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  1. MPDesign

    Difficulty creating ICF wall intersection

    There is a tool to fix the intersection of the layers, when you select a wall in plan view look for this icon. then grab the end handles ( looks like a diamond) You will have to play around with it to get all the layers of all walls to connect properly. It doesn't always work the first time. keep trying, it will work.
  2. MPDesign

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    +10 for the stairs! I can't remember how long we have waited for this anymore!
  3. MPDesign


    Hi J, Here is the Home designer forum link.
  4. MPDesign

    Electrical Problem

    And your solution was?
  5. MPDesign

    Recessed Lights not showing up in Camera Views

    Hi Kevin, Your camera has to be in the same room as the lights for them to show-glow. If you start with the camera in the room then move/pan out to the required position it will still work.
  6. MPDesign

    Electrical Problem

    Hello, Edit, snap settings, bumping and pushing. (keyboard shortcut F11)
  7. MPDesign

    Electrical Problem

    Hello, Is object bumping and pushing turned on?
  8. MPDesign

    freehand drawing on screen for collaboration?

    Hi David, I did a search for your question on the web and found out that Windows 10 has a feature called "Windows Ink Workspace" built right in! I do see your sig says you are still on Windows 8, is this correct? If so there is another option a small program called "Zoomit" There are several program options out there.
  9. MPDesign

    One sided railing?

    Hi Chad, Here is the place to turn off the railing half post at wall.
  10. MPDesign

    Line drawing printing issue

    I would suggest that you delete the view and send it to layout again. have seen this in the past and it appears there is a double image.
  11. MPDesign

    seeking help with drawings in Minneapolis

    yes, please call me to discuss.
  12. MPDesign

    seeking help with drawings in Minneapolis

    I am in the area of Minneapolis, please email me to see if we can help.
  13. MPDesign

    need basic layout for B&B in Caribbean

    Great, good luck with your project. Thank you
  14. MPDesign

    need basic layout for B&B in Caribbean

    I can help with project, please contact me to discuss your project. regards
  15. Hi John, I sent you an email last Wednesday when you originaly posted. Please contact me for an estimate.