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  1. I am having similar issues...covered porch and chief wont extend soffit to beyond porch,
  2. I find blender not very intuitive… doesn’t seem to bring in object with texture? so haven’t had much luck here…
  3. I have a client that needs .glb files to use with a certain sales type software. I tried exporting out of chief and converting to .glb with a free conversion tool. For some reason the textures did not come with the .glb file. Anyone know how to do this so the texture is saved in the .glb file? cabinet export.plan
  4. wow..that is really screwed up. Rene, anyway to show edge banding, do you have any work arounds?
  5. What do you mean not uv mapped? how are cabinets any different than any other item in chief?
  6. Hi Rene, is dae blender file type? I have been asked to generate cabinet models for an online cabinet purchase site. The software the web maker is looking at uses that input. That is why I need that file type.
  7. Can anyone help with exporting this file type? Looks like we can import but not export...makes no sense to me? I tried exporting to sketchup but it turns every surface to 2 triangles and lines all over the place, any other suggestions to convert to an obj file formatt
  8. Joe I have to agree to disagree on most cabinets factory built are face frame. can’t build a face frame on a cnc… it would have to be built with solid lumber I would think. in any case there are a **** ton of cabinets that are frameless… faster, cheaper and easy to build. I think most factory build carcasses use particle board with melamine faces, then edge band. better cabinet companies use plywood to build boxes and then edge tape faces ca is incorrectly showing more than 50% of the cabinets wrong. So it’s not a small amount being shown incorrectly.
  9. Its back to representing objects like they are actually built in real life, like trusses and energy heels, took chief quite a while to make this right. Its kind of weird that ca allows us to change the interior of the cabinet without changing the face frame. I would suggest that any cabinet built in a factory or on a cnc machine would have edge banding on the face to match the doors. The only cabinets not build this way would be face frame custom cabinets that are painted on site. When I open drawers in chief it should show the spreader bar and the edge material like it is actually built.
  10. Thanks, so does the drawer cover the spreader bar when closed?
  11. how do you replace separation with a shelf?
  12. Hey cabinet experts...i am trying to replicate how a cabinet is actually built and replicate in ca. Chief does not show any structure at top or between drawers and doors...typically a 4" spreader bar is stapled between. Also edge tape is used on face of box and spreader bars to match doors and drawers. How would i achieve both of these things and have it adjust on cabinet resize?
  13. I am looking to do a terrazzo tile like this, any thoughts? when i import texture it spreads it across the entire tile view so it looses all detail. also do not want white grout, but blended to tile a bit.
  14. I would sign up for sure!
  15. Wondering what everyone is using to share interactive 3d exterior models. i have used the following: -chief 3d viewer, poor quality -chief walkthrough video, make a fly around video, share link with client, good quality but takes too long -exporting to twin motion, I find kind of a pain, but does allow user to control season and time of day, not rtrt quality - giving client chief file and let them open in chief viewer program, clients need to be technical, also don’t really want to give out file. - exporting 360 files and making a kuula tour, quality is great, works better for inside tour, doesn’t allow user to change camera location. I wish there was an external 360 that rotated around object. looking for other options that are high quality and don’t take too long.