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  1. I just tested the solar panel in the bonus MEP No.1 Energy Sources. It works as it should. It follows the pitch, the size in plan view and cross section are correct.
  2. Hi Adam In the wall dbx, will the full auto roof return work?
  3. In the image it looks like the 2nd floor wall is not stacked with the wall below.
  4. never mind my question, found the auto rebuild foundation option.
  5. I was looking at this and I think chief uses unspecified for all rooms initially no matter what floor. Once the walls are standing. I'm curious what auto rebuild function are you referring too?
  6. No problems here. All libraries transferred as they should. Except for the discontinued ones.
  7. I would send it to tech if you can get it to reproduce the problem. Is this a default x15 plan template? or a plan started in previous version?
  8. I think the setting Michael is referring to is in your project browser. If you right click on the saved plan view in there and go to the "edit plan view" in the drop down. Under this dbx set the plan display of pony walls to what you want. save and close.
  9. Thanks for looking Simon, I will try your suggestion when I get back to work Monday. Cheers !
  10. Yes it works on both versions, no custom settings. no work arounds. Once I import a custom setting that was shared, it only works in x15 with the custom buttons. The custom buttons don't work in x14, they are not available in the drop down where you set the action for the button. Is this a version thing?
  11. I have the same problem not getting it to work in x14, it works in x15. It looks like there is a specific version name in the cfg file now. Not sure I can copy the exe like Simon mentioned in his earlier post.
  12. I was just talking about the way the wall was reporting. Nothing personal.
  13. That did it! I was one version back. OH Happy Day!
  14. I am trying that now, I see the latest driver date is 2-28-2023. thx Ken!
  15. IMHO I think this is accurately telling you the opening info of the condition in the wall. If there is a door or window, there is an opening. It needs to report the existing condition in the wall. Doesn't matter the opening type.
  16. I was having this problem with a test model recently. I have an invisible wall between a living room and kitchen and when I installed a trey ceiling it changes the ceiling in both rooms. Note the pink ceiling plane is in both rooms. I tried different wall types and settings with no luck. So I found the solution playing with your test plan, if you explode the tray ceiling and pull back the ceiling perimeter to the ceiling break line it works as expected. TEST-ceiling-tray.plan
  17. Hi, I have been following the other thread on space mouse pro and downloaded the xml file that @ComputerMaster86 so graciously shared. Thank you! I was able to load the file and get the radial menu to show on screen. But once I click on the icon in the menu it doesn't activate the tool? Maybe the space mouse pro is different than the space mouse enterprise version, some how? or I'm missing something. I have confirmed that it worked for @KenL-sdd, thank you for your time trying to get it to work on my computer! Any one else using this model? thank you.
  18. thank you Ken, looking at them and got it to link to my buttons! but they don't activate the tool when I click on the wall radial menu.
  19. How many menus are in there? Walls and?
  20. I also have the space mouse enterprise and struggled with using it to its full potential! This thread has inspired me to get mine working and use the radial menu's! Thank you @ComputerMaster86 for the menu file! now to get it to work and saved so I don't loose it.
  21. Hi Larry, Try saving the active view once its filled the view and positioned the way you want.
  22. Hi, I made a section 6' long with solids and general framing, then turned into a symbol. set the elevation to absolute and copied across the lot. It is buried in the ground but the top is level! fence-top-level.plan