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  1. You are Welcome Have a great day,Ken
  2. When you define your wall type if you set to dimension to exterior layer, choose OSB.This is the way I do it all the time. Also my deck band builds to the OSB layer as it should. Hope this helps,Ken
  3. DCB , Here are a few shots of a tower job I am just completing. Have a great week end,Ken
  4. I agree with Lew, Raise the tower till the gutter boards are at the same elevation. It appears the where the main house roof intersects the tower you shouldn't have to put in a cricket,just a guess. Only concern would be the low pitch on both roof sections.
  5. You can print to PDF and then print from your own printer.You don't have to send it out ,plus you still have the advantages Lewis Mentioned. I have an HP-500 and started getting error messages after an update a couple years ago and started using PDFs and then sending those to my HP. No errors and great prints from my machine.I wouldn't do it any other way now. Have a great week,Ken
  6. Thanks everyone. Have a great Weekend,Ken
  7. Thank You, That's cool. Just had a client ask about these last week. Have a great week,Ken
  8. Send your views to layout using plot line option and then choose the plot line weight for Pattern line weight and color also edge line weight and color. Make edge line weight heavier and darker than pattern line weight . Also use the edit line tool to delete line one at a time or by Using the select ken to choose an area and then Delete. Hope this puts you on the right track. Have a great weekend,Ken
  9. Thanks Again Mark, I'll look into it. This client may share the cost,he is the first one I've had in a while that wants more than the bare minimum to get permits. Your time is much appreciated,Ken
  10. Thank,Mark and Mick, Will try Google. This is a request of a client of a client so not in my Interest to Buy a new program for a one time use, Have a great week,Ken
  11. Is it possible to change a Chief DXF file to a STEP file ? Thanks
  12. Looks like maybe a framing member is a little outside the roof line. Just a WAG.Wild ---guess.
  13. Thanks Mark, My brother is the Cabinet builder,I just draw the plans. I'll through this at him first chance I get. Have a great week,Ken
  14. Thank you Chief 58. Have not had any issue with local Building Depts. with the way I have been showing Firewalls but this is a much better job. Have a great week,Ken.
  15. Thanks again Rene ,This will really impress. Have a great week,Ken
  16. Thank You Joe, Have a great Week end, Ken
  17. Stringer,Carriage Etc, I'm in Central Va. and since I have been working in Residential construction back in the dark ages, starting in1970 we always called the "Carriage" board a Stair Horse and the "Stringer" a Shirt Board. I guess another example of different terminology in different parts of the country. TGIF,Everyone have a great Week End,Ken
  18. Larry, I've got a few items in my basement I can't find. Will this tool help me out? Have a great week,Ken
  19. Mick, Thanks for posting the DMZ calibz files.Seem to have lost my along the way. Have a great week, Ken