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  1. Nice Job Rene, how would i make it drop down further? In this case I have a 90" high soffit and one would want tv to get within 6" of a 30" high cabinet, you t want tv to be this high.
  2. Thanks Susan, this will work nicely, didnt know it was there.
  3. I need help converting this flush hood fan to chief. Can anyone convert this file so I can import it to chief? Is there a converter i can use, or do you have to have revit? 6329.zip
  4. trying to make a cabinet drawer that drops out of ceiling to expose a flat panel tv. I made the tv a millwork item and changed drawer in cabinet to the tv, just cant figure out how to rotate the cabinet or make it a symbol that still has a drawer but opens down out of ceiling. Anyone have an idea how to do this?
  5. Renee have you ever built a cabinet door that hinges and then slides away for a bar or coffee station?
  6. I clicked these options, why does it work for applied panels but not your custom panels? doesn’t make sense to apply a gable and not have it go to door front? A bit off topic…Fyi I have been using some styles and now have to make gables and fillers with cabinets because ca doesn’t include panels in styles but includes back splash.. makes no sense? Is there another option?
  7. Mark how do you get these side panels to be flush with doors and go down to floor?
  8. Here you go Revit file converted to .OBJ


  9. I found this on the web..but it is in a .rfa formatt... its a Revit format anyone have Revit that could convert this to a .skp or a format chief can open? Sink-Under_Mount-Kitchen-KOHLER-Vault-K-3822.rfa
  10. I think there is always room for improvement in construction documents and stairs… But the rtrt is awesome.. everything starts with a vision and design.. to be able to produce quality rtrt in minutes is amazing. check out these photos of design through to finished product..
  11. Here is a calacatta gold 24x48 tile texture i made using Justin's tile builder and a seamless texture file from architexture I had to turn pixel count way up in order to get a proper grout line with such a large tile, so texture might be big. https://accounts.chiefarchitect.com/360/view?share=550422850013302 Calacatta Gold Large Formatt Tile.calibz
  12. Good idea.. I forgot I could do that
  13. anyone have an old x10 elkay library you can share?