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  1. Try two things. 1- Marque sellect all the exported drawing in autocad workspace. Change colour to ether black or white. I dont exactly remmeber working colour, but that usually solves the issue 2- Export hatches button may require to be ticked. Hope that hrlps
  2. ShaneK Thanks for the complement. Alwsys appreciate your experties too. Your truss works are stunning and special ones. Thank u.
  3. I remember I have once used it to create skrews and its threads. Here is a preview video uploaded earlier.
  4. Yeah! Thank you. Nice to see you too.
  5. Hey Johnny here is a relatively big commercial building I did using CA. X10 runnibg on mac book pro.Actually not an easy task for chief to run smooth when when plans get bigger.
  6. You sre welcome. I am glad it worked for you. Thank u
  7. Chop I think chief does this automatically. Just untick the check boxes for "railing transitions" in stair dbx, while check boxes for "smooth transition" is checked on. thanks
  8. Well think symbols from a 3rd party will result model slagoahness. I know symbols made insode chief are better. I can make you pretty accurate spiral stairs. PM me.
  9. Thanks David. My pleasure sir. Had few kenyan clients earlier, one of them I recall needed a design of RCC building(picture attached). I have indians, brazilian clients and all over the world. Indians, like here in ethiopia and kenya build RCC buildings. Aa you know, chiefarchitect is number one software when it comes to design of timber structures, that is why it is widely used in America, Canada, Australia, Newzeeland including Europe and as a matter of fact most of my clients are from this areas. Specially USA and Canada. They always get surprised when I tell them I am in ethiopi
  10. Some one asked me what "workflow based tutoring" means. I tried to explain him as follows "User work flow means ways of doing things effectively by using the tools of the software. And in order to effeciently take advantage of the tools, users develope their own ways of doing things in the program environment. That is what we call "workflow". Work flows are learned through practice and by learning from others. Watching how gurus do their stuff for 30 minutes can be much more productive than trying it by your self. You know what re inventing wheels mean. I just given him a good example by p
  11. Tutoring Services If you are like many who join talks about chiefarchitect, you may think that Chiefarchitect is complicated and there is too much to learn. Ofcourse yes! Every thing has a learning curve. How ever you can shorten the time, if you are lucky to get coatchings from some one that knows well about the subject matter. My tutorials on mastering chiefarchitect are based on the amazing workflows that I have developed during the years I was using chiefarchitect. My workflow based tutoring service makes learning Chiefarchitect fun and easy –Believe me you will be up and running in n
  12. Great, you r almost there. If you want more customized ones, you can shoot me pm. Any how, I just gave try one that resembles yours.. So I think its ok.
  13. Hi I am interested to do it for you. Here is a sample on how we do it.
  14. Follow Solver's advice. Manual roofs are quite handy as he said. Try this vid. Cut and join using plines. Here is the link to a short video tutorial I created earlier.