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  1. I am looking for help converting this .stp file to a symbol, anyone know how to do this? I looked for a similar symbol on 3d warehouse and i couldnt find one, so if someone has a similar fireplace to share that would be great. I have a client that wants to use this fireplace from https://www.osburn-mfg.com/en/products/wood-fireplaces/stratford-ii-wood-fireplace/#fiche-technique ob04007-façade-traditionnelle.stp
  2. dskogg

    room label rotation issues!!

    Thanks Michael, that this has been broken this long and two /three versions have come is very disappointing. i went to the other post and I will use your custom room label.. but still... really .. it’s hard to believe. i spoke to chief the other day about it and I thought I just needed to turn some settings to fix it. i don’t ever remember this happening when I rotated the layout box before.. because I had to go into the plan and rotate the label for it to read properly.. I note don’t know if I am coming or going..
  3. HI all, doesn't seem to matter what i do but if i rotate layout box the room labels rotate and the 3 lines of text are on top of each other. its driving me nuts.... this is on x12 btw
  4. dskogg

    Client presentation

    Mark here is a 360 i did with very little time spent staging and such...i know floors are too shinny..i did it for a realtor that is listing and selling a reno...renovator usually doesn't get plans done so the realtor wanted to show him what it could look like so they don't have to discount job at end because of design decisions renovator makes without any design input. I find clients like to share their designs with friends and family for input..360 works well for this. https://accounts.chiefarchitect.com/360/view?share=150042410378297
  5. dskogg

    Does revit have a 360 like ca?

    Rene, really good comments, I think clients like dealing with more local designers... but I agree overseas rendering companies are aggressive. But I think most clients are reluctant to contact these firms.. but money talks.. i know you said revit has advantage over ca on some things.. to me the speed and quality I can get out of a pbr 360 is good value for time spent .. anyways always like to hear your comments as you certainly have your stick on the ice.
  6. dskogg

    Client presentation

    I was thinking of how everyone conveys their design to a client... back in the day all we had was line drawing plan and elevations to show a client a design. so I was hoping to get a sense of what others do and if you have time why you do what you do. i remember doing perspective drawings with vanishing lines on a drafting table with pencil on vellum.. boy have we come far. so my question is really focused on design presentation.. these days it not ok just to draw a line for cabinets in a kitchen but show the cabinet style, splash, lighting, cabinet configuration, hood style, fixtures, etc same thing holds true for the exterior, missing, material changes, window configuration etc. we all are selling a design to a client anyways I hope to see a good response to see what others are doing so we all can learn from one another..
  7. dskogg

    mulled window question

    i just set the mullion depth to 1 inch in options and it removes this line
  8. dskogg

    Client presentation

    What type of styles do you use to present your designs to clients?
  9. dskogg

    Does revit have a 360 like ca?

    Rene.. I wonder how many Ca folks use the 360’s.. I’ve never seen any client speak about a revit model.. maybe it’s not as easy.. I did a render for a builder for real estate listing and the plans were done using revit I think.. why wouldn’t the original design firm be able to do what I did?
  10. I use 360’s all the time.. seems like all the schools are teaching revit.. does revit have a 360? it would be an advantage for us against other designers using revit...
  11. I agree joe, you have to go out of one tab into another tab to make this work.
  12. Thanks Michael, I spoke to chief and they didn’t know...
  13. Hi mark, when I select paneled our auto paneled I only get flat panel, how do you change it to a door panel?
  14. I am trying to add a custom side panel to a base cabinet and i have selected in accessories full panel, full overlay but the door panel does not come to front of drawers, if i just use a flat panel then it does. I know i have made this work before...any suggestions?
  15. dskogg

    How to import room names into plan?

    Thanks Glen, that worked...it helps if i ask the right thing... How are you with all the fires? I hope you and your family are ok.