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  1. Maybe I'm just easy, but I am impressed. New Stair tools, new Door tools, Nano walls, Room schedules and Wall schedules, to much to list. When can we download the beta and start playing?
  2. Looks like the roof is set up for 2"x10 rafters
  3. Thanks,Rene, You the man. Have a great week end,Ken
  4. That is cool man,Thank you for your work and Merry Christmas to You and Yours.
  5. Ray, Just ck'ed the easy rafters site Is the unlimited edition mean lifetime? OK Found my own answer,Thanks
  6. I did a plan for a client back in late eighties and then trimmed the house for him. He had a pool room (game room) and when I trimmed the house he decided he wanted crown in that room. I did it, but swore i would never do it again. To this day I have not. It is a real PITA. Merry Christmas guys and a Great New Year
  7. Thanks Rene, Another great addition to my tools. Have a great weekend, Ken
  8. Thanks to you Rene and Mick, Merry Christmas and a Great New Year to You and your Families, Ken
  9. Thank You David, Merry Christmas to you and Yours! And a Great New Year,Ken
  10. Lane, Stop the CA chimney at the height you wat to start the taper the finish with a solid the you cn change to the shape you want. Have a great weekend,Ken
  11. Scott, in looking at the materials I see interior and exterior wall surface Aspen and that is what it appears to be when I zoom in as close as possible. Don't know what it would do if you delete these materials from here. I didn't try it yet,Ken
  12. Scott, Look like miniature cross section views. But it is a strain on my old eyes,Ken
  13. You are using a wall not a railing.Stairs will make an opening in a rail auto.but not a wall. You will have to manually break the wall and make the stair opening invisible. Hope this helps. Have a great day,Ken
  14. Are the walls specified to align with the correct layer in the wall dbx? Looks like the walls have different layers. Just a thought,Ken
  15. Thank you,Mark, Have a great weekend,Ken
  16. Thank you David, Have a great weekend,Ken
  17. Thanks Mick, Have a great weekend.Ken