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  1. @GeneDavis Thanks for the reference. He's got some good stuff on his website.
  2. Sure. Here is my Excel template, which I take a screenshot and place into CA. Ideally, I could paste this directly into a text field, so I could then edit it. I'd settle for something not as "pretty", but could be edited.
  3. I'm trying to create a spreadsheet showing all my layers and associated settings (color, line weight, etc.) Any suggestions?
  4. Rene, What is the "Polyline Schedule Capabilities" you are referring to? I have not been able to find an tutorials or youtubes on it?
  5. Anybody have a suggestion to create electrical panel schedules? If so, would you mind sharing a screen shot of how you do it? For years, I've been creating them in Excel, then pasting a screen shot of it in the plan; however, I'd prefer to be able to make one through the Rich Text or Text tool. Or even better, just copy my Excel spreadsheet and paste it into Rich Text or Text (this always messes up the formatting).
  6. Chopsaw, If I use a wall, then I still have to make it a railing in order to make it a different height (ex. 40" tall, 48" tall, etc.)
  7. I like the idea of creating different colors for different line weights; however, the way CA has it organized by default doesn't make sense to me. There are so many colors and they don't seem to represent anything specific. I've turned everything to black or grey so I know what is being printed. I will change colors to differentiate different items (ex. water lines, vs gas lines); however, change them back to black before printing.
  8. I've got an annoyance that I've just put up with for a while; however, hoping someone here can shed some light on it. When I create block walls to wrap a back yard, I've always used fencing, then adjusted the Newels/Balusters to the block wall height and width, changed the panel width and to solid, then applied whatever material. The issue I have is the material is always applied 90 degrees from what it should (which I then have to create a custom material turned 90 degrees). I attached a screenshot here. The slump block material is the same on the house walls, and both block fences. What am I doing wrong here that is creating this? Thanks
  9. I'm curious as to why colored line styles are used, when the drawings are printed in black and white? For example, all of the CAD detail blocks that come with Chief are in multiple colors? I also seem to see it a lot in users of AutoCad. The drawing contains many different line colors and they the finished .pdf file is all in black and white? Any thoughts to this?
  10. Hi, I'm in the process of creating a CAD standards manual for a new employee to utilize (line weights, fonts, notes, wall shading, procedure of evernts, etc). I've been using Chief for over 12 years and most of my standards are all in my head. Would anybody have any resources as to how to do this? A template possibly, or outline of what should be in it. Thanks
  11. Hi, In the past few months, I've found a number of layouts that are displaying Rich Text like the box shrunk. I tend to find it most often on my electrical circuit numbers. For example, I will have a number of circuits numbers "55", send to layout and everything looks fine. I then open it and all you see is "5", like the actual box was too small. If I open and then hit OK, the text goes back to what it should. I've attached a screenshot where you can see the ones I fixed and the ones that are truncated. If it matters, I have Auto Height and Auto Width checked, CAD Style Font Sizing, and Rotate with Plan all selected. Any suggestions as to how to correct this?
  12. Well that's good to know. So you guys don't run into delays or slow movement when you show the project in 3D? I assumed I was going to have to have something with high RAM like my desktop.
  13. I have a 15’ x 15’ conference room that I’d like to setup with a large TV I can display CA. The purpose is to use some rendering samples to WOW an initial prospect and to have existing clients come to my office for design reviews (no rendering, just floor plans). And of course for large Zoom meetings as well. I imagine the system would only be used for these events and not for normal drafting. Can anybody recommend a micro computer or suggested specs for one? Due to the limited use, Im not sure if the high ram and video card are needed. Any suggestions for other equipment and TV size would also be appreciated.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to organize my materials and material list and have run into a few items I'm hoping can be resolved. Insulation - the default insulation in CA shows you the number of 12 x 16 x 48" batts. I'd like to know the total SF of the insulation. I copied the CA insulation to my own folder and changed the Materials List Calculation to Area. It nows give me the SF that I want, but the insulation is no longer listed under Insulation in the Material List, it is listed under Wallboard. Anybody know how to correct this? For that matter, most of my drywall shows up under Wallboard like it should, but I have a small amount that shows up under Siding. How do I control what heading/ID a material will fall under? Cabinets and Countertops - I'd like to list all my cabinets individually, but then my total countertop to SF. Is there a way to separate the two? Eliminate From Categories - how to prevent CA from showing Sub Category - what is this column??? Thanks