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  1. MarkMc

    Upgrading Laptop....Recommendations?

    I'd be looking over the forums at then talking to the folks at (yes talk to a human-used to be if you mentioned the above forum you could get a discount too) I switched from Precisions to gaming laptops a year after starting with Chief. Unless your video work uses the Quadro card you'll be better off with GeoForce RTX. I like Clevo laptops (Sager, Evoc, others). They'll have more ports than most, the better ones are customizable beyond Dell or others, and completely upgadeable though that is rarely worth it. I'm on 5 years with the Sager (2nd one- the other still running) This time I'm likely getting a desktop but still toy with a laptop. If I were I'd be waiting just a little while until either the 10th gen Intel desktop chips were available (not the H series now out) or a Ryzen desktop chip shows up in a 17" machine. Though I will say that there is almost not enough usable difference in screen between a 15 and a 17 since I use external monitors.
  2. MarkMc

    Custom Cabinet Shape

    Trust me on this- You DON'T want to make a custom cabinet out of pline, custom symbol, most anything. Don't know what settings you could have that won't allow you to rotate the cabinet or place it- Rotate it on the floor away from wall, then place-EZ. It's possible to build a car out of a cabinet. Check back stuff on the forum-lots already available about cabinets. angle cabinet side.plan
  3. MarkMc

    Why can't room be determined from window frame?

    Change one window to what you want, create a style palette from it. When creating (or in library) open the settings for the style palette and just select those things you want-interior materials etc. You can apply that by room and it works.
  4. MarkMc


    Well, good practice for real life, won't be the last time things get done more than once. Here's a tip- open you spreadsheet either on second monitor or on right side of the screen, lock the sheet, open Chief on the other side. (Any custom fields you made in the OIP should be persistent in the plan) select the new symbol in the library, open object, go to the OIP tab, you can now drag and drop from your spreadsheet into the OIP filed. Once you have your info in the symbols start using replace from library. (if you were in X12 you could set it up as a style palette). Should be pretty quick.
  5. MarkMc


    What Eric suggested. Prior to X12 what schedule an item appears in is determined by the symbol type not the layer-in your case that would be a fixture schedule. The only ways around that: shift select each item and make an architectural block which you can then specify which schedule it appears in. One downside is that dimension read based on the global Cartesian coordinates instead of the object so width and length can be reversed. You can create a schedule by room and specify what objects appear but you would still be selecting fixtures One at a time, select object, convert to symbol, make the type furniture. Then select another of the same, replace from library-replace identical objects on floor. This may not get them all but usually gets most. Just use a fixture schedule assuming you don't need one of those Do it manually Personally I'd upgrade to X12 but I insist on staying current always since to me every upgrade since X8 has been worth it and I stay on SSA.
  6. MarkMc


    Well you said you had the data in Excel so that's how I answered. You can create a table in Chief with a text box if need be.
  7. MarkMc


    As Chop said-I use a Chief schedule based on the objects in plan. Besides pasting excel into RT box, you can also save the excel file as a csv; copy and paste into a regular text box. That can have a link to the CSV file. It won't update live but does provide quick access to make changes to the csv, copy and re-paste.
  8. MarkMc

    Windows treatment adjustment, resizing

    You can mess with the symbol bounding box and/or origin-takes trial and error but if you need multiples easier than floating them in. WINDOW TREATMENt2.plan
  9. MarkMc

    Can we create cabinet pulls like this?

    You can turn options on/off in the library but you can't change the spec itself. Only what is turned on will be applied to the object, all other settings are taken from the object as it is. Even if you don't select something when you define the palette it can be turned on later and will apply. So yes the best way would be to change the separation or the door style, yes you need to do that in plan and then can replace the the palette in the library. Few things I found along the way - specify label is not copied from any objects. My solution is: to set a custom OIP field to place the label in place a macro that reads that field into specify label in the items default settings. Include "custom fields" in the palette. Result is the label reads from the custom OIP field for items placed in plan OR painted with the palette, useful for cabinets and windows (so far) Palettes work nicely for complicated windows and doors BUT will not work for mulled units which is too bad. It will copy fixtures included in cabinet faces but does not include sinks-at least I can't figure out how yet?
  10. MarkMc

    Can we create cabinet pulls like this?

    Nice, I didn't expect the wide separation between the drawers?. A note (since I've been playing with these lately)- May want to edit your Style Palette to include "Copy Face Configuration" ? I'd also initially set the door symbol main material to "use default" and leave the handle as chrome, then don't include drawer finish in the style palette. As it is now the handle finish comes out blue like the rest when using the SP. Changing it allows the handles will stay chrome when using the SP. I'd also set the box finish to use default. If just the finish for the room needs to be other than the default you can still spray by room and handles will stay chrome.
  11. MarkMc

    Can we create cabinet pulls like this?

    Make the pull part of a cabinet door/drawer symbol, specify the material for the pull in the symbol and the drawer separately. From the looks of what you have offset the Y axis of the symbol to set it back a bit.
  12. MarkMc


    IS it also enabled in preferences as well as Edit, Snap Settings? are you able to bump but not push?
  13. MarkMc

    remove wall layer

    In 3D and section you can use the delete surface tool to temporarily remove drywall though these can't be used as live images, must be plot line elevation of image for 3D. In plan view you can keep the drywall as part but change the display options lines and fill-change lines you don't want to by layer, create a layerset that has the lines you don't want as invisible, best of both worlds. Villalobos_wall_display.plan
  14. MarkMc

    Moving objects to different plan view

    Those that are not showing are likely on a layer that is not displayed in the LAYERSET that is associated with that PLAN VIEW. You can open the object to see what layer it is on and change it there. OR you can check the ALDO (active layer display) which will show the layer something is on when you click on it. The ALDO can also show what layerset is being used. Once you have sorted this out it might be a good idea to read up on layers, layersets, plan views, default sets. Having a good grasp of those things prevents lots of problems. One thing to keep in mind-once an object is placed in a plan it is ALWAYS there even if you can't see it in a specific view. Conversely once deleted it's gone from everywhere.
  15. MarkMc

    Beginner questions

    I took a class at the start, then immediately came down with a bad case of the flu and was down for a month so didn't manage to follow up immediately. I had a large project that I managed to get out the door the month after that though it was challenging and a bit messy. Followed up with a second class and was off and running. In my retail business I trained 3 assistants and had each take the intro class to start with regardless of what skills they brought to the table. Two of the three did fine, the other simply balked at working in 3D (came from AutoCAD). Nowadays I do spot training; just tech support really for my drafting clients. One thing I see often is a lack of understanding of the fundamental foundations-defaults, dynamic defaults, layers, layersets, plan views, and default sets. The intro class covers those, pay attention. The classes tend to focus on what you CAN do, "the program will do this". There is a bit less about what you may do wrong, how you can mess things up or the program can fool you. I would second what David says about follow up. The class won't make you an expert IT IS a good foundation, build on it. Use all the help resources they are excellent-F1 for context sensitive help, the reference manual (my favorite), the free training videos (I don't use the vids as much as some folks though), and this forum (learn how to search it!!). I've read this forum every day since I started. Read anything that looks interesting, challenging, or just MAY be useful someday. Take some time to try to solve someone else's problem for practice. I copy and store some things from here though rarely go through those files. The act of copying them helps in a way similar to taking notes, tucks it into my brain somewhere. Then it depends on where you want to go with it, how you intend to use it, which is different discussion.