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  1. I also use Thea for all renders, sometimes Vray, both are very nice renders.
  2. I hear you my friend, the faster the better, and we trying to do the same here.
  3. Joe sounds like you guys be on lockdown for the next 10 years. :-)
  4. You right Elliot, as a matter of fact with a higher resolution the file size happens to be smaller... here is 3 examples of the same PDF export 600, 2400, and a 4000 resolution.
  5. Arrange a meeting with him, bring this with you and have him explain his interpretation of the code. Also, keep in mind that jurisdiction in some cased supersedes the minimum code requirements in some cases.
  6. I heard plenty of that in certain situations... How far is the house from the property line? It could be a local requirement, some fire codes want firewalls if less than 5' from the property line some more. Just add what they require and move on unless you find something that you can fight them with, but even if you do, it could be local jurisdiction and requirement and nothing you can do.
  7. Maybe posting a plan and trying to run a render on different user's computers and see what the outcome will be.
  8. 1 SF of net free area for every 150 SF of attic floor space is defined as Length X Width of the floor of the attic. Usually, if you have an 1800 SF attic floor area you /2 = 900 SQ IN for intake and 900 SQ IN for exhaust ventilation, that goes for about up to 6/12 pitch from there you add about 20% for up to 10/12 pitch anything after that you add about 30%. This is a basic calculation for the soffit/ridge balanced vent system to meet 1/150 req. If you adding fans, etc you will have difftent calculations.
  9. Does anyone have a 2d cad silhouette of a person playing pool...the top and elevation shot? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you for sharing! Nicely done.