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  1. Hi, I've been trying to add rain water down pipes to the gutters in my building design, but I can't find any suitable item to use in the architecture catalogue - can anybody point me in the right direction? Many Thanks, Chris
  2. Oddjob


    Hi Dermot, Many thanks for your help - I have found the Residential template very capable for my design needs so far and my enquiry about the Interior template was more for interest and comparison purposes. I'm sure over time that as I become more familiar with the software I will develop my own templates for my particular needs. Chris
  3. Oddjob


    Many thanks Robert for your reply to my post, however I can't see the Interior template in this location - see attached screen capture. Do you have any other suggestions? Many Thanks, Chris
  4. Oddjob


    Hi, when I first opened X11 I was given the option of selecting either Interior or Residential templates. I initially chose the residential template, but now I want to switch to interior template, but I can't locate it under the browse box in the New Plan preference setting - does anyone know how I can recover the interior template? Many Thanks, Chris