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  1. Nice job Rob, Have a great Day, Ken
  2. Joe, Thanks for the answer. In case of settlement. Also,the GC ask it to be that way. Thank God tomorrow is Friday, Ken
  3. Thanks in advance, I I am using Chief's Adjustable Lally Column under my Girder. Problem is that the adjustable end is down and should be up. Is there a way to flip this or does anyone have one that is the correct way? Thanks, Ken
  4. Thank you Mark, Have a great week, Ken
  5. If you think placing crown on a Cathedral ceiling is tough in CA, you should cut and install it. OK till you try to match the piece on the Cathedral to the horizontal wall. Nightmare!
  6. Ginger, The Log Home Co. I was Drawing for (they have gone out of Business, not my fault) used a 6 1/2"x8" D Log with spline (no chinking). I used the layered wall as mentioned by Ryan and made up the corner logs as symbols and added them as needed. Doors and windows cut as usual and not as time consuming as placing single logs. Have a great week, Ken
  7. Probably because x-13 was crap although Win. 11 wasn't the problem I had with x-13. It just wasn't ready for prime time. On x14 now and no problems that I see with Win. 11. Have a great day, Ken
  8. Thaks Ryan, Always nice to have that little extra just because! have a great week, Ken