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  1. It looks like the space above is the drywall which should be extended to the sill plate for fire blocking to meet the code.
  2. If I remember correctly select a room >use Make Room Molding Polyline> Use disconnect selected edges tool and remove molding sections you don't need and turn the molding edge into a wall that will give you crown return. Good luck
  3. I'm on windows, same thing is not showing up, it looks as it should.
  4. I saw that style door the other day, I think it was in the latest Kemper Cabinets one of the styles is that door.
  5. You can use Inscape its free and you can convert PDF's to diffrent formats. INSCAPE
  6. You can spin the camera around to have the arrow pointing in the right direction.
  7. @Debra Always a pleasure to help out, glad you could use it! @Jim It only took a few min if that... I used Artisan Plugin. @para-CAD I couldn't agree with you more, Sketchup is amazing to create anything when it comes to 3D modeling, they have amazing plugins and even some of the advanced plugins the cost is next to nothing.
  8. Hi Debra, I didn't have much time to create a better model, have to be someplace, I made this quick in Sketchup, see you can use it. CMU Rough Face Block.calibz
  9. @Doug Don't forget to leave the milk and cookies out :-)
  10. There is a much easier method to install a ledger on top of the existing brick veneer surface using Simpson BVLZ brick ledger connector. I can see MTV bracket being used in new construction prior to brick installation so it can be properly flashed, etc. and extra blocking can be installed along the rim joist... In existing construction it would be a pain in the a$$ to use this bracket especially if there is existing finished basement. @John JT, You need a fascia mount bracket, they make both for flush mount and and flush mount with offset... The one with offset mounts to fascia when decking or flashing extend beyond the fascia board, post mounts 1-1/4" from fascia. Good luck and happy New Year.
  11. In settings Uncheck Opaque Window Glass and that should solve that
  12. That use to be a requirement back in the days, nowadays residential code doesn't have this requirement and can be done one level since the requirement for the garage floor should be sloped. Many contractors still do a 4" rise I guess the old rule of thumb stuck with them, and so is some of the building inspectors but if you question them there is no code they can refer too.