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  1. OK,Got it. But,It is just a mater of adjusting the Wall Height and or Footer to get the Concrete Floor with the Gravel under it at the point you want. It is just math.And I don't add the vapor barrier in the structure because I don't deal in 1/16 inch measurements.
  2. You have to set the Conc. at the point that lets the gravel adjust to the point you want it.You will have to increase wall default to get what you want to get the gravel to sit on the footer.
  3. Here is the way I fill in my Floor Structure DBX
  4. Add a 4" layer To the Floor DBX Set Concrete to Elevation you want relative to Level (O). Have a great weekend, Ken
  5. Solver, Thanks for pointing that out. Must be the old timers kicking in. Missed that all year. Here I thought we were really going to get something out of The update . I guess what we got was and increase in price and longer in between updates. Have a great week end, Ken
  6. Stairs,L,U,winders,Segmented stairs. Did you find it?
  7. Yes latest stair video on whats coming in X_13,just watched it
  8. Kudos to Chief, X_13 you will be able to correctly draw a stair that has a rail that dies dies into a wall without jumping through hoops.
  9. One more fly in this ointment. Here we have to extend exterior sheathing past and nail to sill plate so the outside of the sheathing of my framed wall has to line up with the outside of the brick on the foundation. Have a great Thursday,Ken
  10. Try using display main layer only Have a great day, Ken
  11. Thanks Michael, Have a great week, Ken
  12. Gene, I use a three layer Wall Type that allows me to dimension accurately. The company I draw for uses D logs with foam insulation between logs (no chinking). The gables are framed with half logs. The log corners are poly-solids. So far Happy Builder and Happy Clients and Happy Me, Ken
  13. Here are a couple Log homes I have done with chief. Yes it is totally doable. Go for it, Ken
  14. Thanks Alan, Have a great week, Ken