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  1. Thanks. I thought a Shape option was needed (like in the window DBX) to achieve the goal. Easier using the 'match roof pitch' button but possible with angle modifications.
  2. Is it possible to create angled doors that follow roof/ceiling pitches? I've combed the archives but don't see anything regarding this. I would like the ability to angle doors like we are able to do with windows through the DBX. I've attached a picture of the scenario I'm trying to recreate.
  3. Thanks Chopsaw. Spoke with CA and they emphasized going with one of those also but thought the Radeo Pro 'could' work.
  4. Considering a computer with this graphics card. Anyone have experience or knowledge with or of it? Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm a non-computer person that just wants to design architecture.
  5. Thanks all for your input. It seems comments are mixed regarding Chief's ability to produce this project as I suspected they might be.
  6. Does anyone have experience creating construction drawings for a custom steel staircase using CA? (see attached image) Something similar to this is desired. I have been ask to do so but feel CA is too limited in it's ability. I assume one could spend hours creating custom P-solids and eventually a workable plan but don't know if it's worth the effort. It sounds like maybe the version 13 update may allow more control over this function but right now I don't think it's reasonably attainable. Thoughts? Ideas? Experience?
  7. Has anyone tried to use CA for creating metal stairways plans for a fabricator? I have a request to do so and am apprehensive about being able to create drawings with enough detail. -DG
  8. Thanks Mick. No. I'm not familiar with Paint. I don't think I ever used it. I'll try to experiment with the suggestions you forwarded. -DG
  9. Thanks all. What basic image editor program would you recommend? I think the only one I have is Paint but it's probably 10 years old.
  10. I reviewed this older posting: http://www.chieftalk.com/showthread.php?65927-varying-lap-siding-reveal and was able to successfully download the pattern created. What I don't understand is how one transfers that pattern to the texture file for 3D viewing? I'm hoping it's easier to do this now as the posting dates back to 2014? Here's the elevation view with the intended siding pattern: Now to just get the material to follow.
  11. Just to reiterate: The pattern libraries are the only libraries that seem to be missing files. ALL the other libraries have migrated correctly and are accessible as normal. It's only when I choose to select a pattern through it's DBX for a particular item (such as flooring or roofing) do I experience the problem. I have 're-migrated' the files several times through the new X12 feature to no avail. I also have opened plans with X11 and a particular pattern I'm searching for and tried the 'add to library' option. Still, not accessible even after resetting.
  12. I should add that all libraries are accessible as normal in every other situation.
  13. It was a pattern from the Chief library and not one of my own. It does not appear my user library nor anything other than the Chief core library is accessible when choosing a patter in the DBX. This capture shows what I see when I try to choose a pattern. Only the core library has an arrow next to it.