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  1. Hey Dennis, I was having the same problem this morning on a plan. My issue was with a triple window. It didn't like it if it wasnt blocked as one unit. Then it worked. I did notice in your image that the furring wall to the north is a bit away from the foundation wall. The wall on the east is not. Try a 1 inch air gap in the wall type, also make sure its a furred wall. this way it bumps to the air gap when you place it. HTH,
  2. Hi Nelson, I am able to help if your still looking for it.
  3. Richard, if the textures are not reading by the viewer. are the custom made or? I would send the plan and all textures to the client in a zipped folder.
  4. Hey I just tried your plan. fyi-The final render camera with shadows says there are 6,074,016 surfaces in the view. in this small room! 12,864 with out molding in plan.
  5. Hi Ian, There is a new update, v16.2.0.47x64 That may fix the issue. it fixed library ghosting issues i had!
  6. I would suggest placing dimensions to your objects rather than relying on temp dims to place/position them. Make sure your temp dims are set to both wall sides and to wall dim layer. It appears that the temp dims are referencing the same type object as they should. IE walls selected temp dim to walls, door selected temp dims to wall surfaces both side of door. Same with cabinets, windows etc. Michael Chief Architect user since 1997 Current versions used X4, X5, X6