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  1. MPDesign

    Ray tracing error

    Hi Darren, Try turning off photon mapping, it only works on objects in the room you are raytracing. Well at least it used to do that.
  2. MPDesign

    SpaceMouse Pro

    Thank you for your reply Ryan I am now considering going for the Enterprize edition. Looks like it could have a lot of preset shortcuts and views in multiple programs
  3. MPDesign

    SpaceMouse Pro

    Hi all, I was wondering if any of you are using this mouse? Like it? I am having problems with my hand. Currently using a 3dConnexion 3d cad mouse ( reg shape mouse) hoping this will reduce the workload on the right hand. thank you for your feedback!
  4. MPDesign

    sketchup 2018 download needed

    Hey I found a copy of 2017, the whole folder. I tried launching the exe but I dont have a lic. Any way I can send you a copy via wetransfer just send me a pm with your email.
  5. Genious! That is like a doh moment! thx Glenn!
  6. MPDesign

    Labraries are becoming overwhelming

    I agree Shane! I would also like a better method.
  7. MPDesign

    Dormer - soffit sticks through ceiling plane

    Hi Steve, I would try joining the roof planes again. It may fix it. Would have to see the plan.
  8. MPDesign

    Q about Terrain Mod. "Flat Reg. (cut/fill)"

    Less is more when dealing with terrain elevation data. Also if you place 2 elevation lines 12" apart this will stop the terrain at that elevation. So if you place a pair in front of your building pad area and 2 at the rear.
  9. MPDesign

    General Notes, text, columns and Numbered Bullets

    Hi Pat, Try using the regular text tool. Use the tab key to create the columns, then make sure to turn on "show grid"
  10. MPDesign

    Primary Contours

    I couldn't get it to change to read with the foot mark either ( 7' ) might be a no go.
  11. MPDesign

    Asia style roof - rising ridge

    Hi Rob, This peaked my curiosity, I appreciate eastern timber architecture and joinery! I looked online to find more examples and it looked like the ridge beam was the sloping piece. I made a mock up of it.
  12. If you uncheck ( recessed to sheathing) in the window dialog options.
  13. MPDesign

    X12 ray tracing change?

    As far as the lighting above the cabinets and ceilings, is there a roof over the model? foundation made? You may need to bump up the lumens on some lights, I thought I read that the lights are more accurate in x12 Probably others have more suggestions.
  14. MPDesign

    Maximum Number Of Wall Definition Layers?

    I would propose that you should have 2 walls in that assembly. Interior energy wall and your foundation wall. Model it like you build it!
  15. MPDesign

    Page Numbering w/ Leading Zeros

    Hi Kevin, You must have your label macro on your page template. If you use the edit page information (I right click in the project browser) instead you can select a new range for the # wild card to be used. So page 10 will be entered as 10 and then 11 is 1# Then you can change it again if you get to a new range. The only drawback is this is done manually on each page, but if you do it once it's good for the future! Also you could make a different page template to get it done.