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  1. But you are dimensioning an elevation what are tose defaults?
  2. X12 or 13? Just tested a pretty basic one in 13- OOB settings, only 6 key frames on the desktop. Both standard and PBR with no RayTrace each took 2mins for a 26 second vid. With Ray Trace on would have looks like it would have taken about 1.5 hrs. Did nothing to any settings though.
  3. That will run x13 fine, only a tad lower than i7 laptopnor top end AMD, GPU is good
  4. Open window, label tab, show in this view. I've had cabinets do this often.
  5. I remembered something else- it seams that the game ready drivers default to Gsync, which can lead to DP monitor blinking when you have mixed resolutions. Turn it off. I also found that setting the monitors to specific input source works better than auto select. Michael reminded me...DP out- there are far fewer monitors that have a DP out port and the cost is several time greater than the cost of a cable.
  6. Not a lot as far as Chief goes AFAIK, think how they handle sound is different? that said I use DisplayPort almost always. I have connected the current laptop via one of each to a pair of 2K monitors with no problem. Have not been willing or needed to connect laptop to the 4k. IF there is one you'll find out soon enough I don't know if it's still the case but used to be connecting from the case meant it would use the integrated card instead of the dedicated one. Two laptops ago I had problems connecting by HDMI as it would use the integrated GPU. Last laptop did not have one,
  7. You need to be looking at this when running a PBR- OR if this is with one running this card is not being used by it.
  8. Quite a trick All I have left is see what's up by using GPU-Z. Found here See what the temperature is doing, occasional voltage related performance cap is normal on my 3070 On same page is NVCleanstall which does a clean installation of Nvidia drivers (have to result the performance preference after that. Check driver version first, then have a copy of current and an older driver. I'd try rolling back one first a driver version, if no joy then a clean install of new, if still no joy well...I've got nothin.
  9. Nowadays you also need to set in Windows Graphic Settings as I noted above.
  10. Is that real time ray trace?, you will find that the regular ray trace works just fine in Chief. , You can also turn off raytrace in PBR and that works, just not as much fun either way. Run GPU-z and see what the sensors are saying.
  11. What about Vbios? Cooling? Are you running GPU-Z to see what is going on?
  12. A 3000 series card will be much better in the long run than a 2000 IF you intend to use real time ray trace. There is no need to get a Dual card. Here is an 11th gen Intel version that will work nicely- an i7 adds $130, I'd more likely change the motherboard. I also didn't change the case, but there are a lot of options for very little extra (BeQuiet, Fractal Define Compact...) A Ryzen will be in the same ball park but likely be better with liquid cooling than air. I don't know enough about the more budget friendly motherboards so used a Z590 (I know that one of the groups has issues. If