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  1. Greg_NY61

    3D Graphics Not Rendering in X10 on Windows 10

    Maybe posting a plan and trying to run a render on different user's computers and see what the outcome will be.
  2. Greg_NY61

    why doesn't the bearing lines work constantly?

    Is this how you guys framing in CA?
  3. Greg_NY61

    Attic Ventelation Calculation?

    1 SF of net free area for every 150 SF of attic floor space is defined as Length X Width of the floor of the attic. Usually, if you have an 1800 SF attic floor area you /2 = 900 SQ IN for intake and 900 SQ IN for exhaust ventilation, that goes for about up to 6/12 pitch from there you add about 20% for up to 10/12 pitch anything after that you add about 30%. This is a basic calculation for the soffit/ridge balanced vent system to meet 1/150 req. If you adding fans, etc you will have difftent calculations.
  4. Does anyone have a 2d cad silhouette of a person playing pool...the top and elevation shot? Thanks in advance!
  5. Greg_NY61

    Fire Bundle *.calibz

    Thank you for sharing! Nicely done.
  6. Greg_NY61

    Chess Set

    You bet Ken, Enjoy!
  7. Greg_NY61

    Pour Garage Slab Through Doorways

    I also always did that manually, maybe some of the in-house gurus know a better way.
  8. Greg_NY61

    Chess Set

    Did a design for a chess player, so if anyone can use a chess set, help yourself! Enjoy! Chess Set.calibz
  9. Gene, where did you find this symbol, I needed for a project a while back and I couldn't find it anywere?
  10. Greg_NY61

    Mask on

    I don't have any, I made that one and only one decent image I could find because it's hard to find a good quality image of an Orthodox Jewish man or an Orthodox couple standing full height. If you have a few images that you like, send them to me and I will make it for you.
  11. Greg_NY61

    Mask on

    Anytime Rich!
  12. Greg_NY61

    Mask on

    Here you go Rich :-) Orthodox Male.calibz
  13. Greg_NY61

    Mask on

    Very cool! Thanks, Alan!