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  1. I had a go at it using the original plan you posted which has only 2 floors. It's how I'd go at it to begin- Copied exterior walls and windows of that room from first to second floor, used a railing wall to define the balcony area and set other room to open below... close to picture. I included generic columns in the railing wall. If it were me I'd try to find a way to get rid of that extra little second floor. No idea where the ceiling height issues are elsewhere, sounded like you had a handle on that. Balcony 1.plan
  2. MarkMc

    Imported DXF file not showing up

    It also does not open in NanoCad, TurboCad and is a mess in DXF viewer. Something wrong with the file.
  3. MarkMc

    Change 2D CAD object to 3D?

    Do it in floor plan sample attached rebar sample.plan this was multiple copy, you could also use AlaskanSons suggestion instead
  4. MarkMc

    Change 2D CAD object to 3D?

    Molding polyline in plan view, set to size, convert to symbol, advanced options, rotate 90 degrees on Y axis (if orientation is not good then also X axis. Place symbol, multiple copy, set interval-drag to desired distance. Similar treatement for longitudinal bars except rotate on X axis. Did this waiting for a layout to update.
  5. Go into the NVIDIA control panel, manage 3D settings, Program Settings, ADD-navigate to add Chief Architect premier X12. IF you are Ray Tracing also add ChiefArchitectRayTracer.exe Then go to Set Up Multiple Displays and make sure that your second display is checked. Lastly it can be worthwhile to set the Windows Power Options to Performance. If that is not a choice you may have to create it. Search the web for instructions on creating a performance power plan. You get there by right clicking on the battery/power icon in the system tray
  6. It's not you, it's the symbol. Place symbol loose in plan, Open symbol, change the Y origin, add to library, replace the one in the cabinet. FWIW- I almost never place fridges or dishwashers into cabinet. I always either place the appliance in plan and move to the cabinetry OR in some cases (dishwashers) I hack the appliance symbol down to just the door, convert that to a cabinet door symbol which I use on a cabinet. I do that on dishwashers so I can get a counter. Keeping the appliance separate makes labels, dimensions,and schedules easier IMO and allows better adjustment of the appliance which is often needed for accuracy
  7. MarkMc

    Cabinet Interiors

    Just saw this today, then after I did it saw you are on X11-I did this in 12 but principal remains. Simplest way to do this is to use a custom cabinet door- place door in plan change height to what you want final height of door to be convert to symbol, cabinet door, advanced options go to sizing panel and set the Height stretch plane somewhere beyond the height of the door Don't forget to change material to "Use Default" Place this door on cabinet, alter cabinet so you have a left and right door with the top section as opening at whatever height you want. Change shelves in each door section to manual, set as rollout and change symbols used as desired.
  8. MarkMc

    Time Tracker

    I use a little program called Legal Billing from chaossoftware. It interfaces with their PIM Intellect, which includes email, or with Time & Chaos which doesn't include email but also available as a free version which works. It has a staff field among others. The programs are inexpensive and lifetime license and have trial versions. I've been using Intellect for over a decade legal billing for a few years. I also sync both between machines and Intellect to my phone. Originally had a Blackberry so had to use Chaoshost to sync, still do since it's easy and familiar but there are other sync options) The only down sides are you have to start/stop/pause the timer manually (I start it by habit right a way, keep on second screen and set to "always on top") and since it is originally designed for lawyers the default field that I use for Project is listed as Matter. Easily changed in the ini file (highlights in the screen shot) The advantages are you can easily track time across multiple files for a project, can adjust the time listing if you forgot to pause or turn on, exports to multiple formats, can control which of the columns shown are exported and export based on date. I have a spreadsheet template for invoices that matches the fields I export which makes invoicing a breeze. It also helps to remember to make entries for payments.
  9. Or back clipped section, deyail from view. I have a layerset for it.
  10. MarkMc

    Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Works the same in black and white
  11. MarkMc

    Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    I understand now; never been an issue for me and I find it useful to have the same elevations for the client as I am sending to the mfg, to each their own. Until you get what you want this works. If I wanted what you are after I'd be doing this before playing with materials. Take elevation with cabinet module lines ON, take a detail from view, when that opens select only the module lines, I blocked them but can be done otherwise, copy, go back to the elevation and turn module lines off, paste and hold position. At least until you get what you want quickly. Only downside is the lines are not live if you make changes. Blocking them gives a visual indicator if something changed. Then can either redo the detail and block OR if only one or two changes unblock and point to point move the desired lines.
  12. MarkMc

    Stacked CMU Retaining Wall

    Molding Symbol? Easier to reuse or alter run and height. Would need a different symbol if offset changes. Easy to change run too. CMU offset.calibz
  13. MarkMc

    Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Then why not simply turn them off in that view? you can either do that on the fly with the ALDO of have a dedicated layerset. I reallly don't understand. What type of view are you using, vector, standard, watercolor w/lines, other? Post a screen shot. Follows Module lines ON, then OFF, then watercolor w/lines module lines off. I used an old plan of beaded inset just in case there was a migration or other issue, didn't bother with toe kick as I rarely do. BTW you can usually get rid of the toe on the ends by making the side unfinished. I always specify finishes in the OIP rather than rely on the automatic ones so not an issue for me in schedules.
  14. MarkMc

    Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Do you have Cabinet Module lines turned on? They show fine for me without messing with textures. These ALL have the same material, and use the OOB K&B template I've been showing inset cabinets correctly in elevation for quite a few years now without messing with materials or jumping through hoops (toe kick is a bit of a PIA). Perhaps post a screen shot and a quick plan with a saved camera? As Alaskan Son said last year- feel like I'm missing something?
  15. MarkMc

    Kitchen cabinets with no handles

    These are from 2017, think X10?