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  1. Has anybody got any idea of how to do a recessed Baseboard detail like the one shown here. I have a contemporary style home and the client wants this as the base. I have no idea of how to show this to him in my renderings.
  2. Thank you all for your help as I think that I have solved the problem.
  3. Excellent I will give that a try
  4. Yep this is it. How did you do it?
  5. No more like a barrel vault at the bottom of a gable end wall...
  6. How do I create an Arch in a gable end wall. I have a client who wants an Arch at the end of the porch. Do I have to do this with a shape in CAD and them paste it? If so then it is not part of the attic wall.
  7. Well this just happened to me as well. I have WEbroot but that should not be the problem. I had to close the program through task manager and opened up the program again only to find that everything I had done this morning was not saved. Went to open up the auto archive and even that did not save the old info I had done. Checked my preferences and it is at save every 5 minutes. This is the first time this has happened just wondering if this is part of the problem with the new update to X14. Damn all that work I did this morning and now I need to retrace my steps again.
  8. So I have had this client for sometime now and the delays have gotten out of hand. I need a constant income coming in so I had to take on additional clients. I told my client that I would have to delay their project due to the lack of response. They wrote back short and sweet that they wanted all the files pertaining to the project including emails, renderings and CAD files. Now don't get me wrong as this was a good project and I liked the clients but there were too many red flags continuing and I really didn't need or want this project any longer. Now the question is, Do I give them the plan and layout file only for them to realize that they will not work with any other designer unless they are using CA or are these the rights of mine and I don't send them at all? I don't want to spend my time and convert each sheet to a CAD file just to get them off my back. Oh what to do! Thoughts and input would be helpful.
  9. Rene, do you think you can slow this down a bit and add some voice over for clarification. I had to watch it 10X just to get one portion of it. :-)
  10. Ryan, Thank you for you expert advise. I knew it was something as simple as that and I just missed it. Chris
  11. my address has changed and I want to update the existing layout sheets with a new template. How do I go about doing so? Anybody got any ideas of how to make this change.
  12. I have a situation in which I am remodeling a house and the orientation of the house is not parallel with any of the lot lines. So I have setup the project so that the house is parallel up and down. My problem now is the client wants a shop/RV garage that would be parallel to the front property line. What would be the best way to start this portion? Should I create a new job and rotate the site so that the Shop is not parallel up and down. My problem is, this is in an HOA and they want to see how the shop would look like the main house. If I rotate the site I cannot rotate the main house. Do I make the main house a block and how do I do this? I have attached a copy of the site so you can see what I am talking about. New Castle site.pdf
  13. I too am in the area and specialize in remodels. I am located in Middleton just down the road from Eagle.
  14. I am and just that fact that you told me to merge was a great tip. Never used it but that is great and will try to do this more often. THx