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  1. Thank you Joe, Have a great week, Ken
  2. Top right cornet,click on your user name and go to profile and fill out info. use mine as a guide. Ken
  3. Haven't tried this but how about a molding polyline with the appropriate shape and material. Have a great evening,Ken Also add a signature with your name, ver. of chief and your system specs.
  4. Thank you Greg, That is great. Much appreciated,Ken
  5. I am interested in a Vinyl Siding Detail for use with wall details. I know this is kind of trivial but when we have details for Ship lay, beveled siding etc. I think a vinyl siding detail would be usefull. About 80 % of my jobs use Vinyl siding. Thanks if anyone has one they could share Have a great week,Ken
  6. Joey, Thanks for posting your elev. settings. I have been using plot lines but will compare with your method to see results. Have a great week, Ken
  7. Hey Chop my easy button broke a long time ago. Have a great week end.Ken
  8. Hey Michael, Now our clients will really think all we have to do is the button and all is done. Have a great week, Ken
  9. In the dbx you have shown the line weight is set in the line weight column which is the fourth column over. Have a great day, Ken
  10. Thank you Rob, Happy New Year,Ken
  11. Check out the sneak peeks available on u-tube, new cabinet features, watermarks and others. Have a great week,Ken
  12. Started with 3-d home architect then Ver.3
  13. David, Try using the wall corner connection tool to heal that corner. Also pull the 4" int. wall back first. Have a great day,Ken
  14. It ia the point to point tool that shows in the bottom tool bar when you clike on the Measurement tool on the top tool bars. Have a great evening ,Ken Didn't mean to underline .Sorry.
  15. My room names always display in upper case no mater how I type them in. I was thinking it is that way by default. have a great evening ,Ken
  16. Just did a plan with a two story round tower and you are right. Tying that roof in is a Major PINB. Have a great hump day, Ken
  17. I have just placed a 3040 dh window in a plan I have open. It is showing 35 5/8 x 48 7/8. Does that jive with the Anderson literature? I don't have one handy right now. Have a great week, Ken
  18. As said above, ck code. It is called a Captains Ladder and is the way to access a loft in a tiny house. Have a great week, Ken
  19. Just raising the roof isn't going to help if the ceiling isn't raised. That is where you will get clearance for the doors. Have a great week,Ken
  20. Hey guys, I downloaded the update yesterday and noticed the update notes were still for 19.3.7. Did the update and have had no problems today. Have a great weekend all,Ken
  21. Alan, You are welcome.I remember some years back losing some doors and windows with this tool but I think it was improved some versions back. Ken
  22. Alan, I followed this thread at the time and commented on it then. I stand by my statement that it is of great use. Just had another instance of the client deciding that the house would give them a better view and fit the lot better if reversed One click and job done.Then continue with minor changes till client satisfied. Have a great week,Ken
  23. Alan, Are you useing the reverse plan tool? Ken