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  1. MarkMc

    What's a G- label?

  2. MarkMc

    What's a G- label?

    Two schedule for same item?
  3. MarkMc

    A Good Desktop for X13

    Don't know if you settled yet or gotten enough input to be comfortable. My priorities -quiet, low heat, good cooling, ATX board, good ports in a quality compact case, Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet. I get enough render requests that I wanted a 3000 series card since Chiefs preview indicated they are enough faster than my 2070S to be worth it. For my needs I decided on 3070 as best balance of heat, noise, $$ for me. IF I did less renders a 3060 saves $, more renders a 3080 for extra $$, heat and noise, no way was a 3090 in my sites. Similarly my sweet spot CPU is i7 I ended up at AVBAdirect. I'd never heard of them but was checking all options around. They're worth a look. I started with Desktop, Tower Checked off a few filters, settled configuration, put in cart Then talked with them, (Kyle) was really helpful tweaking the configuration and checking availability of parts.The buying experience was excellent. I have no idea how support or any of the rest will be System delivers in a few weeks. (they do test em as they build em which is critical to me) You can get higher level GPU and/or CPU for less than I spent; either from them or elsewhere (for comparison I configured an i9 , rtx 3080, liquid cooled, 32 GB, 1TB 970 plus, 1TB HDD- at $2400 & then an i7, 3060 for $1800). I looked at systems from $1800 to $4k, 5 custom builders and stock systems from 4 places. I ended up with: Define7 Compact, i7 10700k, EVGA 3070 XC3 ULTRA GAMING, MSI Meg Z490 Ace, Noctua 15, Grizzly Kryonaut, (4) Silent Wings 3, 32GB 3200 Corsair, 1TB 970 Plus M2, 1TB 860 Evo SSD, BeQuiet 11-850w Gold, $3k delivered. Won't really know how I did until beta
  4. MarkMc

    Custom Cabinets

    While it's possible to do this with a cabinets using a very narrow one at the wall it tends to not be stable, the front clip comes back or the back one goes away if you sneeze. So the fastest way to get a clipped back is to set up cabinet to have clip then convert to symbol. I prefer to have that with no countertop and use a custom counter after placing. I always allow at least 1" filler or extended stile or installers will complain. As to the Recessed Corner sink base. Here's one I made since I have done enough of these to bother. NOTE that the back NEVER ever goes all the way into the corner (all mfg make them like the attached). Attached plan has one as shown, set to use default cabinet/door material, and another that is a block with countertop. There is also a pline of the correct outline of the cabinet. clip cab.plan
  5. GPU and CPU matter more than ram. If Chief runs ok on laptop should be ok on tv though higher resolution will tax GPU. Easy enough to test and in house wireless is the way to go lMO. If your desktop has wireless you canproject that to TV even from another room.
  6. If its a smart tv OR you use a Roku stick the laptop in you signature will work. Windows key + p will bring up the project dialog. Both need to be on same network and set tv to computer. I did this all the time with a 42" tv in the studio.
  7. MarkMc

    How to import Manufacturer libraries

    MFG catalogs are dependant on the MFG. For fixtures they have Brizo, Delta, Kohler, and a couple of bonus catalogs . As to cabinets I seriously doubt we will ever see them in Mfg catalogs, too many but really not needed in the least. Configuring cabinets has gotten so easy, saving config in whole or partial, is now a breeze with style palettes. A lot has happened since X9. FWIW I was a KD and a dealer for 20 yrs and now half my clients are. Chief does just fine.
  8. MarkMc

    How to import Manufacturer libraries

    For ADA cabinets configure cabinets after placing from the build menu. There are no, zip, nada, cabinets in the mfg catalogs; just doors, molding, finishes. There is no LG or American Standard either. You can get individual symbols (usually dwg) from Kohler and GE on their web site or 3D warehouse (skp or dae). Some other brands the same way.
  9. MarkMc

    A Good Desktop for X13

    I'm considering this May bump to a 3080 and add a second drive. Sent them a message asking about upcoming 11th gen Intel out next month. From what I can tell pcie4 makes a small difference now but I think I want that going forward. I asked Curt about them as he's on his second system from them a 2020 Intel with a 2000 series GPU
  10. Use a double door instead of two doors. In (the rare) situations where you must use two doors make it a "blank area" that is equal in width to your reveal.
  11. MarkMc

    Creating a pie-cut corner wall cabinet

    Ok in Standard One glitch in vector corner cabinet.plan
  12. MarkMc

    Glass cabinet doors

    That's because the panel doesn't go all the way through the door. You would have to use a 5 pc MDF door from them.
  13. MarkMc

    DWG not importing properly

    Turbocad Deluxe Os what I use ,link above is to trial versions.