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  1. Greg_NY61

    Bird of Paradise Bush Image ?

    Joe would this work for you?
  2. Thank you, Steve! Excellent video!
  3. Greg_NY61

    ADA Ramp issues,

    Why not use a ramp and set pitch 1/12
  4. Greg_NY61

    Vertical Spiral Duct

    Here you go if this is what you looking for. HVAC 90 Up.calibz
  5. Do you mean something like this? Click close to the outside wall and use the tab key until you see the exterior room highlighted on the outside and at the bottom use make room molding pline This is with Crown Molding
  6. Greg_NY61

    Pella sliding patio door pull

    Export Handle.calibz file to your desktop, select choose files, find that file on the desktop, select the file and add that file to your post, press the plus icon that you will see and that will add the file to your post and click submit
  7. Greg_NY61

    what are these?

    Post a plan if you didn't figure-it-out yet.
  8. Greg_NY61

    Circular Chandeliers @

    Great job as always Dave! Nice modern style!
  9. Good point Mike! I never had that issue with any versions of CA and used a few diffrent printers over time and just printed your PDF with HP Wide format printer and there was no background issues. I would check printer settings or PDF print settings
  10. Greg_NY61

    Dimpled foundation mats

  11. Greg_NY61

    Gambrel Dormer?

    Post the plan
  12. Greg_NY61

    Importing own ceiling surface

    In Gimp you can also make it seamless
  13. Greg_NY61

    Kitchen cabinet doors with inset pull notchs

    I think that new catalog with Italian kitchen has doors similar to that
  14. Greg_NY61

    wall height?

    You have to close CA before you zip your plan. Your plan contains no data.