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  1. Thanks Mike, This is what I could Find when I had to replace my desktop when Chief made the grafix chang. Correct about the SSd but I have all my files I wok off of on a 2 t SSD drive.. I think I'll just Swap out the 8s for a couple 16s. Thanks for taking time to reply. Hope it isn't as hot where you are as it is here, Ken
  2. Good morning, I finished my mlast plan in X-15 and started a new one in X-16 yesterday. My desktop is an HP Oman i-7 10700 @2.9 Ghz. with two -8 GB Sticks of ram. It ran X-15 with nom problems but yesterday started getting warning about running out of memory and got slow. Question is should I add two more sticks of 8GB or replace with two sticks of 16GB? Thanks and have a great day, Ken
  3. Emily, A sample. This one just about complete for a client. It is doable, have a great 4 th. of July
  4. It is official, X-16 Premier has been released
  5. attach the plan to get help.
  6. I find rotating causes all sorts of problems. Save your plan and then try flip front to back then side to side. Few less problems. Good Luck, Ken
  7. Rich, That is more my style. Have a great day, Ken
  8. Thank you Sir, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ken
  9. Thank you Dan, Good job! Merry Christmas and Have a great New Year, Ken
  10. I have done a few log home in the last 4 or 5 years. I will,attach one for you to look at and answer your questions as best I can. Chase and Tonya Tunnell Log Home_ Nov,29,2021.pdf
  11. Thank you Sir, Have a great weekend, Ken
  12. Thanks Robert, Have a great weekend. Ken
  13. Thanks Carudo, My Liquor Cabinet is now full! Have a great day, Ken
  14. Problem solved, Found Steel wall type in Library.
  15. Thanks in advance Guys, Have a new project coming up and GC wants to use metal studs. Dot finding oes anyone have a wall type of this type? Not finding one in the program. Thanks again, Ken
  16. Thank you Chris, Much appreciated! Have a great week,Ken