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  1. cjanderson66

    Boxed eaves

    Damn, I knew it was something super simple as this. Thanks Micheal and Joey. I always forget to click the soffits.
  2. cjanderson66

    Boxed eaves

    I know this discussion has been discussed before but I am having an issue with the roofs overhangs. I have not had this issue before as most of the time the Boxed overhangs have worked but not this time. I have tried everything in the book to make my overhangs boxed and nothing is working. Any idea why my overhangs will show a boxed overhang?
  3. cjanderson66

    Moving to New PC

    @RobUSMC Where did you get it and how much did it cost? 3 - 30" monitors, isn't that an over kill or are you just a serious multitask-er?
  4. cjanderson66

    The font you like, and all caps or not, and why

    Damnit, I hate you all!!!! Now I find myself changing my fonts as I am tending to agree with Rene on Century Gothic. This means I am now going to have to change all my preferances and my template sheet. What have you done to me!
  5. cjanderson66

    The font you like, and all caps or not, and why

    You are absolutely right!
  6. cjanderson66

    The font you like, and all caps or not, and why

    Rene, I would agree with you when it come to notes that the Century Gothic looks nice for notes and in schedules for a clean look. Here is were we seem to disagree. Architecture has lost a bit of the creative aspect by going to the computer with the lack of artistic appeal of the old drawing on a napkin feel. Architecture is a creative job left brain right brain and being brought up hand drafting and moving away from from it, I have always wanted to try and keep that feel. Your plan is clean (with the exception of those horrible arrow lines and arrows) not a fan maybe it is just me. That is another conversation that I have with CA. I personally like the Graphite Std or the ARchD for my plans as it still has a personal feel and I get a lot of compliments on my plans. That being said we all have our personal likes and dislikes and I changes things up often to as my personal likes change too... My two cents as well. SMITH floor plans only.pdf
  7. cjanderson66

    How do you handle changes?

    Good God Man. I hope you go back and delete all those files one the project is complete. Your disc drive must be overloaded and need to be optimized! And to Charles V, How do you name them every few hours or so? I have a hard time just remembering to even hit the save file and have become to dependent on the file Archive system backup...
  8. cjanderson66

    The font you like, and all caps or not, and why

    I have always used Caps for my plans with the exception of some notes that I provide. I have never been able to get used to Chief Blueprint font coming from AutoCAD so I have been using Graphite Standard or Architext as they look the best. For the most part Graphite Std. looks the best in my plans gen notes_opt.pdf
  9. cjanderson66

    How do you handle changes?

    Thank you Robert. The process is not complicated but what I do is send them a standard perspective view (like the one attached). Then I usually, in my plan view, give them a Technical perspective which is more like a line drawing. For this specific situation I sent the entire perspective view to the layout and then cropped it to show only the entry.
  10. cjanderson66

    How do you handle changes?

    Good God Jim! Your telling me you have that many files for a single job. I mean I make revisions and have changes but that must bog down your hard drive. I have found that I have several files but I am going back to backup Archive files and saving them into the folder. In this type of situation that I am working on, the entry is currently being built but the client wants to see several reiterations of the entry. Where I have noticed the problem is that when I save the plan as a new plan, the layout then saves that as the new plan. If the client changes their mind and goes back to the original design then I have to go back and change the layout to match the plan.
  11. cjanderson66

    How do you handle changes?

    I currently have a client that I have been on their home for 3 years now and it is finally under construction. The entry was changed numerous times during the design process and then finally approved. Now that construction is moving forward and they are finally seeing the reality and the size of the project, they are making changes again. How do you maintain the the layout or the construction set of plans when the client has decided to make numerous changes and then goes back to the original design. I find that I am having to go back to archives and open up a previous plan and then send that back to the layout but it gets so convoluted. Is there a better way or a more effective way to make these changes or should I just get rid of the Client. I know I just opened up a can of worms saying that. Great client, never not paid a bill and have referred me to many others as well. SMITH FRONT ELEVATIONS 102919.pdf
  12. cjanderson66


    Does anyone know how to create custom arrows for leaders. I know Chief has many different arrows to select but I am still old school and like the thick arrows that I used to draw that are Architectural. This has been one of my pet peeves is keeping my drawings looking Architecturally hand drawn i.e. text, line weights dims, and arrow are key.
  13. cjanderson66

    Window Callouts

    Never mind guys I figured it out. Looks as if I went to the attic and added the dormers windows for a second floor window schedule and it added the second callouts. I just deleted the additional window schedule on the attic level and they all went away.
  14. cjanderson66

    Window Callouts

    I seem to be having a problem that I am at my wits end with. It appears that my plan is showing double callouts for all my windows and I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of them. I have tried deleting my window schedule and then inserting it again but nothing. Has anyone else had this issue before? Sosine NFP.pdf
  15. cjanderson66

    Window Schedules

    Does anyone know how to force a Window number change to a window. I have a window order from the supplier and the window numbers are not the same as my plan. Let alone he decided to start off with a 00 window and not 01. I would like to be able to manually give the window a number and it be reflected into the window schedule. This would have been much easier if the window supplier would have started with #1 and I could have just moved that window up in the schedule. Any thoughts....