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  1. dskogg


    bring in say 4" inside deck edge or even 1.5" so the posts can sit inside perimeter rim joist
  2. I want to offset both the posts and rails on a deck privacy screen, ca only seems to allow newel offset, how do i do both?
  3. dskogg

    Hexagon mixed wall tile how to do?

    Ha ha... I know... you how hard it was to just do this.... I was trying to show the shower door correctly but I couldn’t figure out how to.. it’s a black rail sliding dbl door.. how to do it? i hope my Tiler doesn’t freak when I show him this to do...
  4. dskogg

    Hexagon mixed wall tile how to do?

    Ok guys...i drew hexagons on wall, converted to polyline solids, blocked and inserted on wall... Used polyline solids and material wall surface for black grout behind... I have a pushed back shower shelf so i had to do back wall twice and remove tiles above shelf..here is the result.. Client has signed off on design....it should be close to this in end...i will post pictures once complete... Also might use some matte white tiles near top to give it a little more depth.
  5. dskogg

    Hexagon mixed wall tile how to do?

    ha ha...i really do...they are really in these days...
  6. dskogg

    Hexagon mixed wall tile how to do?

    Hi Ryan, I have done some work with this already but it doesn't allow one to change the tiles individually like i want here...all tiles are the same or two different kinds..also not so much on the hex style tiles.
  7. dskogg

    Hexagon mixed wall tile how to do?

    wow.. i will be sure to tag you Rene, so how did you achieve this? My tiles are wavy like this too...
  8. dskogg

    Hexagon mixed wall tile how to do?

    Hi Michael, not sure why i made it a symbol, but when i did once i tried painting one tile say of white it painted all the white tiles. For some reason i had a mixture of polyline solids and polylines and i could not group select and convert to block, i got rid of the polylines and then did group select and block but i drew these flat and need them for wall surface, how would i rotate them to vertical now?
  9. Hi All you chiefers I need your help...I have this shower i want to use a hex tile and make an organic pattern. What i have done is make a polyline and duplicate until i have an entire space filled up, turn them into polyline solids and then using paint tool i adjust each tile to get the pattern, then i turned this into a symbol. Inserted symbol into plan and then i was going to add a wall material region in a thinner section to represent grout. Only thing is this is laborious and i can't adjust tiles to different colours once i have made them a symbol. Any and all suggestions? Rene?
  10. dskogg

    Free standing tub symbol

    Do you have lines turned on for water colour,
  11. dskogg

    Free standing tub symbol

    I needed to rezize to 59.5 w, 27h, 29.5 w and then it shows lines?
  12. dskogg

    Free standing tub symbol

    yes it came in in the thousand of inches size, i just resized and saved, only issue is it has edge lines that dont go away in vector or watercolour view..i increased smoothing angle but they didnt go away.
  13. dskogg

    Free standing tub symbol

    Thanks Alan, that is almost a perfect fit....here is it in the reno design i am doing.
  14. Anyone have a tub symbol like this? I tried on 3d warehouse and no luck.
  15. Can anyone tell me how to adjust this symbol to make flanges not shown? I reduced bounding box size but that didn't work.