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  1. I am not sure, but this thread may be helpful too.
  2. i tried it using X10. plan and pictures attached. 2way curved molding.plan
  3. Here is one way to do it. You have the sample plan attached, watch video and read the explannations in this old thread. It uses an invisible ramp running allong the sides of stairs and deck. You have full controll of all the parameters you asked once you figureout how the settings work. If you need further explannation you are welcome.
  4. As @Alaskan_Son explained in his post just model the whole system in zx plane and use it as a window. Read his explanation, it works well.
  5. Hey chop thanks, but this one is too tough to go with chief. Any ways here is my take on it. I modelled it as a plane structure as you can see in the picture. Then converted it to window and applied it on curved wall to bend the whole structure. Thank you.
  6. Jarrex here is an other way to do it. convert your panel to a symbol(window) then save that window to your library. draw the curved wall and load that window, it auto curves with your wall. finally delete surfaces and again convert it to a symbol(hope that is milwork) hope that helps. custom pannel window symbol.calibz
  7. Spiral Stair Library available.
  8. Balustrade railing Spiral stair beyond 360°, No of threads=14 , angle 30°
  9. People are adding this symbols to their library. Download the attachment. Price is $10 PayPal directly to this email yhservices99gmail.com Modern Spiral Stair Glass Pannel Glass Thread 1.calibz
  10. Thank you Joe for the comment. Yes we have symbols both bellow and beyond the 360°. As you can see in the video for example, we have two spiral stair symbols of 30° spiral stairs. The 1st one having 11 threads is less than 360° and the 2nd one with 14 threads is beyond the 360°. Thanks again Joe.
  11. This symbols are also available here. You can get your copy for 10USD.