. Rob, Cain't you just make a copy,change the fill color and give it a new name? Have a great weekend ,Ken
  12. I Have always installed Doors and Windows before any finish floor is installed,hence measurement would be from sub floor. Have a great week ,Ken
  13. David, We do ,get engineered drawing from the supplier but like to have the model and plan as close as possible. If you do a rendering and it ,shows rafter tails shooting out into the wild blue yonder it doesn't look to good to the client, it looks like crap. Ken
  14. Gene, Maybe lower the roof plane or raise the ceiling plane. Haven't tried it,just a thought. Have a great week end,Ken
  15. Thanks Michael, That's cool. Have a great week,Ken
  16. I ran into this last week on a plan. Just did a copy reflect about and added to my layout. Worked just fine but it still seems it should show from the side you are looking at. Have a great day,Ken
  17. Gene. I did one on the plan I am working on wand took a standard cab,removed the drawer and set the cab height to allow the sink to sit on top and did a custom counter top. Hope this helps.Ken
  18. See my post above yours. The way I did mine didn't effect any other room. Ken
  19. Just had to add dropped ceiling to a couple rooms in a basement apartment that the client wanted 12" between grid and floor system above. made my ceiling with the ceiling tile and added 12" air gap over and it works . I wood think would work in your case also. It is a room by room done in structure DBX for each room, Hope this is what you are after. Have a great day,Ken
  20. As Javatom stated ,you need to fudge a little to get what you want here. Chief doesn't like A valley coming to a point with two gables. Have a great Day,Ken
  21. Bill, Very nice. Thank you,Ken
  22. Rene, Damn, you are the man, Working on a log house project as I write this. This will put the icing on this cake. Gave you a bump for this. Thanks again, Ken A great weekend to you and yours.