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  1. My mistake I thought it was the other way around. Just dealt with the same issue, existing mono slab with a crawlspace addition, it made no sense to have a crawlspace so we changed it to slab on-grade.
  2. In a situation like this, I wouldn't "abut" crawl space to mono slab, I would do slab on grade matching existing floor.
  3. It looks like something is off, your rim-joist looks like is offset from the plate. Post a plan, it would help to see what's going on.
  4. What Dermot showed, is how I always did it
  5. Go to Terrain spec window and put a check mark Hide terrain...
  6. Select a room and look on your tool bar bar for this icon, after you press the icon at the same place you will have an icon with options
  7. Thank you Joe! Have a good weekend.
  8. Go to window defaults and select change To Sheathing Layer ... Your default is set To Main Layer Doors you need to change swing side, you cannot open doors over the stair at least not in the US.
  9. I see some people bring the water inside, not sure what the do with it, especially now since all the snow starting to melt.
  10. Dave I see more and more of them popping up in the neighborhood, did that on a few designs for some homeowners using similar or a round barrel to collect rain water, nobody asked about the flower bed in it yet but if someone asks will give them an idea. I don't care what they say Dave, you OK in my book :-)
  11. Anyone having issues with camera view not updating or freezes in CA 13 when you place something , etc?
  12. It could be in Canada, in US maximum allowable overhang cannot exceed 1/4 of the actual main joist span.
  13. Deck beam spacing you control in Deck Room Type Defaults I have my set to 14' feet for 16' decks (most common around here" and if I have a 14' deck I change the value to 12' spacing for a 2' setback
  14. Put this round fire pit in Sketchup for a job I'm doing if anyone need it be happy to share, image preview and calibz file included. Round Fire Pit.calibz Enjoy and keep warm!