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  1. Think I got it, slab height was slightly different. Once I made them the same, it got rid of the post
  2. I know I can make the wall invisible and manually place my post but is there a way to do this automatically and not have post here? or at the very least, 1 instead of 2?
  3. Thankyou. I had done a search and did not see this thread. I'll give that a try
  4. I have a simple cad drawing I put together for a guy to use on a webpage. He is needing the individual blocks out of it but plans to crop them out of the pdf. What do I do to get rid of the the triangle lines when I export it? Conference Layout Red.pdf Conference Layout.plan
  5. thank you. I thought about making it like Eric suggested with an arched door and modified window for a sidelight but there is no way to make the bottom frame of window a panel. I also know I can make a full symbol but this job doesn't really pay to go through that effort and time. Just thought maybe someone would know of a symbol that was already out there that would work. I was able to put this one together with little effort but obviously the arch needs some work..........
  6. Does anyone know where I can find a symbol similar to this?
  7. Thank you, Ryan. In all my years using Chief, I have never played around with the Reference Display. I will see what I can do
  8. How do y'all show the difference between an addition and existing structure on your plans? I realize if I was printing in color I could just change all the materials on the existing to a grey lines to lighten them up but that seems like a lot of work. Just wondering if there is an easy way that y'all have found that works. This would both be in elevations and perspective overviews.
  9. ok, attached is the sample plan I recreated the problem in. Thank you, alaskansons, for pointing that out. I knew that but was in a hurry when I tried to upload that yesterday evening and guess I didn't close out the program first and didn't try the file before I sent it. Now, on Ryans question about the manual manipulation of the wall. In this sample plan, as you can see in the short video, the wall I start with is not manually edited. I simply drew a wall under the stairs. That gave me a short cutout in the manual ceiling above. But, as I show in the video, if I manually pull the top of the wall down, it instantly makes a cutout in the ceiling the full length of the wall. When I change the wall to a railing, it gets rid of all the cutout. Yes, that is a manually drawn dormer alcove. I guess I didn't know this style could even be drawn automatically. I try not to spend a lot of time on getting 3d just perfect as it is not my bread and butter but I am always wanting to improve. on the stairs, those are timber treads so won't be built with traditional stringers. The timbers will sit on the walls. This is the pic my client sent me. That 1 tread that is closest above the door may need some steel or other reinforcement or be plowed out to fit over the door header being there is not a lot of room between it and the top of the door. Ceiling Example Plan.plan
  10. Ok, not sure why it didn't but I think I got it figured out. The wall under the stairs was affecting the ceiling above the stairs. Change it to a railing and it does not. However, you can not put a door in a railing (with a header above it). Thankfully on this plan its just a doorway so I could draw a pass through window but not sure what I would do if i wanted an actual door.......
  11. Ok, I guess I didn't know it was common practice to post the plan if you don't have to. I personally don't like uploading and downloading a whole plan if it's not necessary and I have had this happen to me enough I figured someone would know right off what I was talking about and could tell me a solution. With that being said, I drew a sample plan that isn't nearly as big as the one I'm having the issue with and recreated the problem. I find it is tied to the wall below the stairway. You delete the wall and the ceiling fills in. Ceiling Example Chief Architect Premier X12 2021-03-10 18-32-29.mp4 Chief Architect Premier X12 2021-03-10 18-33-41.mp4
  12. has no one else ever ran into this issue? My main concern is the gap in the ceiling.... Les
  13. Is there a simple fix for the cutout in the custom ceiling that's created from the railing below it? Is there a simple fix to the exposed framing on the wall?
  14. BOOM! That did it..... Your awesome! Thanks! I