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  1. mcrump

    Glass Garage Door

    Does anyone have a door like this of a readers digest version of how to create it? Thanks!!!
  2. mcrump

    Terrain Help

    Robert, I can't thank you enough for this help. If it were not for the time crunch I would have suffered the pain of a terrain learning curve. I shall do so once I am done with this. Thanks again!!
  3. mcrump

    Terrain Help

    Can I get some kind soul to make a quick terrain that looks something like what is in the attached pdf. Nothing exact - just close. I know, I know...I have probably done everything wrong in building this model, but I have never done multi-story terrains before. I just need to get into Lumion so I can do a quick render. I tried building the terrain with a polyline solid but it won't let me place the drives or sidewalks. Gotta be terrain I guess. Thanks!!!! 3D Model.plan 5522-A2.pdf
  4. mcrump

    Line Art Rendering

    I used to know how to put a line art perspective image on my cover sheet, but alas, old age is taking its toll. When I send a line art perspective view to layout it is pixilated because it is sending an image, not a vectorized image. Any ideas on doing this?
  5. mcrump

    Merging Three Computers

    Thanks Guys. One other it possible to do the same thing with the core and mfr. libraries? I know the user libraries will because het are stored in the X10 Data directory. Globally updating would be so nice!!
  6. mcrump

    Merging Three Computers

    I know this is a stupid title but It's the best that I can do. I have Chief on three computers. Work, home and my laptop. It's a real pain to keep all of them synced up with the constant changes to templates, etc., so I was wondering.....if I put my data folder on Dropbox and pointed all three programs to that folder, would that allow me to change something on one computer and it filter to all three machines?
  7. mcrump


    Where do I set snaps to 1" when I draw walls? I know I'm overlooking something here with the upgrade to X10.
  8. mcrump

    Window Surround

    Anyone know an easy way to create a brick window surround. The windows are 3'-0" x 7'-4" round top. I think I have the pre-cast keystone and the rowlock sill figured out but the sailor course going up the sides and over the top has me stumped. The example posted shows the problem with the orientation of the brick. It doesn't need exact detail. I just need it to look decent for a fly-around rendering. Any ideas most appreciated. Windows.pdf
  9. mcrump

    ADA Ramps and landings

    Wrong. Landings are required at every 30" of vertical rise. 2015 ICC/ANSI A117.1
  10. mcrump


    Close is good enough for horseshoes, hand grenades, thermonuclear war and Chief's electrical connections. Chief, Fix This!!!
  11. mcrump


    Set your active layer to wire and dashed lines then use the arc command. 3 clicks.
  12. mcrump

    Elevations in Color

    I have been away from Chief since I upgraded to X9 because, quite frankly, things have been slow in my neck of the woods. Well........I started on a simple plan last night and when I generated my elevations and sent them to layout. They came in in color. I thought I remember in X8 and earlier the elevations came in in black & white. Has there been a setting change in X9 or am I simply doing something wrong. Thanks!
  13. mcrump

    Printer/plotter sale

    Heck of a price. I paid almost 12k for my 2530 PS model.
  14. mcrump

    From Paper to Project with Chief Architect

    Here's a good example of a lot of the stuff that I do. 5374.pdf
  15. mcrump

    From Paper to Project with Chief Architect

    Very nice! I would use Chief for all my commercial if it could work with pre-engineered metal buildings.