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  1. MPDesign

    X12 ray tracing change?

    As far as the lighting above the cabinets and ceilings, is there a roof over the model? foundation made? You may need to bump up the lumens on some lights, I thought I read that the lights are more accurate in x12 Probably others have more suggestions.
  2. MPDesign

    Maximum Number Of Wall Definition Layers?

    I would propose that you should have 2 walls in that assembly. Interior energy wall and your foundation wall. Model it like you build it!
  3. MPDesign

    Page Numbering w/ Leading Zeros

    Hi Kevin, You must have your label macro on your page template. If you use the edit page information (I right click in the project browser) instead you can select a new range for the # wild card to be used. So page 10 will be entered as 10 and then 11 is 1# Then you can change it again if you get to a new range. The only drawback is this is done manually on each page, but if you do it once it's good for the future! Also you could make a different page template to get it done.
  4. MPDesign


    I would recommend purchasing the New Home Designer Suite 2021 for $99. Or if you need more tools, architectural or pro versions. The pro version is amazing what you get for $500 tool wise and library content.
  5. MPDesign

    Linked Call Outs

    Hi Robert, Thank you for your reply, I currently do my details in live cameras also. I think having a camera for each detailed area is the way to go. As far as labeling the callouts I agree it's manual. thank you Michael
  6. MPDesign

    Linked Call Outs

    Good morning, as the title states Does anybody have any ideas of the best way to get this accomplished currently in x11 or x12? My client has requested details made from a back clipped cross-section camera view. His first request as an example. There are a lot of these needed in our current large project!
  7. MPDesign

    Thick Exterior wall with Recessed Door

    Hi Dru, Try turning on, recessed to main layer or sheathing and see if that changes it. You may have to move the exterior foam layer to the exterior layer and then use recessed to exterior sheathing.
  8. MPDesign

    Jumping in PDF

    Hi Joe, I was printing from layout to chief pdf driver. also tried CutePDF. both the same output. I have discovered that if one uses another camera style say the technical illustration type it prints correctly. I have reported this to tech support.
  9. MPDesign

    Jumping in PDF

    Here is also the example of the vector view style. A-201-test-chiefpdf-1.pdf
  10. MPDesign

    Jumping in PDF

    I just experienced this problem with a watercolor view sent to layout jumps out of alignment with the vertical dimension lines set to floor levels It was not a problem with the vector view but when I changed it to watercolor it moves when printed to pdf. It looks correct in plan and layout and print preview but once printed it's out of place? I attached a copy of the result. My client wants to use this view type in the layout. The vector style is not showing the way he likes. He mentioned something about line hierarchy? I have not really heard about this before. This problem is in X11 A-201-chiefpdf-color-1.pdf
  11. MPDesign

    Difficulty creating ICF wall intersection

    There is a tool to fix the intersection of the layers, when you select a wall in plan view look for this icon. then grab the end handles ( looks like a diamond) You will have to play around with it to get all the layers of all walls to connect properly. It doesn't always work the first time. keep trying, it will work.
  12. MPDesign

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    +10 for the stairs! I can't remember how long we have waited for this anymore!
  13. MPDesign


    Hi J, Here is the Home designer forum link.
  14. MPDesign

    Electrical Problem

    And your solution was?
  15. MPDesign

    Recessed Lights not showing up in Camera Views

    Hi Kevin, Your camera has to be in the same room as the lights for them to show-glow. If you start with the camera in the room then move/pan out to the required position it will still work.