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  1. luckyudesign

    Porch Floors

    BOOM! That did it..... Your awesome! Thanks! I
  2. luckyudesign

    Porch Floors

    How have you all found is the best way of drawing a porch? In this particular plan, I have 10" post sitting on a wood framed porch floor. I can offset my post in the wall dialog but not my beam. I know I can manually draw my beam (post too, as far as that goes) but was wondering if there was an easier way. What would be nice is an option to extend floor beyond wall. Chief always draw the post either on the edge or hanging over the edge of a slab or wood floor which I would certainly hope is not the way any of you leave in your plans. Ideas?
  3. luckyudesign

    Dual Drainboard sink

    Found one! Here it is if you ever need it... Dual Drainboard Double Sink.calibz
  4. luckyudesign

    Dual Drainboard sink

    Does someone have a symbol for a dual drainboard sink like this?
  5. luckyudesign

    Don't Know Technical Term but need to draw this window

    be a really cool option
  6. luckyudesign

    Don't Know Technical Term but need to draw this window

    On "dogear arch" the angle appears to be set at 45°. So no matter what I adjusted, it would change the length of sides etc but never the angle.
  7. luckyudesign

    Don't Know Technical Term but need to draw this window

    I tried that but you have no control of the angle on sides, unless I'm missing something.
  8. luckyudesign

    Don't Know Technical Term but need to draw this window

    Thanks! I called myself using trying that but didn't think to combine the "sides" and "top inside corner" adjustments. That did the trick!
  9. Trying to draw an as built. The roof is 7.5/ 12. I can not seem to create that window in the peak of the gable. "Dogear Arch" only gives me 45°. "Match Roof" only angles 1 side of window. What am I missing? The window is roughly 30" High and 8' long. Don't need to be exact as I am not doing anything with this area of the house but would like it to look right.
  10. luckyudesign

    Line Weight Scale

    I think default is 1/100th mm
  11. luckyudesign

    Interior Room Dimensions

    I'm away from my computer right now but this problem is way to common. Hallways with side halls, hallways with any type of angles, trianguler rooms, etc. Just thought, tho, that i can make that wall between stairs "no locate" and should fix it.
  12. luckyudesign

    Interior Room Dimensions

    So how does this come up with the dimension in label it comes up with? I can see 7' x 8'9", 3'4" x 17'6", several different scenarios other then 0'5" x 5'7". I don't know how often I get a customer asking me about this and I can not come up with a good answer..... Quite honestly, showing my ignorance here, but I'm not sure I know what I would label it either.... I just would never come up with what chief comes up with. Les
  13. luckyudesign

    Terrain Help

    I see there has been quite abit of discussion lately on here about terrains. Terrrains are very frustrating to me mainly because I usually don't need them as I live in a relativly flat area and most of my homes don't need anything for terrain. Howeve I occasionly run across a walk out basement or something that needs it and because I'm inexperianced, I waste a lot of time going nowhere. This is a really easy little project that I'm doing for free for our school. We are planning on building a pavilion and ball court and have just enough fall that we planning on stepping the different slabs and sloping the sidewalks. They asked me to do something to illustrate this and I have not got very far. I think it should be really easy. Does someone feel like helping me out quick? I'm posting the plan and I'll try to post the data I got from the excavation contractor for the existing elevation. There is a cad detail in "cad detail managment" that shows the elevations of concrete. I just imported the existing building as a 3d symbol. Basically from the blue dot to the red dot there should be 4.2' of fall.
  14. luckyudesign

    Curved Pews

    You probably did. I haven't played with making symbols much so one thing I have never messed with. I'll have to look into it. Thanks a lot though!