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  1. Lance, I haven't seen enough interest to start a new one.
  2. H'mmm. That's not it. Oddly, when I build framing, it looks ok. I think it may just be the dbx image.
  3. Come to think of it, It's got to be that my main layers between floors aren't aligning, but haven't been able to make that work automatically.
  4. 1. I'm stumped as to why the mudsill is pushed out past the rim joist. 2. I'm guessing that it's raised because I specified a 3.5" tall brick ledge. But it sure doesn't look like it should. The foundation wall is specified as 12" thick with the aforementioned brick ledge (pony wall). I understand that the room spec dbx doesn't show actual wall thicknesses, but the mudsill location has me puzzled. Any suggestions?
  5. Have you set the options in the Disto as Mark showed in his attachments? Ever since then everything works perfectly for me.
  6. That is quite helpful and may have solved my immediate problem. Thanks so much!
  7. That's helpful, thanks. can you show me what you have for the "Send" tab?
  8. I returned the X3 and purchased an E7500i. I still get an error message that the measurement info is incorrect. I think it's adding an extra " or something. Can you tell me what your information string is set to in the Disto Transfer software? Mine is Distance##Distance_Unit##Return but evidently, Chief doesn't like that. On another note, what do you like better about the 7500? Thanks, Adam
  9. That's it, Steve. Thank you. I could have racked my brain on this!
  10. Suddenly I'm finding that when I build a new foundation based on the 1st floor, its walls are 4" outside the 1st floor. In this case the foundation is a pony wall with the lower wall an 8" concrete stem wall and the upper wall 4" concrete stem wall plus 4" brick facade. Rather than aligning with the exterior of the wall above, it seems to be aligning the main layers. Did I hit a switch or something? I don't recall this issue previously.
  11. That's exactly what the user manual says, but for the life of me, I can't get to that screen, if it exists!
  12. Thanks for the advice, Mark. These are the only choices I can see. I'm stumped.
  13. After rebooting the unit, it sends dimensions to Chief like this: 5'9" 17/32. I think the extra " is throwing it off. No idea how to change that.
  14. I've been using an older model, but as they updated the Transfer software to version 6, the Bluetooth function stopped working. So I bought an X3 and when I shoot a measurement, it sends the wrong dimension to Chief that makes no sense. Also, the Transfer software shows many imperial options, like eighths inches, etc, but the screen always defaults to /32s. Is anyone willing to share how they set theirs up?