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  1. I noticed Firefox strips the msi extension when downloading the last two updates. By appending .msi to the file name, the program recognizes it and installs normally.
  2. I had the same issue. Adding .msi to the file name worked. Eric once again lives up to his name.
  3. I'm curious how you got the railing in the angled pass through. Did you make a symbol?
  4. Eric, once again you've lived up to your avatar. I never knew one could combine pass throughs like that. Thank you so much for the video, ideas, and your time!
  5. Any ideas on the best way to achieve this two-part challenge would be greatly appreciated. It's an unusual shape for the doorway, and on top of that, it has a railing in part of it. Yep, it's actually in the doorway.
  6. I sold it a while ago but I don't recall having issues.
  7. Mark, that's some useful info that I had not considered. Thank you for the graphics!
  8. For those who pm’d and emailed, thank you! I should have a proposal today. If it’s not what I’m looking for I’ll get back to you Friday.
  9. I've drawn the schematic design for a two-story home, but am not familiar with the local codes. I'd like to hire someone who can collaboratively bring it to the next level. There's a local architectural/engineering firm that can stamp the plans, but I'd like to have most of the legwork completed before handing it over. It's a fun project and there's a lot left to do. As you can see from the PDF, CDs have not begun.The rendering is of the rear. Lot's of hoops to jump through because of the weird lot, and TRPA doesn't make it easy. PELLEGRINO 11.pdf
  10. True. But I wasn't even looking there. I looked in preferences and defaults. Where it should be!
  11. OMG, you're so right! Jeez and thank you!
  12. Only on one machine, when I select an object (wall, dimension, etc.), nothing gets selected on the active layer display options panel. I assume it's a preference somewhere, although I don't know why anyone would not want it. Anyway, I can't find a way to turn it on. Any ideas?