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  1. Hi Rob, Check off "set under sub eave sub fascia" and make sure your board size is correct.
  2. Why on earth are you driving and posting to chief talk? If you are driving a Tesla then I can see how it would be possible with autopilot. Are you in a self-driving vehicle? Have a safe and happy Easter!
  3. I just used this feature last week, make sure you block your cad lines before trying to load them. It works here.
  4. For a quick fix, I would try a terrain hole positioned around the house. I would need a plan copy to determine for sure.
  5. open terrain dbx and make sure the check mark at the bottom to clip terrain to the house is on.
  6. I would guess the second-floor wall isn't aligned with the wall below.
  7. I would look at your camera and light defaults. Sounds like something is turned off.
  8. Hi Eric, Ryan, and Glen, I started with Erics landing idea, It worked and I got the proof out the door. Thank you Eric! Glen, I was having a lapse of reason and couldn't remember the winder button location, don't do many curved stairs. This worked perfectly, seamless as expected! :) Thank you all for the guidance!
  9. I have a different situation where the stairs need to be curved on the left side only. Is this doable, I'm not sure it is without solids.
  10. Hi Chad, The short answer is yes, your example picture shows a different foundation depth in the middle of the building. Is that the extra lines the OP was talking about?
  11. Hi Chopsaw, I tried it on my machine the left one is your symbol. The right one is a copy with the square mesh from the library, edited to 1"x1" scale. It comes in at 5"x 5." I have found that checking the box "keep Pattern/Texture in Sync" first before making changes to the scale makes it behave the way you expect.
  12. Hi Darren, Try turning off photon mapping, it only works on objects in the room you are raytracing. Well at least it used to do that.
  13. Thank you for your reply Ryan I am now considering going for the Enterprize edition. Looks like it could have a lot of preset shortcuts and views in multiple programs
  14. Hi all, I was wondering if any of you are using this mouse? Like it? I am having problems with my hand. Currently using a 3dConnexion 3d cad mouse ( reg shape mouse) hoping this will reduce the workload on the right hand. thank you for your feedback!