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  1. Rene - than you for your help. I am using END TO END. I am posting the default selections and what is happening in my elevations
  2. Hi - not sure where to post this, but its a glitch in X13. I am using Premier Version. I love the new options in dimensioning cabinet elevations, but now it will only dimension to cabinet doors - not the boxes and some of my dimensions are blank. When I open the dimension line and check the "segment" everything looks correct. Other than adding a cad line - does anyone have a workaround until this gets fixed? Robin Fisher Premier X13 iMac 27" Graphics Radeon Pro 570X 4 GB
  3. I have this same issue and everything is on the correct layer and is displaying, but I can't see it in 3D or in elevation. Never mind - I had it measuring from "absolute" instead of "finished floor". thank you
  4. Hello - I would like to use this symbol in a custom shower - how do I link camera (elevation) views to this symbol. Thank you in advance
  5. Hello - I have a few layer sets that I want to remove from my plans - how do I do this?
  6. This just started occurring - I now have cabinet labels on my elevations. I really don't want that. How do I remove them?
  7. Thank you. This was great. SNestor - your video was perfect and easy. Thank you.
  8. I want to create a Craftsman window detail. 4" wide casings, lintel - 1" parting bead, Fascia 6' with crown on top. Help please X12 Premier
  9. I see where i can make them horizontal, but not come together on an angle. Is this even possible? I have tried working with polylines, but it is not easy connecting and getting the angles correct
  10. where do you find this? I have Chief for Interiors
  11. Hi - I want to create a tile layout like the sketch below - I have tried to modify a poly line, but it is incredibly hard, I am having a hard time "trimming" or "connecting lines"
  12. HELLO - how do i create a coved ceiling? Thank you for your responses
  13. When we print our layout sheets, the four lines that make up the rectangle (the room) in our elevation walls are disappearing. Should I be thickening them up somehow so they print clearly? As you can see from the photo, the dimensions are nice and dark, but the left wall is so faint. There should be a wall left of the switch.