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  1. Main menu, 3d, lighting, add lights
  2. Thanks, what I suspected .
  3. I would like to know what solution you used. thx
  4. I think you need to use 3d trees and bushes to get shadows in the exterior views without raytracing.
  5. Hi Chad, I would select the door way and pull the right side to the wall. This will eliminate the newel. The left side needs a newel for railing transition. Or line up with 2nd floor railing to continue the railing
  6. It looks like the terrain is set to 36" below main floor 0. Open the terrain dbx and set it to +4".
  7. make sure you are using railing wall type on both levels.
  8. Ok I followed @perryplanspro video and was able to fix it! Thank you Perry for making the video!
  9. I just sent a plan to tech support because the 3d solid object, when I try to copy and rotate it with the rotate handle it would crash Chief. It happened 3 times, then I got this warning. Now I'm trying to fix it, no luck yet. Have followed chief recommended procedures, no joy! Caution to all, don't let it crash more than 1-2 times. Use a different method to achieve your task. Waiting to hear back from tech.
  10. My bad, I just reopened the plan and placed a foundation wall under the garage partition wall. Made the laundry floor the same height as rest of interior (0") Fixed
  11. I think this is a bug, if you delete the foam layer under the slab it doesn't tapper to the back of the garage. You should send to tech.
  12. Nailed it Eric! I don't use tray's very often but now I will now what to do with them! Thank you for sharing.
  13. John, First off we need to know what version of Chief you are running. Yes chief has a hard time with acad files and I usually try and avoid it. What exactlly are you trying to import that cant be made in chief? Also how large is the file in question? What version of acad was it exported to? What is different from the past imports you have had success with?
  14. First thing is to make sure your ceiling heights are correct to what is existing. Then_ I think you need to change the framing size of your roof planes to 2x4's not 2x10 which is the current condition. This will bring your fascia height back down.
  15. Need more info about what your printing. Yes they are getting bigger, make sure you don't have any imported pdf's in your plan or layout. Use an image of them if needed.
  16. Welcome Longroadahead Turn your wall layers on, look closely your top dimension string is attached to the framing layer.
  17. Raise the roof planes 50mm, they are too low for the roof framing to sit on the 3rd floor framing.
  18. Hi, Here is a cad block I made of a BMW 3 series. Used search for the spec online and made it in Chief X14. I do have the added BMW Library from Chief. I used that to get the cad block of the car. Bmw 3 series-turning-radius.calibz
  19. The dormer walls are actually attic walls, set to roof cuts off at bottom. Found in the wall dbx roof category, roof options area, bottom of list. Have a look at this copy. existing-dormer-fix.plan
  20. It appears the walls are 2nd floor walls that are being cut off by the roof planes. You need to move the walls in from the sides. If you look on first floor you will see the ceiling break lines. This should be the exterior of the 2nd floor walls. I made a sample for you to look at the settings. Also my build sequence was, 1- Place exterior walls, edit room ceiling to 48". 2- Set up roof pitch desired and structure to actual material sizes to be used. IE. rafters are set to 2x12 at16 on center. 3- build roofs. 4-open room dbx and set ceiling height to 8 or 9' or what ever you want under the loft area. 5- build 2nd floor 6-add walls to sides of window and door openings. 7-manualy build roof over door opening, adjust fascia height to desired height above door. 8 - copy over window. 9- put railing on 2nd floor to create open below room area have a look at the sample, link here -
  21. I have to chime in here, I've been using Chief since 1997. Prior to that 25 years in the field building what others designed. IMHO It is the top residential software for doing residential design. Yes it has some bugs, problems, tools that could be better. But still worth the price! No software is perfect at everything. Change and improvement is what we are paying for. With the help of other users on the forum over the years and a lot of time using the software, I have been able to make the plans and models of the end design shown here. This PBR although not perfect turned out pretty good. The model has approx. 2,780,000 faces in the scene. 1500 sample rate caped. took under 2 minutes on my machine. Settings page attached, also the default glass has been changed to a general material. See screen grab. Also another trick to minimize the fire fly's is to turn off refraction in the pbr settings dialog.