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  1. skirby19

    Living Area label Missing

    My 1st Floor "Living Area" label is missing. I can not find how to bring it back.
  2. skirby19

    Invisible railing Section

    I need to somehow delete the railing above the entry stairs without moving the 6x6 columns. Plans_-_Lot_65_Destin_Pointe2.plan
  3. skirby19

    See wall materials in 3D view

    Ok that does work and yes it moves about 50% of the doors, electrical...Hopefully this doesn't replicate in the future. This is a first.
  4. skirby19

    See wall materials in 3D view

    Update: I get this error when opening the file now. c:\p4sync\dev\releases\21\chief\camodel\plan\document.cpp(3361): Warning #272032643 "1080 object(s) are too far away from the origin in "Site Plan2.plan". You can delete them, or try to move them closer to the origin, but they will not keep their position relative to other objects in your plan." 2/3/2020 10:07:49 AM Build:
  5. skirby19

    See wall materials in 3D view

    Thank you for the tip. Plan attached here. Site_Plan2.plan
  6. skirby19

    See wall materials in 3D view

    X11 Build When in 3D view, the materials within the walls/roof show. Some kind of a glitch and I can not figure this one out. Attached is the file. See if it does the same for you. Let me know if you can see what I may have inadvertently done. Thanks for the help. -Steve Update: Trying to upload the 12mb file and it gives me this error... There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200
  7. skirby19

    Arched Door

    nevermind. I see. I figured it out.
  8. skirby19

    Arched Door

    I just want to show one full arched door. But when I do it in the program it shows 2 arched doors. I need to 2 half arched doors to show as one door. Maybe I'm over thinking it. I'll look at it again. I don't need to show all the details of the pdf door, just a plain solid door for now.
  9. skirby19

    Arched Door

    I'm having a brain fart trying to create a door like the one attached. Can someone create an example. Just a plain arched double door. Thank you, Steve New Replacement Door.pdf
  10. Has anyone made or where to start for a coquina shell (seashell) wall finish?
  11. skirby19

    Freezing when closing Library Browser

    Ok. Thanks for confirming it's on my end. I'll do some more trial and error to fix it on my end.
  12. I'm using Chief Premier X9 Build: 2 errors below. Please download my project file and see if this happen. This started once I did the latest update. Is there a way to revert to my previous build? Error 1 Open project file Open Library Browser Select any item but do not place on the plan Close Library Browser File Freezes. But I'm still able to use the cursor to save the file etc. and then I close the program and repeat to try to figure it out. Error 2 Open any item on the plan. e.g. Fixture, Wall, etc... Click on LABEL and it will not open. FILL STYLE won't open either. All the rest will open fine. Plan_-_Webb[3]_auto_save.plan
  13. skirby19

    Elevation dimension error on PDF save

    got it. did that for me too. i usually use vector and this time I used line.
  14. skirby19

    Elevation dimension error on PDF save

    ok. i've never had to do that. I don't understand why, but thank you very much for helping me figure it out.
  15. skirby19

    Elevation dimension error on PDF save

    Ok Thank you. Here is a backup zip. Will this work? Backup Plan -