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  1. Adam_Gibson

    How to Import Fill Patterns

  2. Adam_Gibson

    How to Import Fill Patterns

    Sometimes I swear my brain just stops working. Thanks so much, Michael.
  3. Adam_Gibson

    How to Import Fill Patterns

    I'm stumped. I thought in past versions we simply loaded patterns into the Patterns folder. Now that ability is gone. Any suggestions?
  4. Adam_Gibson

    Loss of Patterns in X12?

    In previous versions there were folders from which we would choose pattern files. There seemed to be many more than what currently reside in the library. Now our only choices are the patterns in the library.
  5. Adam_Gibson

    Central Indiana Users' Group

    Fort Wayne is a hike to attend regular meetings like we use to have in Indy, which were once a month for a few years.
  6. Adam_Gibson

    Central Indiana Users' Group

    Good to know. Thanks.
  7. Adam_Gibson

    Central Indiana Users' Group

    I haven't gotten any other responses.
  8. Adam_Gibson

    Tube Skylights

    For what it's worth. I've specified Solatubes and Velux Sun Tunnels. The Solatubes provide more light, which I suspect is because of their patent on the collector element. The first time, it was for a large log home that had been constructed from 4 small log homes and was depressingly dark. The change was dramatic. I've had them in my own home's interior rooms in Indiana and love them. No condensation issues or leaks, and no maintenance so far after 8 years.
  9. Adam_Gibson

    Non-rectalinear Cabinet Backs

    Please add that to the thread in Suggestions!
  10. Adam_Gibson

    Non-rectalinear Cabinet Backs

    Here are two examples of (what I think are simple-to-code) cabinet backs. I've added them to a thread in the Suggestions forum, but if anyone cares to disseminate their workarounds, please share. Also, if you'd like to voice your opinion on that Joe's thread, maybe it will get some notice, and reaction.
  11. Adam_Gibson

    dimensions for cabinet configurations

    Ha. That's funny. Cool.
  12. Adam_Gibson

    dimensions for cabinet configurations

    NKBA wants designers to use centerlines on cabinets that contain electricity, water, or drains. I've seen it help some trades not to miss details.
  13. Adam_Gibson

    dimensions for cabinet configurations

    If there's a wall break or something behind the cabinet Chief will pick that up, sometimes instead of the cabinet side. Looks like that happened on your second image. If you're dimensioning elements in an elevation on one cabinet, you'll have to use points for anything other than counters and toe kicks. For example, if you want to dimension an appliance in elevation. Perhaps someday with will become more comprehensive. Hope this helps.
  14. Adam_Gibson

    Fulll view garage door

    Here's one I either stole or created. It's been a while. Garage Door, Glass Sectional.calibz
  15. Adam_Gibson

    Changing light switches

    If you don't have other Bone objects, you can probably use the material eyedropper to change the color to white on all at once using the Material Painter Floor, Room, or Plan Mode.