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  1. Can someone explain what this is? It's from the most recent update notes.
  2. I recommend that you make a suggestion in the Wishlist forum. The more who request it, the more likely it is to be implemented. It would be quite the time saver when doing large elevations.
  3. Has the "Maximum Allowed Lights" default changed since you upgraded? The default is 8, but can be changed to anything. It could be that they're on in parts of the plan that you can't see from where your camera is. Just a suggestion. I'm not looking at Chief to know where that setting is at the moment.
  4. I know I'm getting old, but I don't recall creating cad blocks for every electrical item in the library. In older plans, when I click on any kind of electrical item that includes letters, the font is not Blueprint. But maybe years ago I had am aggressive cad block day.
  5. Can someone point me to where to change the text on electrical symbols? I must've changed it in the past, but X13 has reverted back to the Blueprint font. I like my simple blocky font better.
  6. Gotcha. Makes sense. What doesn't make sense is why it defaults to the way it does. Thank you!
  7. Roby: Thanks so much! I thought the cheek walls, since they're bearing the dormer roof, should not have "Roof cuts wall at bottom" checked. But guess there would be double rafters to support that. I totally missed the roof hole polyline. Michael: I assume you mean the little walls that protrude into the room, to hide them in plan view. Thank you very much!!! I really appreciate your time and effort.
  8. CURRAN AS-BUILT 02.planOh. It worked!
  9. Sure. I'd attach it, but the site is giving me error codes about attaching it.
  10. This happens when the dormer wall is stacked above the wall below: the siding doesn't display on the outside corners and reveals the "framing." Although in this case there isn't actually any framing. I could cover it with a corner board, but it would be too wide. This is a manual dormer, but the same happens with an auto dormer unless I pull the front wall back so it's not stacked above the wall below. And as if that isn't insult enough, the lap siding on on the side walls disappear. The main roof is not touching the side dormer wall, which I know would cause the siding to disappear. Any ideas?
  11. Well golly. I never considered what that little checkbox was for. Thank you!
  12. I'm wondering what the best way to is to get this look in plan view and 3D. I suspect I will have to make a symbol from three sets of stairs, and draw CAD lines in plan view. But if anyone has a better suggestion, I'd love to hear it! Creating a symbol will be a pain if the terrain elevation changes.