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    How to design a roof eave

  2. orencons

    How to design a roof eave

    See the attached roof eave. Please advise what is the shortest way to build on ChiefArchitect x8 without making a polysolid. Thanks!! Or
  3. So all the practical advise on this forum about sizing to your needs and value has lead us back to buy a more reasonably priced desktop for our residential remodeling drafting needs, which for the most part are no larger than single family house designs. (Although finger's crossed we are designing a small development.) We bought Alienware X51 R3Intel® Core i7-6700 Processor (8MB Cache, up to 4.0GHz with Turbo Boost Technology) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 with 2GB 16GB Ram 2TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive for the lovely price of $1,295.99. Thanks for helping us shop smarter. It isn't the top of the line, but it is much smoother than what we had!
  4. Graham, Your insight is very helpful! Your needs seem similar to ours, we use Chief for a few house renovations and a few house designs. I think we may buy a similar computer as you from Alienware R3. There is one on sale for presidents day: http://deals.dell.com/productdetail/dpcwxy03hpres what do you all think? Would you upgrade anything here for starters? Do you think the i7 6700k is very important, I see the current sale is for a i7 6700, no overclocking from the box? Emily
  5. we are looking to buy a desktop and cut down on some lag time on Chief x8, our files are 370mb. The lag for erasing a measurement line takes 5 seconds. Although this thread makes clear that we don't know why. rendering works just fine. we have a newish laptop that is an i7 processor. we pulled up the task manager like you said, we found it said "Chief not responding" when we erased a measurement. Any thoughts?? Also do you mind sharing more detail of your purchase? you seem like a similar user, and did you consider: if you want to buy an SSD hard drive? if you will expand your hard drive some day?
  6. unfortunately Dell has given us trouble in the past. we've bought our last desktop from best buy, hp and added a graphics card. probably invested under $1000. i'm researching some of these manufacturers of gaming computers Puget and Falcon Northwest, that some members here use, but they seem double the price, $2600. I wonder for the purpose of just rendering in chief, not playing games, are those overkill? what is recommended middle of the road sizes for ram, processor, graphics card for good speed when running chief architect? anyone researched a set up in 2015 that they recommend?( it is challenging for me to find current models to compare to good older models.) thanks! if there is an old thread on this topic, please advise!
  7. where do you get a service plan in case you need repairs on the computer you bought online?
  8. thanks, we only need this desktop computer for chief architect. Is that how you use your computer? Where do you buy it? online from one source?
  9. we just need the brain and graphics card, not a monitor. suggestions? thanks!