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  1. tommy1

    combining two or more layouts into one layout

    Try just keeping all plan files and layout files in the same job folder and see if that helps.
  2. tommy1

    Garage Door Windows

    I wish this program was still available for purchase. I don't believe it is.
  3. tommy1

    garage designation and separation

    Pretty sure you can do it here but you can't make the upstairs be loft like with railing above looking down to the garage. We have to have a 20 minute fire-rated door (self-closing) that goes to the living space above. There would have to be an egress window upstairs (bedroom or not).
  4. tommy1

    Add Custom Notes - Library

    Exactly right. I have alot of notes that the city requires me to use in my plans...especially certain IRC notes.
  5. tommy1

    Customer wants temporary access to my software key?!

    No. Don't do it. I don't even think your software key will help him if he's using Designer Pro. I wouldn't give my key to anyone.
  6. tommy1

    Railings in Window

    To get this look, I would probably make a symbol of the railing. Recess the window and control/drag the symbol into the window.
  7. tommy1

    Laptop Recommendations

    You can look at my laptop specs below. Bought it in February of this year. Runs Chief just fine. I paid $1,500.00 after tax.
  8. Have never seen 2x14 lumber here however I suppose you could special order anything but don't believe you'll find it in stock in Houston.
  9. tommy1


    This is what I do to move the railing further in. Make the deck with the deck tool that has no railing with room definition. Place a deck railing wall inside the deck and make it no room definition and move it to where you want it on the deck. Pretty easy and simple.
  10. tommy1

    Windows in gable interfering with floor plan

    Go up to the attic level and be sure attic walls are turned on. Place your windows there. Window/s should not show on 1st. floor and should not have a problem placing doors on the first floor.
  11. Mine are still there with the latest update. Scott, You're using a Mac. Most things seem to be different when I help people on a Mac. Mine looks the same Eric's because I assume we're using a PC.
  12. tommy1

    Dimension Style Dropdown Toolbar

    Joe, please call me if you like. I might have a job for you in Galveston. 832-754-6160
  13. tommy1

    post and beam foundation wall

    This can vary from place to place. I have several different details depending on the situation. More information is needed to probably help like for one your location and state. Have you spoken with an engineer for that particular project?
  14. tommy1

    Seeking design help with my home renovation

    I'm sure it varies in areas but in Houston, TX, all new foundations whether new construction or remodels are required to have an engineering stamp. For that matter here, any new roof, load bearing walls that are moved, and any opening over 10' wide, or any engineered beam whether wood or steel needs to be signed off by an engineer to get a permit from The City Of Houston.
  15. tommy1

    Roof Assistance

    Someone with that version will have to step in. Not sure what you can do. Pretty sure with Pro, you can do it.