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    Nope,no improvement on standing seam.
  2. I set my Corner Boards at 1/4" thick. Looks closer to normal,not that much trouble. Have a great week end, Ken
  3. There is a Craftsman Lintel (Header) in the Chief Library,search Craftsman Lintel. Have a great Day, Ken
  4. Thank you, Have a great day, Ken
  5. Add a plate to a beam then add that to your user library. Next time it is ready for use. Hope this helps. Have a great week, Ken
  6. Downloaded your file Eric, Did a roof over a Bay but with only one arc. . Thanks,Ken
  7. Thank you, Best flames going. Have a great day, Ken
  8. There is one in the chief library. Sorry,it is not in the libraries. I have one in my User Library and have no idea where I got it.
  9. Thanks Greg, Have a great day, Ken
  10. Thank you Robert, Have a great week, Ken
  11. Thanks John, Nice job. Have a great week, Ken
  12. Javatom, So true,don't let someone else monkey with your plan. Have a great week,ken
  13. Thanks Robert, Have a great weekend, Ken
  14. Chad, I just contacted the permit offices in the area I work in and they provided me a list of their requirement. Lots if difference from one to another. Thankfully mine are not nearly as bad a some Have a great week,Ken
  15. Thanks Michael, Didn't think to try that. A step that should not be needed ion my book. Stay well,Ken
  16. Greg , Just tried to use as molding poly line, no dice there either. Ken
  17. Greg, I can verify that the moldings do not show up in the dbx when you try to select them to apply to a cab. If you just open the library they are there but they do not show in the cab. dbx Have a great week,Ken
  18. Chris, There are downspouts in Chiefs libraries. Have a great week,Ken
  19. Christopher, If you go back and change the roof plans to 3 1/2 " or 5 1/2" according to what top cord on the truss will be. It will auto correct to show heigth of roof. If you need the truss plans have the truss man do them and have him give you a copy to present with your plan to plan checker. Should work. Have a great week,Ken
  20. David, Thank you for the reply. I have an old copy of Paint Shop. I'll have a go at it and if i have to I will upgrade. Have a great week,Ken
  21. Guys, I have a Bank remodel and the problem I am having is the Exterior Brick is Red Red and they want an old fashion White wash.Any white wash or pickle finish I apply paints the brick completely. They want to still see red coming through. Reason we have to show it is the city fathers want color shots of the exterior for permit approval. I am doing this job in x-12 beta. Thanks in advance for any help,Ken
  22. While in Chief,click on file and scroll down to the import list and find folder of fill patterns.I think you will find what you are looking for. Have a great week,Ken