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  1. cjanderson66


    CAD Detail from View is available in all line-based views, including plan view and any 3D view using the Vector View Rendering Technique. See Rendered and Vector Views. The funny thing Robert is that I looked that up and when I saw in all line based views, I stopped. I didn't even think about the fact I was in Technical View. Thanks again for your help.
  2. cjanderson66


    Damn your GOOD Robert. I knew it had to be something simple. Thanks
  3. cjanderson66


    It was there it was just hidden from the drop down menu
  4. cjanderson66


    Here you go Rob... As you can see it does not give me the opportunity to make a CAD detail from view.
  5. cjanderson66


    I have created a section view and added text to it. Why is it that once I have done this that it will not let me create a CAD detail from View?
  6. cjanderson66

    Plan rotation & X,Y axis

    I have come across this situation a couple of times but can't seem to figure it out. I have drawn a site plan based upon a survey and then had to rotate the plan to make it so that the walls will be parallel X,Y to my screen. When doing so it seems that now my X,Y&Z have been rotated as well. How can I rotate my X,Y axis so that it matches my plan view?
  7. cjanderson66


    Mike, The B&B is the standard white board & batten texture but what I did was change the material color to white and then on texture tab in material color checked the blend with texture to make it stand out a bit more.
  8. cjanderson66


    Your absolutely correct Stephen and here is a great example of a project that I am currently working on where the engineer designed it with trusses.
  9. cjanderson66


    Don't get me wrong Perry, most of the projects I do are High end remodels and are stick framed but for a new home trusses are the only way to go. The unfortunate thing is a lot of home owners who are doing custom homes think trusses are only for track homes so the yare willing to pay for the good stuff.
  10. cjanderson66


    Unfortunately Perry, here in California, as you know the cost of stick framing is becoming overwhelmingly expensive. The cost of lumber has gone up dramatically and the cost of a good framer is crazy expensive, let alone engineers are over designing which brings the cost up even more. This is primarily why we are starting to use trusses in more applications as it brings the load to the exterior of the walls and we are not having to bring the loads downward where more interior beams and footings are required. I have been a proclaimed advocate for stick framing for many years and could put any framer to shame when asked how do I frame it, but I have to say that it is becoming much more economical on the industry of code enforcement in the state of California, especially when home building prices are in the range of $600/s.f.
  11. cjanderson66

    ceating Roof trusses in X12

    I am just trying to get an accurate representation when it comes to the cross sections. The city has a building height requirement and I originally used 2X10's but now that the engineer has specified trusses, I will need to change my cross sections to represent and like I said, I have several areas where there are attic areas for the furnace, storage, vaulted areas and it has become complicated. I know that the truss company will do it as designed but it should show properly in my cross sections and elevations.
  12. cjanderson66

    ceating Roof trusses in X12

    I have been a stick framer primarily in all my designs but the engineer would like to use trusses. The design I currently have was designed using stick framing and I need to change the roof to trusses. Since I have never done trusses in Chief I went to watch a video but it was for X9. It appears that is has changed since then and I now need to know how do I create trusses for my roof plan? Will I have to draw each plane with a truss or does it do it automatically? This is a fairly complex roof that has stop and start trusses along with attic trusses. Is anyone familiar with using trusses as I am in need of your expertise. Thanks,
  13. I have a client that is requesting a (4) panel sliding Nana wall that will slide into a wall. Has anyone created one? This would be with a 4" exterior wall with a (4) panel slide by into a 10" wall with another 4" interior wall. Trying to figure out the best way to create one.
  14. cjanderson66


    excellent Job Rene, you took a space that is small and made it feel huge. Your rendering technique is amazing. Wish Chief would do the same as Thea.
  15. cjanderson66

    kim proposed 17-7.jpg

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