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  1. Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens , Chief Library Have a great day, Ken
  2. Thank you Sir. Have a great day, Ken
  3. Thanks Allen, Have a great Day
  4. Thank you Robert. Have a great week ,Ken
  5. Will Probably run the Program OK but that Video Card will not handle the Real Time Ray Trace according to Chiefs Specs!
  6. That should work Fine! Just got a new HP Omen With RTX 2060 and it does the job. The 3070 should scream. Have a great weekend,Ken
  7. OK,Got it. But,It is just a mater of adjusting the Wall Height and or Footer to get the Concrete Floor with the Gravel under it at the point you want. It is just math.And I don't add the vapor barrier in the structure because I don't deal in 1/16 inch measurements.
  8. You have to set the Conc. at the point that lets the gravel adjust to the point you want it.You will have to increase wall default to get what you want to get the gravel to sit on the footer.
  9. Here is the way I fill in my Floor Structure DBX
  10. Add a 4" layer To the Floor DBX Set Concrete to Elevation you want relative to Level (O). Have a great weekend, Ken
  11. Solver, Thanks for pointing that out. Must be the old timers kicking in. Missed that all year. Here I thought we were really going to get something out of The update . I guess what we got was and increase in price and longer in between updates. Have a great week end, Ken
  12. Stairs,L,U,winders,Segmented stairs. Did you find it?